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:: 2006 7 December :: 12.45 pm

almost done with my finals...

leaving for caddy saturday, and texas thursday.

call me when you are in Michigan Michelle, i will drive wherever you are.

I love you guys.

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:: 2006 16 November :: 3.35 pm

going to Ryans for a couple nights, then RICCI'S PARTAY!

JAson offered me eragon for the holiday...he must be high.

I miss some people, not gonna lie.

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:: 2006 13 November :: 5.16 pm

I'm Not Dead
so my computer is dead, but i am making due.

i love the Office.

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:: 2006 31 October :: 10.00 pm


I have been in a funk lately... I mean all semester. I am fine, happy even, i just really have no motivation to leave my apt. I like my apt. I like being boring and watching movies and writing.

so i will not graduate in the spring. I will be 3 credits short. This was very disappointing at first but then i saw something. I got a sign. I want to go to Prague for the summer writing program in July. The theme is love as a cultural construction. Love. I am meant to go to this i think. It will be the last 3 credits of my western education. how fitting.

My mom might come this weekend. that would be good.

house was good tonight. I was very sad for those kids though. They both looked really familiar, and i looked them up...ricky ullman and jurnee smolett...child actors...LOVE IT. I DO NOT love that cop though...douche

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:: 2006 30 October :: 3.08 pm

Alicia’s Wishlist 2006

Best Buy


Grey’s Anatomy-Season 2
Gilmore Girls- any season
*Firefly-The Complete Series
Walk the Line
Connie and Carla

Michael Buble- Michael Buble
The Fray- How to Save a Life
*Jenny Lewis- Rabbit Fur Coat
Fiona Apple- Extraordinary Machine

J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter 1-4
Michael Burkard- Ruby for Grief
Russell Edson- The Clam Theater
Jean Valentine- The Door in the Mountain
Dean Young- Beloved Infidel

*2007 One Tree Hill Calendar
Atomic Clock w/ Outdoor Temp. Sensor

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:: 2006 27 October :: 12.23 am

fucking like 3 guys and bleeding out babies and cutting and crying and ahhhhhhhhhhh all over our apt

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:: 2006 13 October :: 11.41 pm


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:: 2006 30 September :: 2.54 am

I was the DD tongiht for the locust St. brigade, or what is left of us...anyway, we went bar hopping and it was fun. we went to 4 different bars and then at the last one i saw a cool girl from one of my classes, so i went over to talk to her and we clicked. I think i made a new friend. I have been feeling like a failure in that dept lately, so that was a really good thing.

Rya didnt come today like he was supposed to. i gave him an out though, i said i didnt feel well, which was true i guess, but i still wanted him to come. he is coming tomarrow instead. he had all these excuses, but the gist of it was that there were a whole lot of things hat were a whole lot more important than me.

tomarrow is the 3 libras party.iwas supposed to be the 3rd libra, but i wont be able o drink much tomarrow because of the extreme morning i will be greeting on sunday. It is just a really good thing i went wth them tonight, I have been reglecting camp locust lately.

I should sleep now, i dont know when Ryan is coming tomarrow, and he could try to be here early. I dont do early though...

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:: 2006 29 September :: 10.13 am

Last weekend was abot family, this week was about One Tree Hill, and this weekend will be about friends. I like that. OK, so yesterday Kate came over and we talked for over an hour. It was weird because even after everything that has happened over the past year or two, i can still see the person i was great frends with. So anyway, i got my key back, but not my other stuff. the only thing i really wanted was my remote anyway...damn the man.

I was in the UCC yesterday and had immense writers block for my poemthis week. I was gonna do it early, but then i realized i always write about the weekend before, so i guess i have to wait until after the weekend to write it.

I am really excited that Ryan and Jen are coming this weekend, but i wish they would freakin call me back.

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:: 2006 26 September :: 12.44 am

last night was amazing thanks to my my good friend ricci, a piano man that appeases drunk people and a heavy dose of random encounters. I had a very happy birthday.

1. not returned or reciprocated: unrequited love.
2. not avenged or retaliated: an unrequited wrong.
3. not repaid or satisfied.

i dont like that at all.

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:: 2006 24 September :: 10.53 am


i dont feel well, but my fam is here and we are chilaxin.

Bars tonight people!

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:: 2006 20 September :: 11.24 pm

my senses were asailed tonight. I saw little miss sunshine which was simultaneously horrifying and amazing. Then i went to see a poet read her work, and not only was it inspiring and stirring, but she teaches at UNC wilmington, which brought that dream back to the front of my mind, Then when i got home the greys season finale was on replay and it was better than i remembered, especially when they played snow patrol at the end. There is just something about the right music with the right words and i have to write some poetry now.

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:: 2006 20 September :: 12.18 pm

and to continue my updating spree...
i went to 4 classes yesterday, worked until 3am, then got up to go to breakfast with krystal this morning... YOU BETTER APPRECIATE GIRL!!!

the roach man came todaay and dont have any...YAY...the best part about his visit though is that it forced me to clean my good job roach man.

I am going to see Little Miss Sunshine with Ricci tonight Michelle! not the same as seeing David Letterman, but I'll take what can get.

i think i want another would make my college experience complete:
I got the flower when i was applying to college (representing myself during that stage of my life...)
I got my labret pierced as a sign of rebellion to my former self, my town and my family...that was freshman year
I got the Libra symbol as a bonding exercize with my roomates (whom i am am not really bonded with anymore...except my miche;;e) as well as a reminder to keep the balance in my life
I got the music note in a mixed up time in my junior year which turned into a huge irony because it says flawed, the year was flawed and the tattoo is flawed. i love i anyway.
this year i need something to complete my college transformation. Perhaps a shooting star...

I have been updating lately a lot. i think it is an avoidance of homework mostly. I have been writing a lot though. I like writing.

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:: 2006 20 September :: 3.10 am

you rock, rock!

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:: 2006 18 September :: 2.04 pm

I just bought my plane ticket...


My grandparents just bought me my plane ticket

to San Antonio dec 14-24

it is my birthday present.

happy birthday to me!

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:: 2006 18 September :: 10.19 am
:: Music: Danity Kane

i am going to chicago the 14th and 15th of oct. to see my sister in law, then I am going to Texas for 10 days in December. *excited*

It is weird that i havent seen my brother and co in 2 does that happen...2 years...anyway, my prof is letting me turn in my final early and my manager is going to let me off for the entire end of december...ROCK.

in other news: my fam is coming to spend the night (in my tiny apt) on the 23rd...this sat celebrate my b-day. Oddly enough, i am really excited, i dont mind not going out that night (not like i go out a lot anyway...hell i dont know what i am missing...) and i am just happy i will get to see them.

I have errands to run, homework to do and books to read, so i will talk to you all soon...


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:: 2006 15 September :: 11.23 pm

It has been really weird being back.

I havent talked to or hung out with mel in weeks.

Ryan called tonight cuz he was drunk and loves me.

I need to buck up and go out and make some scenes, cuz time is just passin me by.

I like my life though.

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:: 2006 10 September :: 11.27 am

So I got thrown for a loop this morning. I had a friend request on MySpace, so i went there to see who the hell it was and (although I didnt know the person who had requested my friendship) my step-sister had sent me a message. I havent talked to her in 2 years. she is bisexual now and just started college. i am a terrible person.

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:: 2006 6 September :: 1.56 pm

sean was online today. WHat is it about that kid? I miss him. I am so glad i got to talk to him.

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:: 2006 5 September :: 8.57 pm


what is your address in NY, i have a present to send you.

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