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:: 2005 22 February :: 10.37 am
:: Music: teacher talking

In info tech II
I have had such a log weekend. I went to my cuzins house and helped clean/ remodel. It was a big mess but it was nice and clean and fresh afterwards. Oh yes and the Black History program went really well also.

Not Done

Still not done

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:: 2005 14 February :: 10.30 am
:: Mood: Lovely
:: Music: computer class....

Hey everyone. Happy Valentines day and Happpy Birthday to Stephanie! Well this day is starting fine and I decided to write in here since my computer doesn't work at home and that means no myspace journal. This is my only choice. But yeah i can in with my new "haircut" everyone likes it some know the truth, others don'
;-). Tonight me and dan are goin to Jillians, it should be fun or i hope it is. I'm hungry and I want chocolate. Holidays are like the only times for candy. Today is one, so therefore I want some. And last night i did have dinner but no breakfast this morning usually i get a drink but not today. My troat is all dry and stuff. But neway This week is the Black History Month celebration thing. I need to practice and figure out what song my group is singing. And u see how i said need. We did good at our performance but we're prolly a lil rusty. I would feel better if we got together once. We have practice with everyone else tomorrow and wednesday. But if we just wing it, it might not be so good. W/e hope u guys have a good kissy, huggy day. Talk l8ter

Much Love
Many Kisses
With sweet valentine wishes
XoXo MissJ XoXo

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:: 2005 1 February :: 11.00 am
:: Mood: awake

Computer Class
um it's 11:00 and I'm in computer class. This just started but I think it might be better then I thought because i need an easy class to balance out the Humanities and what not. I'm so bored right now we have some time to do stuff becuase im done early, i need more work to keep me busy. I think I have jazz band after school today but i'm not sure and I have practice with theband today (i think). But im going to go i need to start reading this book (Grapes of Wrath). Bye

Much love
Many kisses
Miss J

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:: 2005 25 January :: 9.57 am
:: Music: noise of school

In school
hey you guys. I'm in first period right now. I just got done my 2nd block final (Geometry). I don't think i did so hot on it. Finals in math always are bad for me. But the classes are ook. Dan is here too. Everyone say hello...................................................Good neway. next block is gym. Where i sit for about n hour and do nothing maybe i will be able to go to the library and sit and type or sumthin else. But yeah today i might have to stay after...boooo, for jazz band. But i should go now i will finish my day out later.

Much love
Many kisses
Miss J

Part II
WEll now i am in jazz band. But we have a break so i thought lets make this entry interesting. So i now introduce..................PART II!!!!!
.DUN........ DUN....... DUN!!!!! neway. Well i have to go and practice with tina today after im done here. And a stank background dancer had the nerve to ask me for a ride.......that Diiity Nehow (nice change from neway) I shall be going. But i will talk to u all on the next entry.

2 times the love
2 times the kisses
2 times in the same entry
2 times the excitement
2 times me
Miss J

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:: 2005 25 January :: 4.12 pm
:: Mood: amused

The games
Welp the Eagles, and the Patriots are going to the superbowl. Yeah! I hope that the Eagles win, just to get someone i know mad. Ha ha.
Message for u








my life is great, i feel great. writting some more.....................more..................more.................more...............more...............more..................more...............more...............more........more

waste of journal space.....

ex 1.) look up

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:: 2005 21 January :: 6.41 pm
:: Music: Fear factor

B4 and After
~When it comes to us dating~
I loved him ~b4~ we even started, this just makes me love him more.


~The Truth~
Keep everything inside you without letting me really know
How you wish that we were together
While truthfully Iím thinking the same as you
Well there is little I can do

You can read right through me
Scan my heart searching for traces of your name
Thatís all youíll find
Your picture imbedded in my mind~


~I want to love him
But sometimes it's hard
I feel wrong about things when I rethink
Even those times I think about good things,
Second thoughts (excuses) aren't what i want
I want to love him

I want to hold him and make sure he knows
Even when i'm not around I'm open to talk

*I want to spend time with him but not get so close*

*I want to hit him at the same time I want to kiss him*

*I want to laugh and tell jokes. And when it's over disregaurd the fact that i'm still staring at him*

*And if things go sour I still want to remain friends*

But more importanlty,
I want to love him~

Both by-Javonne

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:: 2005 18 January :: 9.20 am
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: TV

Good times
Well this weekend was great. I rarely write in my journal but this is a good time to do so. On friday i just stayed home and cleaned which was fine i guess because I got a lot done. Then on staurday i woke up early in the morning (5:30) to get my self ready to babysit at 6:30. But they came late. They being 3 kids,ages 5, 9 and 12. It was about 7:20 when the doorbell rang. Then they went downstairs played and watched tv. That lasted for eight hours with breaks in between for lunch, breakfast and snack. Then their parents came and picked them up and left me with another amount of almost nothing payment. lol But away from that. At about 7:45 me and dan went to go ice skating. I had never been b4 so of corse i was really scared. but mainly just to fall. And the whole time I had fun, I got to spend time with him, he's always very gentlemenly ( is that a word?) and I didn't fall. He payed for me to get in, he held my hand the whole time. It's just little stuff i guess. When it was time for us to go we waited outside and just walked around, untill we realized how damn cold it was, came to our senses and then came inside and waited. But then after that we went to his house so he could showed me how he redecorated his room and what not, and we just sat around for a while. Then i went home and that night was over. But it was sooo much fun. I really hadn't had that much fun in a while.Then on sunday I slept till after 11. For me that is a long time. But then i just spent some time by myself and talked, watched tv, cleaned a little bit more and did my nails (very relaxing). But then later that night besides a little drama, i went out to dans house. Which was more fun then yesterday. It was a spend time together type of night. We watched tv and movies and talked. He is always so sweet when he is around me but we can laugh and joke too. It's just a good mix of everything. And he makes me smile, all the time. I had soo much fun this weekend, my mind hasn't been on other more depressing things, as he knows and one other person. I've been upset this week and this weekend makes everything soo much better. But that was my weekend and school is tomorrow.........................................yay................................................................................... (-: Smiles :-)

Much love
Many kisses

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:: 2005 3 January :: 9.18 am
:: Mood: Happy
:: Music: TV noise

Words to live by
*~ u have to decide what u want to do ~*

*if u want to

*u can live for the moment

*and deal with the later...later..cus can't predict whats in the future

*OR...u can plan ahead for something that you cant really predict...which do you pick

*its all up to you

~*~ Words from a wise man, thank you very much daaaling ~*~

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