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:: 2004 27 December :: 1.03 am
:: Mood: Ok
:: Music: pac man

Happy Chrismaholakwansaka
Well hey erbody. French person is gone. And I would love to talk to him but i can't. I didn't thinki would even miss him becuase it's only for a few days but I've gotten into the habitof talking to him everyday so now it's just weird not to. But in other news the holidays are over besides one of them (New years). But I really have no plans (yet). Hmmm I have a doctors app. for my ankle on tuesday doctor whatever-his-name-is will look at my x-rays and cist and hopefully schedule me to get rid of it or sumthin. Hmmm I have to talk to ray to. Maybe u'll read this maybe you won't but your the only person who i know on here neway (sry random journal clickers). I like the whole philly idea just don't know when it will happen maybe wed. or thurs. Ya know what ray i'll ttyl about this. lol

thought i was done

ha ha ha ha

more wriuttin

sike na

One cent only (holiday prices) - Shaquankeyana

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:: 2004 22 December :: 6.40 am
:: Mood: Lovely
:: Music: nothin

How are you doin. Well ya noe what i'm doing great. I love "french ppl". They make me smile. It's like contagiuos when they smile because you have to too. You don't have to but you feel like it just because he's great. Oh young luuuuvvvvv............

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:: 2004 14 December :: 4.05 pm
:: Mood: OK
:: Music: Nothin

Well hello yall it's been 4 eva since i wrote the only real reason i am is because I just tried out for this benifit concert thing. I think i did bad but i was suppose to stay after for womens but i forgot about mr.beiter judgin. So i decided hey waht the hell! Why not just do it. And phill was like oh yeh come on and just try out a so........ i did. But neway im gonna go cus i have to leave the school. i'll wait a couple more months foer the resst of the story or a new entry. Love you all. Kisses and Hugs. Muuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Buh -bye
Sticky and Sweet

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:: 2004 5 September :: 6.57 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Do i ever have music on?

School is almost here. In two days i will be on my way to homeroom then 5 classes. Summer went by pretti fast. Some days I was just like i can't wait till school and others i just wanted to go back. But I think am readi. Hair and brows ares done. I ment to go to CVS/ Walgreens for some makeup (i might wear some the first day). I don't know when i will go though today is just about over so maybe tomorrow. I still haven't decied on what to wear the first day. I want to try and be somewhat comfy, but i found out it is gonna be good weather the first day. SO maybe i will be all dressed up. Neway...... I miss my I really have nothing to do when he isn't there for me to just talk to when I'm bored or just for some conversation. I need a life. This friday I am goin out. And i have to do it big or I will not be satisfied, after bein on punishment all summer i need outside life. Without school i really don't have fun at home or just while im on punishment. Neway i think i will write on the first day of school let ya know how it goes.

_ha the gurl w/ the good na-na got the devils baby- it's gonna kill yall b****es


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:: 2004 31 August :: 10.25 pm
:: Music: Chapelle Show

Hey i had to remeber these names, so i thought i would put it in my journal

twin gurls- jania (Ja-neye-a) and jylin (jeye-lin)

bois- jahiem and joel (like joe-L)

Those names are soo cute. Just had to remember them, ya noe, for just in case. sike na. But yea today i did nothin. I got up and baked but i just made the dough i didn't finish putting the dough in the oven. I just felt like makin it. Umm umm Dmx is on TV. He is sooo yummy. He is all forcefull and stuff but he .......SEXI. lol Neway im just talkin online and sittin around today i figure i should have one real free dai cus b4 i start to really work and prepare for school and stuff. Today erbody was goin all crazi looking for the cell fone that they took from me. Oh how the tables have turned. sike na. But somehow they think i have it........ come on now, u took it and hid u can't find it. I didn't see where it was hid the first time. I am not raven and i am not physic. But ne who, I will talk l8ter.

~moving faster then a race car

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:: 2004 28 August :: 11.56 pm
:: Music: nothin

Meaningless Writtin
Hey! Well im writtin in my journal now.....seeeee. sike na. I would love to say i could see the revisions on my journal but i can't...... but im pretti sure it looks good i trust ray. But hmm well summer is about to end really soon. It stinks that i couldn't do nething. But it's nice to now i can be free again soon and i will be able to express my true It hasn't been that bad. For about a week i went to Virginia, it was a lot of fun and so many stories come out of that... but i just don't wanna tell ething. Hmm i did go shoppin a couple times too and i did pretti good but im not done yet. I went for a lil shoppin today bought shoes, they are cute. Looks of things have really happened druing this summer but i have just let it pass me by too quick. I still have to do the summer readin project and i will i think tomorrow. There really is no reason for me not to do it. I was inside for most of the summer. Well i think i really don't have much to say but i will write stuff l8ter i guess.

Cost less then the rest
But im really the best
A special surprise for ya
The Sexi Shaquankeyana

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:: 2004 8 August :: 11.22 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: nothin'

Well yea it's late and I'm so full of energy! Meaning I'm tired. But yea I've just spent the day with my cuzins from North Jersey. Played outside and swam.. now they are watchin family guy. I don't think its the best choice for them because they were talkin bout stripers last time i looked..........opps.........anyway. I think Ray is mad at me. What do u do when u say sry and ppl claim u don't mean it when u do, maybe i just shouldn't say it. That way I can be called rude instead of a liar...............thoughts thoughts thoughts. So maybe my attention span isn't so strong at times and maybe i 4get things but gosh i am human. Bored bored blah blah. Lemme see i wrote stuff the other day i would put it up but it's too good for u random journal readers...sike na cus i do that Well i think i will go now.....

Kiss on the cheek
Kiss on the lips
Soft brown hands
Wraped round my hips

Gettin real close
Feelin steam rise
Foggin up windows
Start to realize
The beauty in his eyes

This boi is real
Nothin left to imagine
The line between love and hate
Is no longer thin

Now closer then ever
His breath so warm
This is just lust
In it's deepest form

I say im sorry
But i can't stay
He sat remeberin
The kiss from MissJ

yea just wrote sumthin, nice and quick not anything special. welp byes

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:: 2004 25 July :: 7.09 pm
:: Mood: just normal
:: Music: Nothing

Well hello all. I'm was just online and I thought I would write in my journal. i've been in a pretti ok mood nothin to peppy but just content. I found out that a couple days ago about my schedule for school. I had changed my schedule the other day so i could take a different language and s.s. So b4 I signed up for show choir, but now i can't have that which kinda stinks cus I can't take a singing class. But something better happened and now I'm taking African American history whish is an 11th grade course. Now this means that i don't have to take history senior year. Turthfully I now could care less about show choir. lol. Stephanie claims it's "Cool Beans" and Ray says he had a vision. . . . yes he is Psychic and so is his mom...isn't it cool. I can't wait for school to start, anticipation is killin' me. And i really am ready for August to come becuase by then my little cousin will be gone and then I will most likely start my shopping, fun fun. But until l8ter. I'm allout of words to type.

Not yet

Much love
Many Kisses
Miss J

ok now

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