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:: 2007 9 February :: 6.47 pm

it sure has been awhile
i was just reading my old entries. i used to be so happy.

he did that. made me happy that is.

i love him for that.

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:: 2006 2 June :: 4.31 pm

i was just reading some of my old entries. i should have seen this coming, and yet how naive i was to still be so happy.

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:: 2006 17 May :: 4.01 am

open house

june 10th 2:00-5:00
my house.

be there.

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:: 2006 7 May :: 9.09 pm

just got back from the tim and faith concert. it was great.

my ears are ringing...

im nervous about this, but i trust you. know that ok?

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:: 2006 7 May :: 7.52 am

this weekend started out rough... real rough. but turned into something wonderful.

i've stayed at keegans all weekend.. its odd being home and him being at work. yesterday we went to holland to support a crew all that (circle junkies) not like anyone knows them.... but it was the tulip festival which was nice, thier performance was really quite pathetic... what can ya do right?

we tried to go to the zoo on our way home, but it was closed, so we went to applebees and ended up running into stacy and ashley and sat with them, that was a nice suprise. then we made one more stop and came home. :)

what a beautiful day.

now TONIGHT brandi and i are going to the tim mcgraw and faith hill concert. i cannot WAIT! ahh. go ahead, be jealous. and if you dont like country music, kindly refrain from leaving a smart ass cocky comment because i dont diss your music, and frankly... it pisses me off when people diss mine. (smiles)

SCHOOOOOOOOOOOL. nooooo. oh well, its almost over.

im beginning to let go of certain things. and i really think this is going to help us ALOT. because a relationship is supposed to be based on trust right? and give and take? thats what we're doing. i cant imagine ever losing my best friend, or that feeling i get in the morning when i wake up and he's snuggled up to me, looking so peaceful before he wakes up. i love that. i love the simple things. those are the things that mean the most.

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:: 2006 4 May :: 9.50 pm

people come into our lives for 3 reasons: a reason, a season, or a life time.

which are you?

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:: 2006 29 April :: 2.31 pm

tired as hell.

prom was wonderful. still didnt top last years, but we werent really aiming for that. it was wonderful in its own way. me and keegan went with brandi and ryan, im so glad we didnt go in a big group. we got pictures at my house, then at the rockford dam. we had dinner at mangiamo! (the exclamation point is part of the title.. odd as it is) it was absolutely gorgeous. the restaraunt itself is in a huge "old world" mansion. its italian and suprisingly wasnt that expensive. i think it'd be a safe bet to say that we ate at the most beautiful restaraunt. seriously.... lol.

i didnt really care for st. nicks. to me it was set up really awkwardly. the dance floor in its own little room thing... odd. we made it fun though. senior prom.. gotta live it up right? i couldnt have been more happier with the way my hair and dress turned out.. i felt like a princess. and keegan just looked absolutely wonderful. it was nice to see him in black for once. he's gone white, ivory, and FINALLY black. and the black definately looked best. *smiles.... i love us together.

after prom we went to steak n shake and then midnight bowling. we didnt really know what to do. me and keegan wanted to go to oasis, but brandi didnt want to. so we kind of winged it. we didnt want to go anywhere that alcohol might be... which rules out alot of the post prom parties! no worries though. keegan and i went back to his house and stayed there. this morning he even made me breakfast. aww.

all in all i got about 140 pictures. thats gonna be a pain to print!

i cant belive this was my last dance. no more getting dressed up. no more extensive hair, no more beautiful dresses. its about time though. im assuming the next time i get ALL done up like this will be my wedding! bring it on..... all the more reasons to get an expensive dress!

tonights a rampage game. i should probably get ready.

HOLY my goodness did it take forever to wash all the hair spray out of my hair. i havent yet gotten to blow drying it.. but i know thats its mega snarled.

have a good rest of the weekend.

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:: 2006 27 April :: 1.35 pm

i just tried on my prom dress and jewlery and all that... OMG.


im excited now. it still fits. my tan is wonderful. i cant wait to eat at montiago or whatever its called. !!!!!!

see everyone tomorrow!

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:: 2006 25 April :: 1.56 pm

*phew... sigh of relief.

in other news.. H's prom promise spiel went good today. I figured that'd be a good message instead of handing out crappy pens. Feedback?


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:: 2006 19 April :: 4.24 pm

heres to the worst day ever...

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:: 2006 16 April :: 6.11 am

friday was so beautiful. keegan and i went to AJ's and went mini golfing (which i won) and then in the batting cages. i'm not sure that i've ever even held a baseball bat.. lol.

then we got ice cream and went to riverside park which was wonderful. after that we drove around downtown and stopped at nicks house (breakdancer) and last but not least, got smoothies from coldstone. it was a really good night.

saturday we had a yearbook work day. the senior section is seriously awesome. if you havent bought a yearbook you NEED to. for the people who didnt buy a book this year.. i think that once it comes out next year and people see how good it is, we're going to sell all of our extras.i just did 3 spreads in 3 days. (just so you know.. it takes some poeple about a month or more just to do one) im so excited for the book to be done!

yesterday after the yearbook thing and before i went to work, i went for a run/walk. i havent excersised in so long. and then i got home.. cleaned out under our bunny hut (which was long due... ugh) and wheel barrowed it to the back of our property. i was just in such a good mood ijust wanted to be outside. but TODAY my legs hurt from overdoing it on my walk thing, my back hurts from lifting the wheelbarrow wrong, my shoulders hurt from doing countless handstands, and my tricept is a bit inflamed. ah well, who cares.

we're going to my uncle david and aunt pats today for easter dinner. keegans coming after he gets out of work. he has to be in at 11 and his boss wouldnt let him come in at 12 after church. like ANYONES gonna be eating at logans on easter during church hours. so that's to bad.

the "easter bunny" brought me the carrie underwood cd and a silk robe in my easter basket this morning (thats right, im 17 and still get easter baskets and christmas stockings... my mom doesnt want to let go) and im SEEING carrie underwood at the KENNY CONCERT! i can barely stand the wait. derks bently is gonna be there too.. but i dont really like him. BUT brandi and i just got tickets for the tim mcgraw and faith hill concert too! OMG... now im just freaking out. because im going to two of the biggest concerts this year. i cant WAIT!

happy easter!

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:: 2006 9 April :: 6.27 pm

my voice is gone.

rampage game last night, bobby went with me. lets not get into the game though....

i stayed at keegans last night and this morning i woke up and one of my eyes wouldnt open. *sad face* what a BEAUTIFUL thing to wake up to... "baby, i cant open my eye" (keep in mind my voice sounds like a cat stuck in a metal pan) "aww, let me help you". i wont get into the sight he must have seen either... (now that HAS to be a test of our relationship!) i've got a really good one. and then of course his mom tells me to drink orange juice.. i think she thinks orange juice will cure everything. any illness... "ohh drink some orange juice." *smiles.... i love this family.

i went home while keegan went to work and my mom and me and shelby took jessie for a walk.. what a wonderful day. we even let shelbys bunny run around outside. then i took my NEWWWWW car in to town to vaccume it. THEN me and keegan brought shelby over so she could see sushi and we let him run around outside. he's not very fast.. it was so cute to see his tiny little self running around the grass. NOW we're waiting for keegans mom to get home to make us pork chops. i've been craving some pork chops for a couple days.. and sense im in NO condition to be seen, we're staying home tonight. i dont care though.. i just want to cuddle with my asian. :)

oh and stacy.. perhaps this will bring back some memories?

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:: 2006 7 April :: 11.07 am

i just cleaned my little sisters room for 2 hours.... now im cleaning my room.

*thumb down

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:: 2006 7 April :: 5.21 am

i went up to my grandma's yesterday.. she lives about 40 minutes away in whitecloud in the middle of the woods. and i was about to leave, it was around 10:00.... and she looked out the window and there was a BLACK BEAR!!!! OMG! it was HUGE and it was like 10 feet away from the window standing on its back legs reaching up at the bird feeder! it was SO cool! they get bear every year so they werent suprised or anything, but i was like HOLLLLYYYY... lol. when we would go to TN thats one of the things we'd look forward to, was seeing black bear.. and here i am in MICHIGAN, 40 minutes away from my house and theres a full grown black bear 5 feet away from my car! it was crazy! its a good thing she looked out the window before i walked outside... i probably would have had a heart attack. i couldnt believe i was looking at a BEAR! so yeah... that was my excitement yesterday..

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:: 2006 3 April :: 11.29 am
:: Music: Trisha Yearwood: Angels in Waiting

spring break.... boring.. relaxing.. but boring. i asked keegan to get some days off.. but noo.. im alone all week during the day. both my best friends are gone.. so im stuck babysitting.

good news though.. my moms giving me her gand am! woooooo. im so excited. i have to finish paying it off.. but theres only 2 grand left on it. this is my graduation and birthday present. finally i'll have a NICE dependable car. i've ALWAYS loved her car... i really wanted it when i was queen cuz it was red.. lol, but nows good too! as soon as everythings set.. which i think is gonna be tomorrow... i need to start looking for another job. i REALLY wanna work at logans. not just because keegan works there, but because you make more money working there than most other resturants. keegans friend tommy works at Branns and said on a BUSY saturday night he walks out with 130.. but at logans on a busy saturday night servers walk out with around 190. hmmm... pretty big difference there.

i cleaned today... that was my excitement.

OH, my moms getting an Aztec. it's blue and BEAUTIFUL. i dont really like aztecs, but the color seriously makes it like the coolest vehicle ever. its so pretty.

one of the BEST love songs of all time is "hold on to me" by john micheal montgomery. download it. it reminds me SO much of me and keegan. we dont have a song yet though. odd... 17 months and we still dont have one. thats ok, it'll come to us. THATS right... 17 months and breaking up has never even been an option. i think when a relationship turns to an "on and off again" relationship.. its time to end it. because obviously neither person are happy anymore. personal opinion. whatever though... im just so happy. :)

could it be? are there still a few GOOD clingans? i must say... i thought hell must have froze over yesterday. chris is gone, and the rest of his family is FINALLY starting come around and respect my mom. throughout the divorce and even towards the end of their marriage.. the hardest part for me was seeing how my mom was being treated. she's the strongest woman i know. i cant imagine being one of those kids who "hates" their mom. she's the one thing that holds me together.

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:: 2006 2 April :: 9.54 am

pretty much even tv isnt safe anymore. stupid whore. uhh.

but anyways... yesterday keegan popped his shoulder out of joint again at practice. he picked me up from work and told me and i was like "yeah ok, i know what today is... hahaha" and he's like no really i did... and once again i was like "OK keegan"... but he actually did. poor thing. he brought me home this morning before he went to work, so now he has to carry plates all around and make it even more sore. *sad face* *kisses it to make it ALL better*

after tonight i dont work again until the 12th. woot woot. that'll be nice. washing dishes tonight however WONT be nice. at least i have a respectable job though... not dissing on anyone who works at a fast food restaraunt.. im just glad i can say i work at Metron where i record food acceptance and aid in properly nutritioning diabetics than i flip burgers and drench french fries in grease. its all good... i still hate my job though.

tonights a new desperate housewives AND Flavor of love.. which keegan and i got strangely addicted to because it's so stupid.

friday night keegan took me to disney on ice. it was really cool. we went last year too. we have so much fun at things like that. its wonderful. then we went to coldstone.. because that's simply the perfect end to a perfect date. OH and the BEST ice cream you can get there is (strawberry cheesecake ice cream with strawberries, rasberries, bananas, and pie crust) mmm.

lets see what else... i guess thats it. have a good spring break.

( i miss brandi and stacy... fricken COME HOME! )

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:: 2006 16 March :: 12.12 pm

nevermind... im not going.

you are UNbelievable.

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:: 2006 16 March :: 8.56 am

aww.. we went to the circus last night. it was really cool. i havent been to the circus since i was like 7, and every time it comes to town we always miss it. :) smiles..... what a wonderful night.

tonight's a rampage game. to bad im going by myself.... ahh well.

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:: 2006 15 March :: 9.21 am

im going on a date tonight, where... im not sure. its a suprise. i was just told to get dressed up and to be ready by six. i love how that "feeling" never dies with us. how happy i am when i see you, how proud i am to call you mine, how you simply make me smile even when you're not around. we're going on 16 months now. and im just as giddy and excited to spend time with you as i was when we first started dating. and im not going to be all cheezy and melodramatic and say that you complete me, because you dont. and nobody should feel that way about somebody else. but we complement eachother so perfectly.

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:: 2006 12 March :: 10.08 am

today will be wonderful. i dont have to work, keegan doesnt have to work. its just an "us" day. i got to see him for like 3 hours last night after he got out of work before he had to go home.... and 2 1/2 of those hours we were sleeping. lol.

i started my brit lit paper last night. anybody else reading this will feel my pain. im doing mine on jack the ripper.... i almost had a break down last night about how there's no way im going to get it done in time. i mean... this week i have to write a 6-8 page research paper, a 5 minute speech, arrange everything for the talent show, work, i wont beable to get anything done on my paper on saturday because we're going to Ann Arbor for a BBoy battle. (hopefully i can use the schools camera) stupid mysterious murderer stressin me all out.

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:: 2006 7 March :: 12.15 pm

stacy: bdlaaaaa


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:: 2006 3 March :: 9.02 am

soo.. there's some seroius talk about us moving to Tennesse sometime this summer. that would be the most wonderful thing.

i was talking to Keegan about it last night, and im not worried about leaving him, because more than likely, he'd come with us. i just hate michigan, and i hate cedar springs. i know that sounds bad because i was the red flannel queen, and i guess hate is to strong a word. cedar springs is my home, and no matter where i go, where i end up... it will always BE my home. and regardless of what anyone says, we will never FULLY get away, because this town harbors all of our childhood memories. we are who we are because we've lived in Cedar Springs, and i'm not ashamed to say i'm from a small town, because there is a "Cedar Springs" all over the U.S... what i hate is the routine of living in the same place all my life. what i hate is living in a town that is so closed minded and traditional. and what i hate is living in a town who's known for dollar stores and pizza places.

Tennesse on the other hand, is absolutely breathtaking. i've known that i wanted to live there since the 5th grade when we went on vaccation to the Smokies. i'm not a big city girl. i dont want to live in an expensive appartment for the rest of my life! i want (corny) a big back yard and a little yappy dog that barks at squirls bigger than it! i want a window FOR ONCE with a view. and i want and desperatly miss that feeling of connection with a power so much greater than myself when i look at the mountains. thats what i want. there's nothing here for me. after school... there's NOTHING here. i would have a hard time leaving my friends... but i'd deal.

the one person i could NEVER leave though, is keegan. at least not right now. not when he's my best friend and a big part of my life and quite possibly future. thats why if we leave, he'll leave. we're not about to give up on something so beautiful.

so.. perhaps this a goodbye to miserable winters and tanning salons?! i guess we'll see.......

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:: 2006 1 March :: 9.02 am

me and keegan got a hampster sunday.

his name is Sushi and just might be the cutest thing i've ever seen. (exageration... but awwww, hes the cutest)

we had our leadership convention monday, and last friday i had to send out the award of excellence. im so relieved to have two major things lifted off my shoulders. i was majorly stressin. but its all good now.

now if only yearbook would go smoothly.

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:: 2006 26 February :: 12.03 pm

yesterday started out pretty rough.... but fortunately got better.

we went and saw brokeback mountain... it was really good. keegan didnt like it. whatever.

then we went to oasis. that was nice.

and then this morning he wouldnt make me french toast because he has to complain and whine about everything. so i had frozen waffles. i just want to be treated like a princess like other girls. their boyfriends make them breakfast. mine wont even cook.

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:: 2006 22 February :: 8.52 am

monday keegan and i saw date movie. with out a doubt, that was the dumbest movie i've ever seen in my entire life. we were about ready to walk out of the theater it was so stupid. never in my life can i imagine enjoying such a tasteless classless film as this one. honestly... anyone who dares wasting their money on that movie deserves to be shot. (we used the gift certificates his mom got us for christmas therefore nobody directly spent money on it.... therefore we're safe.... lol) seriously... i just had to update to warn everyone. its not funny, its disgusting... and made me sad for the actors and their now flawed careers.

yesterday i made cupcakes for the break dancers (they have practice every tuesday, thursday and saturday) and i drew little stick figured breakdancers on them with this gel stuff. awww. i shall be known as the crew mom. *giggles because im just the cutest*

hmm.. thats all i suppose.

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:: 2006 20 February :: 1.08 pm

i should get around and take a shower. i stayed at keegans last night.. now hes at work. he stayed at my house friday. basically this has just been an us weekend.. which is noneless than wonderful.

yesterday was another rampage game. no need to update about what an incredible amazing FANTASTIC boyfriend i have... i think everyone knows that. (really.. though, mines the best.... :)

we got lucky at my house, we only lost power for like 3 hours on thursday or whenever the storm hit, and then saturday morning we lost it for about 4 hours... but other than that... i've been warm, toasty, and using electronics over here.... hate me if you must. *smiles*

my moms boyfriend/friend/whatever he is is leaving today to fly back to conneticut... (thats where he lives) im sad hes leaving... but a little releived. why.. im not sure. probably because he's been over at our house like every day.

i dont think my hair is brown enough now. perhaps i'll get it dyed next time instead of putting alot of lowlights in. or perhaps i'll go back to being blonde. ehh... who knows.

the whole house is clean... and i made french toast when i got home today. how keegan can not like french toast is beyond me. loser.

its so nice not having to tan anymore. i hate tanning.. its so incredibly bad for your skin. the only time i EVER want to tan is for dances and my wedding.. lol. and seems how i only plan on getting married once and only have prom left.... my skin will stay youthfull and magnificant. so HA all you crispy skinned tan-o-holics.

i really dont have a single other thing to say now.

wooo school tomorrow. wooo 2 impossible deadlines to meet on friday.

this week WILL suck hardcore.

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:: 2006 15 February :: 8.56 am

Swirl was wonderful.... except for the whole music part. pshh.. who needs music right? I'm sorry, but if you go to a dance, expect to hear hip hop music, because you really cant dance to much else. a few here in there is fine... but when the majority of the dance is comprised of rock songs, it kind of ruins it. we were really dissapointed when we left. the decorating was sensational though. it was absolutely gorgeous!

before swirl i suprised keegan... finally i SUPRISED the man. (man... hmmm sounds so.. weird...) i told him we were going out for dinner, but i actually had my room all set up with candles and roses and chocolate covered strawberries. i set up a table in the middle of my room with a red table cloth and confetti and "sparkling grapejuice" and wine glasses (because we're cute and LEGAL like that) and i had the note book playing with no sound on my computer just for an added affect. it turned out wonderful. it was the best dinner we've ever had together as far as "romantic" goes. after the dance we came back to my house and fell asleep.... we had to get up early for the rampage game.

then on sunday keegan brought me to bobbys around like 10 (he had to be to the arena WAY early) where i went back to sleep (what a gentleman.... sleeping on the floor so i could have the bed) BUT i couldnt fall asleep because i was to "awake" by that point.. but bobby wouldnt wake up.. so i had a lot of down time. which was nice.

the game was awesome. we had really good seats (free seats i might add) the routine was even BETTER this week. and once again... i have the coolest boyfriend in the entire world. not to mention like a zillion other adjectives that would HARDLY even do him justice.

now... Valentines Day.

first of all, Stacy.... I could just DIE im so happy right now. I just want to squeeze you and hug you and be all giddy and jump up and down and rent laguna. but i'll refrain.

last night was so wonderful. i went home and took a shower, then keegan came over and whisked me away. (giggles... OH and while i was at school i walked into my senate office second hour and there was a flower arrangement with tulips and roses... my favorites.... from the flower pace and chocolates... i was so suprised. i didnt think we were getting eachother anything for valentines day.. then he goes and does that. how sweeet. i was shocked when i walked in there.. it took me a minute for it to click that he had brought me flowers.) we went to this restaurant in Grandville called Kobe, its an Ichibon restaurant where they cook your food right at your table.

when we got there we had to wait like 20 minutes so we ordered sushi.. and OMG it was the best sushi i've ever had. we've had the same kind (philadelphia roll... which has samon, avacodo, creme cheese.. and then of course in a hand roll, rolled in rice... for all you "eewww raw fish" people out there) at terriyaki and sushi.. and this stuff just blew it away! so then we get seated, and you sit around a grill with nine people and he comes out and cooks all your meals RIGHT there. its so cool. he lit the grill on fire to make it hot and it just exploded up into the air.. he cracked the eggs in the coolest way (which sounds nerdy.. but for real), he made a volcano with a pile of onions.. it was just incredible. and holllly cow i've never had food that tasted better in my LIFE. i like fried rice more than white rice.. the guy takes white rice and makes it INTO fried rice right in front of you. it was awesome. you REALLY have to go there and see for yourself. i warn you however, its really expensive... but WELL worth it.

so that was our valentines day.. we were gonna go to Cold Stone.. but they had already closed. nothing big, nothing spectacular.. just us being us.

*smiles... i am by far the luckiest girl in the world. i have keegan.... and nobody else can say that except for me. sure we argue and sure there are times we drive eachother crazy.. but there has NEVER been a time that we even considered breaking up. we're stronger than that. we bring out the absolute best in eachother.

:) you're the greatest.

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:: 2006 5 February :: 11.15 am

the rampage game on friday was awesome. my boyfriend is simply the COOLEST ever! *giggles.

after school keegan picked me up and brought me to bobbys because he had to be to van andle by 5... and it was so nice being able to hang out with bobby and talk to him for so long. even though we dont see eachother often.. he's like my big brother. i know he'd be protective of me and he so happy for me and keegan. the best thing about bobby.. is that he's just such a good guy. most guys flirt with girls regardless of who they're dating.. even if it IS their best friend. bobby isnt like that. everything is so comfortable and we talk about me and keegan and its just wonderful!

but anyways.. we got to the game at about 6:30 and before the game started at 7 keegans crew had already been on the field 3 different times! throwing stuff out into the crowd, flippin, doing a little free style... i was THATS MY BOYFRIEND! i mean seriously.. this is HUGE! and theres only 5 of them.. so its not like there's a bunch of people and you have to figure out which one he is. i was so excited i was like a little girl!

they're the rampage's promo team... so they helped with all the activities during time outs and everytime rampage made a touchdown they'd run out on the field with a big rampage flag and do flips and stuff then run off.

then they did their routine in between the 3rd and 4th quarter.. which was awesome because i finally got to see what they've been working on all this time at practices!

the coolest thing i think.. was when the game was over. they brought all these tables out onto the field and the players, rage dancers, and 61syx signed autographs for this 20 minute session. me and bobby just stood back and watched them. how amazing. a year ago they had JUST got together. since then they've improved SO much, they've been doing shows and NOW their signing autographs for little kids and adults.

i just cant get over how incredible huge this is. i had so much fun.. esp because i was with bobby. i just wanted to tell everyone around me everytime they came off the field.. THATS MY BOYFRIEND! I KNOW HIM! lol.

and the BEST thing about the night was that I was the one who got to go home with him. I'M the one who gets to tell him how incredibly proud i am of him and all his accomplishments. I'M the one thinks the world of him and cant possibly see myself without him.

i really think we're one of those power couples. we've got it all. and that is SO great.

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