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:: 2005 25 January :: 9.32pm
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: 50* Disco Inferno

You guys are great...and I thought I had no friends granted I was pissed at Taylor hehe.. I <3 her...and Stephanie too

xXebOny214Xx: hey courtney
ch0clategoddess: hey
xXebOny214Xx: have i told u recently how nice a friend you are?
ch0clategoddess: no...why? lol
xXebOny214Xx: because u are, and i thought u should know
ch0clategoddess: aww i love u! :-)
xXebOny214Xx: lol, yes i love me too.. j/p, i love u too grl

Spanish III
French II



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:: 2005 24 January :: 10.39pm
:: Mood: horny
:: Music: tennis..serena and amelie gruntin

Yo..How many times a dude make u shiver over his vocabulary?!!! lol i love it!

bbTwan134 (10:02:58 PM): whats ur middle name
brownbabid0ll (10:03:26 PM): p******** nicholle
bbTwan134 (10:05:33 PM): thats an exotic concoction of splendid flavors
brownbabid0ll (10:05:43 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (10:05:58 PM): yo..that was sexy, point blank


brownbabid0ll (10:15:24 PM): but urs is sexyyyy lol
brownbabid0ll (10:15:41 PM): antoine carrington wattt!!! lol sorri
bbTwan134 (10:15:44 PM): but urs liek rolls off the tongue erotically, makes my lips quiver when i utter it

brownbabid0ll (10:31:58 PM): okay remember no p********
bbTwan134 (10:32:38 PM): ooo just readin that sends shivers down my spine, like cold fingers carressin the skin

<3 ahhh!!!!! and.. im gonna do my friend M.. =D

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:: 2005 22 January :: 10.42pm
:: Mood: hyper
:: Music: Beyonce & J* Crazy In Love

yo.. I met a boy from Northern.. he's great.. lol and why dont i have any friends that fuckin CALL me anymore...boo to you guys! I only love.. James, Justin, Todd, Gary, Kiely, and Chris

uhm i was gonna go out.. DAMN THE SNOW!! my fingers are sore and it hurts to type..im jus updating to update.. i love my guys and i only am in like with 2˝ guys... yes I'm intrigued by Amir hehe...B..and Gigi!!! bye! im talking freaky with my men..need to focus lol


brownbabid0ll (10:18:44 PM): yooo i really laughed out loud when i read ya comment in my jawn
brownbabid0ll (10:18:46 PM): i started cryin
xXebOny214Xx (10:18:53 PM): lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:11 PM): =D
brownbabid0ll (10:19:12 PM): but ur riteee
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:20 PM): the first day i was really disappointed
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:26 PM): i was like.. whyy are they all ugly
brownbabid0ll (10:19:32 PM): but each time we go they get cuter and cuter!! lolllllllllllllllllllllll
brownbabid0ll (10:19:34 PM): yes yes yes
brownbabid0ll (10:19:49 PM): and now its like.. :-) next week we'll be like :-D
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:21 PM): lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:22 PM): i know right
brownbabid0ll (10:20:30 PM): haha
brownbabid0ll (10:20:34 PM): yes im intrigued
brownbabid0ll (10:20:47 PM): but dey did seem FUGLY lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:54 PM): but they're seriously getting cuter
brownbabid0ll (10:20:56 PM): i was thinkin "damn..long 10 weeks"
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:59 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (10:21:04 PM): maybe they tryin to look cuter for us now that they noe we there
xXebOny214Xx (10:21:04 PM): like, im missing class for thiss
brownbabid0ll (10:21:08 PM): yes!!!

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:: 2005 18 January :: 12.08pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Keisha Cole* I Changed My Mind

blah blah..

it reswelled up... ::tear tear:: no puedo hablar no más...y ahora estoy muy enojada..

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:: 2005 17 January :: 3.33pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: John Legend* Ordinary People


my mom decides she wants the computer in the shop today... I have no disks so I cant save SHIT...so they better back it up b/c omg.. I will fucking flip out if all my shit is gone.. i will become a severe bitchhhhh..and my back hurts but at least I can talk vocally... booo im mad @ her!!! Goodbye guys...

I'm not gonna talk to yall til whenever...ima miss Justin & Jerbor ::Tear::...fuck herrrr

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:: 2005 15 January :: 6.34pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Blackstreet*Before I Let U Go --> Ja/Joe/Jada* New York

...no puedo hablar.. ::Tear:: I'm evil though.. I started a clique.. not really.. me and Greg made a new word for horny.. creative..and we jus talked bout it at Lockheed Martin..haha .. presenting...

*the cReAtIvE clique orginated by me, also starring Shané, Chastity, Ash D, Pebbles "2 creative 4 da good of it"

x0ShugaPie0x (6:32:59 PM): i wanna b n da creative thing lol
brownbabid0ll (6:33:04 PM): lol

folk... I love you... =D

BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:35 PM): yuup
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:57 PM): buy some stuff ta wear to lockheed...it wont b revealin dis time
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:58 PM): lol
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:32:33 PM): ill have nuthin showin...no middrift or clevageO:-)
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:32:35 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (6:32:38 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (6:32:42 PM): yes no back either
brownbabid0ll (6:32:52 PM): no body parts...no arms..no feet..no face.. lemme stop
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:08 PM): lol..forgot bout da back
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:12 PM): ur simple
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:13 PM): lol


To all my guys that tried to make me feel better and the ones I couldn't go to the movies wit tonite: I Love youu... especially Jerbor, Justin [wooo!!], Kenneth, Todd, Kiely, Luke

Oh.. RV vs Township JV 60-59

Varsity won 64-63!!! That's how my glands got swollen..yelled to much.. omg... Steelers are losing ::tear::.. but ay.. my buddy's making me feel better.. so proud of all my boys [and girls..jus because lol]...


Justin & B's got me speechless

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:: 2005 13 January :: 6.58pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Jay-Z* All Around the World

Supposed to be @ the band concert...didn't happen, so w/e. I'll get Mastin to forgive me later. I'm talking to people on buddy pic...so uhm I'll be back later.


brownbabid0ll (6:50:49 PM): i'm upset u used my word creative lol
brownbabid0ll (6:50:51 PM): u shud see the rest
LadiePerfection (6:52:16 PM): i only used it because i was laughing at u and greg talkin about "dirty" things, but in hidden messages

Love ya girly... and creativity is wonderful

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:: 2005 10 January :: 9.30pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Ja/Joe/Jada* New York

If you're gonna fuckin use me you bitch you better keep ya shit on the DL...why cuz I fuckin found out so FUCK YOU!!!!!
It feels so good to say that to you. And you know wat I'm straight goes that's how Detroit do.

Yes I'm Detroit, Detroit, and u can tell the way the homie spit that I'm from Detroit >:O fuckkkk youuu , I'm doin with nishaz like you. That's fuckin tahz Emu >:O

I was listenin to Get Back and 99 Problems today so I was -ready- to swing at anyone who fucked with me. Uhm

Township WHOOPED Seneca

I'm still on a rampage... ughhh

I got 99 problems but a nisha aint one.

Rampage... ROAR!!!!
Oh guess wat Mychal is my cousin!

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