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:: 2005 27 April :: 8.58 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: skeptics and true believers


lost cell fone
lost a HUGE game...when we shouldnt have......like......idk cant really talk about my feelings toward this game...but thats behind..time to look ahead...pearl is going down if its the last thing i do
this weather blows
school is just.....overplayed..its like ok enough already your not worth my time
idk--i feel like i dont feel secure about a lot of things in my life..i just dont know the answer to so many things that i think i used to, or maybe im just maturing and i never really knew but i thought i did...either way, its a sucky feeling..empty a bit

im really tired and i have a lot of work to do--hmm, maybe for once i'll make an effort to do some of it..........altho i wouldnt bet on it

God Bless,

all in all they're all just bricks in the wall

:: 2005 22 March :: 8.49 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: champagne supernova


God Bless,

:: 2005 3 February :: 9.10 pm

...before i lose all my emotions this entry is dedicated 100% to my basketball so for all of u not interested..leave now or shut the fuck up..

...altho there are no real words to describe exactly how i feel nor do any even come remotely close.....i'll give it a shot..no pun intended

todays game sucked for sure..sooo close then we just didnt finish it..our season overall was a good one...our record did not show whatsoever how amazing our team was and we had soooooooooo much talent that we didnt even kno wat the hell to do with it...when times got rough we had eachother...we were always there for each other and thats all that matters...like cozza said..we're one of the bst teams he's ever had..and cmon now we're historic..we were undefeated before winter break...we'll always have that to brag about....the dynamics of all of us and the way we played together....couldnt have asked for better....

i...i can say, despite wat i might have said during the season at times....that i was so truley happy practically everyday...and the reason i always got up in the morning ..is cuz i always had my girls and cozza to look forward to..i knew laur and me would be partners automatically..i looked forward to the way the gym smelled and the feeling of pure exhaustion and not wanting to go on but really knowing i was only whining to hear my voice...cuz either way gersh was ganna make my ass get up..

the frreshman..the 8th graders the friggin 7th grader....i trust them all...they would always be there trying to make me smile when things were down or they saw i wasnt my normal hyper loud self...it was just this security i had..i knew i would eventually crack outta my mood and be happy and forget about n e thing that was pissing me off....i had my team, my sophs...every1....and now it like hit me that im never going to play with all these girls ever again...and it just plain sucks...because i love each and every one of them soo much in their own way..whether i make fun or act mean towards them they always know i cared..

and cozza..i dont even know where to begin..he's like my 3 month best friend..like, whether it be advice w. guyz or b ball help he was there and gave it all..the most genuine compassionate man I have ever met in my life...he, i must say, was truly the reason the season was as memorable and amazing as it was..he was that spark....i cant even explain...like, after a bad game and him yelling at me id be soooo mad for about..6 minutes then id just smile and brush it off cuz i kno i cant stay mad at someone i love so fucking much.....and the fact that im not ganna ever be on his team again...it just gets me cuz he was always there..and im sure he still will be in a way, but he has other things and so do we all..nd i hate that feeling..that loss....cozza was my rock on which i build my foundation of my love of basketball on. it's as simple as that. or perhaps not simple at all.

about next yr--only God knows right now..we'll see....life takes very unexpected turns...so im not deciding n e thing now....i just hope this one thing comes through....i need it.

...life goes on.....even if bball doesnt.........i can say it..i wish i could believe it now.....HEYY LACROSSE TIME!!!!!!!!!<3<3 ------<#)

EGSaturn: i still havent showerd so i have to go but i just want to tell you how much i love youuuu
EGSaturn: and that i will pop a cap in your ass if you dont play next year

Awwbaby628: i cant even put it into words
Awwbaby628: being part of something that great
Awwbaby628: its just sad

Buggyb678: dear briggy-,you were an amazing captain..haha...i love it when u sayy stuff outloud on the court..then u turn 2 see if cozz. heard it..u are 1 of the greatest captains i have ever had!! and i love u sooo much...and i couldnt have asked for a better season...love, alyssa!

Oppie7777: ah ur depressing me...iim thinking about last year bball and all u girls and cozz and "cant we try" cause ur icon reminds me of that song for some reason and how crazy we were and how much i fucking love you!

b e c k w 4: you elder ones are to emotional...be optimistic, now you get to play with all these cool older kids..and you'll be the youngest on the team...trust me, its not that bad ;-)

b e c k w 4: even though we dont play together anymore im gunna still write notes on the chalk board for you :-)

..frum their heart to mine<3....i am finally left silent

God Bless,

:: 2005 12 January :: 7.28 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: greenday

i like these thingys
Of your closest friends (including yourself) who is the...
-funniest: theres a lot of diff kinds of funny, but every1 has their own special humor
-best to party with: ellen(priceless dance) n gabi if theyre not too trashed it seems, and gershy w/ her dancing too
-most thoughtful: tough one..laur ko it seems, she reads me well..
-best listener: lauren (: those bus rides are priceless
-most trustworthy: all
-most reliable: emi
-smartest: gershy poo but shes also retarted.....its brilliant like that
-wittiest: joanna at times but more of a smartass
-most spoiled: klop and me i'll admit
-quirkiest: michelle
-silliest/wackiest/craziest: dorina and eliz p
-randomest: muslim and myself
-stingiest: swej lol
-most generous: gersh, me and laur kl.
biggest flirt: ellen and muslim and myself..oddly enough lol
-most likely to succeed: we all will make something out of ourselves
-most athletic: emi and myself(?) lol this ? sucks
-most political: me and assy
-most like you (personality): muslim and kira oddly enough..we're crazzayy
-least like you: lol danielle mentioned to me today
Who has the...
-biggest ego: no1 in particular
-best hair: emi and erica kl
-best eyes: jozbozo,mooney, and myself ive been told
-best boobs: well frum wat ive felt i'd have to say gersh...binder and mooney of course as well
-best butt:id have to give it to gersh or kocaj (sophssss)
-best taste in guys: gabs,myself and not ellen (sry i had to tho)
-funniest family: me
-most fucked up family: me
-best clothes: has to go to me for this week
-best room: mishy
-best first name: danielle, neza
-best middle name: NOT mine for heaven's sake idk tho..
-best last name: gerschhhhhhhh (the way bbach says it)
-best vacations: couldnt tell ya
-is the "slut":binder when shes in her drunk h/u phase
-"drunk": binder and myself
-"debbie downer": muslim and eliz p
-"yenta": that would be gabrielle
-"dumb blonde": ellen and muslim
-"pothead": myself, for sure.
-smokes cigarettes: certain ppl socially
-could be sisters either by personality or just by looks:ellen and I
-gets in the most fights or arguments:me and ellen about jew things
-never has gotten into a fight/argument: erica kl and kate pantone fo sho nigga
-sees eachother the most throughout the day: me muslim and jew
-hosts the best sleepovers: hopefully me soon..lol
-has the drunkest parents: not so sure..
-has the most oblivious parents: jo
-has the scariest parents: gershys daddy
-has the smartest parents (as far as normal teenage stuff goes): my mommy and gabis parents it seems and staceys are dumb chillllll
-has the most lenient parents: stacey
-is the most likely to leave: hmmm mette, that bitch...she looks like shes ready to jet any minute to like a diff country

yeh i crak myself up, n e wayz....enjoy i mite post later if im bored

signing off, I am sheldon

God Bless,

:: 2005 11 January :: 8.16 pm

ok first off, i didnt plan on writing about this but i read other peoples woohus and its just liek wtf man..i dont get it..
why is like our whole grade secretely depressed or just not as content as they seem to be in person?i kno i have my issues and i get sad sometimes and think a LOT *which is a big prob of mine, i think too much and get sad..* but cmon everyy entryyy...can we get a positive one for once.....im mostly positive.....but lets see if i'll start slowly revealing once i start writing..

i know theres shit going on in peoples lives that I know nothing about, thats a duh..but its like think about how hs goes by in the blink of an eye..just be optimistic..we're all ganna get out alive and fine..i promise you..

another thing..the whole issue of drinking and experimenting and shit..i understand, and u guys know me..believe me i understand the grades issues with drinking and smoking and stuff..,,but im ganan be straight and say that i feel some people act stupidly and dont think before they do things, myself included w. certain things but other things i kno to stay away from and certain people as well ESPECIALLY..they influence sooo much no matter who you are and how resistant to peer pressure you think you are. it doesnt make sense to me why people do things numerous amount of times or just suddenly fall apart and fall into that lie to parents thing..that wont work, im telling u, they know EVERYTHING..its a gift from God but its true..they do

pisses me off so much how certain people are such mother f'ing followers..and im not bein the cliche..bah non conformist dont be a follower..but i have certain people in mind that ive come to realize just simply DO NOT think for themselves even tho they try and convince themselves that they are..give me a fuckin break..ok? who are you kidding? would u have drank that or smoked that if these 5 people didnt before you? NO cuz u know its wrong but u werent strong enough and didnt believe in yourself enough to stand up and do wat you wanted. get some freakin balls wats the worst that could happen!?!

idk if wat im saying makes sense and if not i really dont care cuz i just feel like sayin it whether i have an audience or just myself venting a little.....when people come up to me and say things like.."yeh i never see you out, why dont go out" ..first off, just cuz YOU may not see me does not mean in the least that I dont go out..perhaps I chose myself not to hang around certain people, if im really dying to see peple then i will see them on my own time, not at tristan or james' house ( no offence to anyone, just being general..and if this does offend u..o well idc n e more)...yeh, frankly I do go out and i enjoy myself and im not complaining at all..i chose to do what I want to do, and sorry if it doesnt consist of gettin drunk and duin random things with random people then hitting myself for it the next day *not referring to anyone, i promise, just generalizing once again*...

while im at it, i'd just liek to mention how un unified our grade is and how much it sucks...why do people just hate certain people and why does it not feel right..it doesnt..idk, i think 10th grade should be one of the best..our grade is certainly awesome....people need to settle shit with themselves personally and other people and just learn to appreciate the simple idea of high school and the fact that it's going to be gone before we know and we're going to be wishing these days back....call me an optimist, sure...but on top of that I'm more realistic than n e thing..no use in sulking or holding grudges...or not getting to know a certain person cuz you THINK they wont like you..theres no pt..take chances....hell i know I do...and ive found the most amazing freindships in the most unexpected places and i wouldnt change it for the world...i want every1 tomoror or whenever u read this..the next day..just go up to someone you been meaning to talk to or you thnk you'd like to become friends with, whether they be in our grade or not..and just talk to them...i promise they wont hurt you...

just do it..

im out people, time for some checkers....im pooped

God Bless

:: 2005 11 January :: 8.00 pm
:: Mood: dizzay
:: Music: greenday cd

just odned eio 2 beeeeee

anywayz, dont mind that..sup, thought id be 'consistant' or whatever...so yeh..math still sucks my teeth dont hurt that bad..practice was cancelled unfortunately still cnt blieve we lost..w.e...im lovin this Thoreau proj..its very interesting and im learnign a lot
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."Henry David Thoreau

most amazing quote ever, could not have put it any better myself...keeps a deep place in my heart..
mybballsophs..i just cant put into words how much you guys complete me.....ilysm'

cnt wait for 21/22.....better b good..or else :)

btw chem sucks too...(who cares about consistancy, o well im jumpy)...

this snow sucks...i love moulin rouge...ewan <3

signing off, i am sheldon.

God bless,

:: 2005 5 January :: 7.53 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: straylight run- existentialism on prom night

wow this is madd weird..idk if n e 1 ever checks this n e more, but i have a feeling a certain 2 will ;-) lol gabs and danielle got me in the mood..plus no bball means a lott of extra time meaning i finished my hw a few hrs ago..crazy...
so, uhh how is every1? i think i can get the hang of this again..ouch my teeth hurt, damn retainers.....so yeh bballs awesome (ah once again with the sports talk...dont ya miss meee)..we're 6-0..but hush hush...we better win this weeks games...cant wait for jan 21-22...should be fun, i pray.
i want my permit in feb-- my mom says no and to wait im like F NO MAN!! imagine how much she complains about havin to drive me everywhere and now she doesnt want me to drive as soon as physically possible..i'll never understand moms.

i hate math.

ok time to call someone...
good to be back, lets just see how consistant i am...:/

God Bless

:: 2004 1 October :: 11.25 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: 1985

idk why i had a sudden urge to pose..i dont like seeing August as my last post, i dont like that month..altho i must admit sec. life of bees has perhaps made me a tad more fond of it!

I LOVE THE TBC WITH EVERY THREAD IN MY BODY!!! (lol).....i love grasss....hmm i dont have anythinig i wanna talk abouttt except holler at us havin a game today and i actually played a normal amount..well normal compared to usual...which is like..good..lol..hella yess girlsss...

schools aite w.e idk idc..alter will help me get thru it cuz hes the most gorgeous most amazingist man ever to walk this planet. thank you..and good evening.

ps: thorens hott as well

pps: can i get a WHAT WHAT on my randomness anyone??

God bless~


:: 2004 8 August :: 12.00 am

DML xoxo: amazing job briggy! see ur religion obsessivness paid off lol


:: 2004 26 June :: 11.21 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: breaking the habit

i dont know why i instigate and say what I dont mean....
hey ya'll dorina just left my house and no1s really home yet, so i felt like sayin hello.


hope all is well, sadly enough ppl are dropping like flies and woohu will come to an abrupt hault for the summer for most of us..which is cool..some peoples next entries will be talkin about how excited they are for the school year to start or how sad.....wow......weird to think about..

sry, random outbursts are my specialty!
ive got a really long and crammed week ahead of me! im so excited!!! hopefull y i'll b able to go to bball on tuesday, fit in an hr of work out..altho im soo out of shape yo!

aite..i started this entry at like 11 and procrastinated duin other stuff and now i dun wana write n e more


God Bless,

:: 2004 24 June :: 2.48 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: shes so high

time is drawing closer
im madd nervous for this conventioN! but i kno me and my girls can do it, for sure!! this weeks gatta be 10000000% devoted to the bb though!!!

aite-- hows every1? hmm, well..ericas pissed at me, i have about 12 mosquito bites or more frum the party last nite, i have to babysit tonite and i dont have a ticket to my cousins graduation,im not goin to graduation today..which i dun really care about but hey its somethin,i feel like i should be doin something but i dont know what, somethin is definately missing...

but besides all that im actually in a good mood! lifes been treatin me well thank God and i hope it stays that way..omg...exactly 1 weeek...im flippin out frum nervousness and excitement at the same time im ganna die ahH!H!H!H!!!

ilu all n hope u all have awesome camp days

God Bless,

:: 2004 21 June :: 11.17 pm
:: Mood: the mood ive had all weekend!!
:: Music: she will be lovedd

BeauTtyy QuEen Of OnLy 15...
i was just about to press update journal after writin every detail of my amazin weekend, but i cleared it all..cuz i really dunt want ppl hearin bout it unless i tell them personally...
i was gone for the past 4 nites over diff. houses and im back home....

bottom line......i was the most fun and interesting and exciting weekend of my whole entire life.

remember everyone, even if you dont want to believe it, BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER......always.

God Bless,

:: 2004 18 June :: 5.46 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: ;-)

the only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man....

ahh hope all earth and bio ppl are as happy as I am right now!! its an amazing feeling, like you should be studying and not procrastinating, but WAIT..THEYRE OVER! I'm so relieved and bio was a wizz..

ok this summer..every1s comin over and swimming..its ganna b sick..and a certain few will have the pleasure of shall i say..WP-ing.. ;-) uknohuur

wow..i cannot wait for pennsylvania!! im ECSTATIC! this is great! and not to mention my Mediterranean cruise in August, HELLO HOTTIES like omg!!!! aawwww shittt ;-) cannot wait!!

this summer is going to be the most memorable of my day, i am going to make sure of it, starting with tonite w. my girls, ganna have a sick time!!! wow im too excited, life is good. life is definately good.

I LOVE EVERYONE!! ALL MY LIL FRESHMAN!! YOU GUYS KICK SOME MAJOR ASS!! MY BFFS FOR LIFE-- EACH AND EVERY1!! as for every1 else... throw shit, these are the best days of our lives.

God Bless,

:: 2004 16 June :: 11.33 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: family portrait

hey wattup?

4 down 1 to go ;-)

weeks almost over..one more exam to go

so..these past few days have been awesome..laur..fri nite waz awesome..we do the bonding ;-) hehe, sat was tight w/ gabs and i cnt really remember sunday..prob just studied..

tues was fun..swam all day..jo jus cant get enuff of it! listen to the fishys talk to the fishys haha..gabs im tellin u my fam is disfunctional o well...


and hey..anyone in favor of me havin a semi- pool party/get together on fri after bio regents..let me know-- i'll see what i can pull off..one last fling lol..

tonite we had a lil review session at jesse b's..it was def fun! when we actually DID talk about biology we learned a lot! lol props to danielle and I for organizing this wonderful gathering!! hollerrr ;-) bio shall be interesting :)

i love not havin worries to study about n shit..how excititing..anywayz im out..i feel sick..danielle knows why..lol ;-)

ah hope every1s lovin this weather..i already got tanned after a day-- ahh!! muy excited for this summer like u cant believe!!!

God Bless,

:: 2004 10 June :: 8.31 pm
:: Music: don't stop believing/byebyebye

just another playa in ur game for two
Alright, so I feel like I have a lot to say, so I am going to say it.

First things first, end of freshman year. This year hasn't really had any highlights for me, 9th grade camp is and will probably be one of the greatest experiences of my life, thats for sure, but I think thats all I can say about 9th grade. A lot less drama in my life, I tried just goin with the flow and not steppin on anyones toes, and I think i pretty much did so. I made some awesome friends along the way, and realized a lot about some people after labeling them under a misapprehension!

I will pull a Gabrielle and talk about each of my classes cuz i think it will take a lot of my chest:
Bio- cnt help but smile when thinking about bio with ol' margy! danielle..this class would have been absolute shit without you (and jesse, my hott steamy lover....right)..haha o Lord..i'll surley never forget it!
spanish- didnt mind lehv, i liked her most of the time..it was a tough class but who can complain i mean i had alex and adam on each side of me!
english- hmm one of the more irritating teachers, but hayy thats over and done with..i liked the ppl in the class!
global- holy crap cant say n e thing bad about this class.ok xcept for maybe Will being in it..but sexy sexy ALTER<3 and dorina and cheri and gersh's notes, or NOTE made it the best for sure hehe
math- i did really well in math! i improved so much and am obsessed w. mrs a..she is my life and beyond! we bffs
studio art- hah! o God..enough said there!! i'll miss that whore for sure!!!

As far as myself changing as a person goes, I'd say I learned a ton about myself. My whole style and aspect on school and life in general took a 180 degree turn..and for the better. I reasoned a lot of nights with myself about my priorities and although nothings ever set in stone, I'm glad about where I am at right now. Not only did i realize more about my own self, but about those around me and i learned to deal with situations differently.

As for the upcoming years I can only wish for the best. If I were to be with any group of people throughout my whole high school career, i wouldnt change a thing. Everyone of you guys is special to me and is givin me one more wrinkle on my face for when im older cuz of the smile i get seeing you every day! ilu all

The class of oh seven is the shit and will stay that way till the end of time.

God Bless,

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