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:: 2004 18 October :: 8.01 pm

I love you once
You loved me not
I loves you twice
But i forgot
You never loved me and
You never will but yet again
I love u still

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:: 2004 12 October :: 10.46 am

I hate people who like to lie and make me hate my best friend it aint gunna work!
-x0 bailey

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:: 2004 1 October :: 11.07 am

hey everyone i just wanted to let u all know that im moving to Tampa! My parents are getting devorsed and when the papers get signed then we are leaving. So i dont really know when. But hopefully it will be tords the end of the year. Ive lived here all my life and now im moving for high school its gunna be real wierd not having u all around to be with. I will miss u all so very very much. I dont know what im gunna do with mydelf having to start all over for high school wehn people are gunna be even worse then in middle school . This is gunna suck. I will Miss garrett so much its not even funny. I will come back down every weekend that i can. To visit u all. Colleen says hi.-l0l- Well im gunna go im at school.. kk luv ya all!!

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:: 2004 29 August :: 7.01 pm

Why is my life falling into pieces?
one thing after another?
My falt?
Best friends gone?
Got into trouble with wrong impresions?
Cant be trusted by anyone?
No life?
No dreams?
Never happy?
Always sad?
Never succeed?
Mental block?
NO fun?
Cant sleep?
Cant see?
Teary eyed?
wanabe cutter?
Fat ?
Cant fly?
Never good enuff?
easy to make fun of?
Endless crying?
cant fit in?

whole lifes a secret?
One big a lie?
Never to be told?
until the dAy i die
blocked up in my inside
my intentoins are tue.
i really would like it to get it trought to u
i love u more than words can say
but i cant keep it from u much to my dismay
-x0x0x bailey

Im not perfect!!

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:: 2004 12 August :: 7.37 pm

Wow what a waste of 2 dollars noone reads my journal any more..

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:: 2004 2 August :: 4.47 pm

Hey everyone.....
i cant wait till school to starts....
i miss everyone.............
i havent seen anyone in a while...
Sept Garrett and Robbie......
Im so scared now school is gettin closer...
I really hope Garrett likes me alot......
I really dont want to get cheeted on again..
I start cheerleading today....
It would be really kool if me and garrett were going out still when we go to disney or when we have home comming..
So could go together kinda......
I really hope it last......
well i hope everyone had a good summer....
But i cant wait till i get back to school to see everyone..........
I feel so distent................

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:: 2004 29 July :: 12.10 am

Hey everyone its been almost three months with me and garrett and im so happy!!!!!Idk about him but im happy lol..
Kayla~ i miss you so much girl i miss talkin and hangin out alot...
Brit~ it was fun and i will never forget all the jokes
kaela~ sorry we never really got to hang out like me had plained
kayla G~ I miss ya girl i saw u for the first time in a while at then movies..i miss ya
rachel~ hey i miss ya and ur not a x friend were still friends..
kristi~i miss ya and the best of luck with davido
garrett~(curve)i freakin like you alot
Robbie~(the mix) Ur my freakin play boy bunny i love hanging out with u my best friend
i love u all and if i missed u im sorry
<3 Bailey

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:: 2004 25 July :: 2.49 am
:: Music: Robbies singing hahaha

Inside jokes
Me brit Garett and rob!! we had so much fun. we laughed until are stomaches hurted..
*~Lam chop this Port chop that~*
*~When the rain comes i am sad~*
*~Boncher boncher boncher o my god~*
*~Stay up light swapin manly storys~*
*~laugh (huhuhuhu)~*
*~I dont know what you turd about me~*
*~ Meet me half way~*
*~ brit fell on her face the chair open up and nocked her on her face we both fell to teh ground laughing~*
*~American or swiss the kind you buy in the store~*
*~(cap i the mouth) Put mom on the phone~*
*~ hey guys its Garrett leave me a brief message after the beep~*
*~You have bones in your arms rob~*
*~Tammy the talking tummy~*
*~ Were are we going as far a panosible~*
*~12 hours till nick gets home 2 until robbie leaves~*
*~Hey guys it James im getting my belly button pierced lieve me a brief message and ill call ya and tell u all the details*~
*~Do you want nuts with that "HELL YA"~*
*~ Your busting my nutts~*
*~ im gettin my belly button pierced and a tatoo of a heart around my belly button "im still thinking about it"~*
*~ you have to worry~*
*~Your gunna break my teeth~*
*~(empty upside down cup) Shake it is there any ice left in here~*
*~ NO tresspasing or you be exacuted~*
*~Did u just kiss me (walk away) because that would be perfecxtly ok)
*~Spiddy look guy spiddys back*~
*~I dont like you your sneeky*~
*~Grits its like eating fuz~*
*~ Chineze whore minuse the chineze~*
*~ FINE what? lip fine~*
*~You look like the guy from ariel you know know the movie with the little mermaids~*
*~ What are you doing? Singing~*
*~ You started crappin up*~
*~ FAMILY WATER PARK were makin familys*~
*~ makin funof someon gum flyies out of mouth*~
*~ Robbies talkin tellin a story and were all under warter we come up and hes still talkin to us*~
*~Im all alone theres noone here beside me*~
*~Brittany~ Im just sit out side all alone theres nothing wrong with that i mean we just met and im just sittin outside all alone just sitin outside*~
~* hey how ya doin are you havin fun how about know am i aannoying you*~
~* This movie is so funny omg i love tis movie wow this moviue is the best~*
~* Give it to me rihgt now right here god Bailey*~
~* Im not gunna tell you she just called you crazy she did*~
~* Garrett~ how much do i ow Have a great nihgt*~
~* He lckes the icing i look at him your done with that rihgt*~
~* look there having a staring contest too~*
~* hes mad at you who Jdhd~*
~* i get the extra nuts~*
~* lets to it like spiddy lean back~*
~* have fun ridding garrett i will ride it hard~*
~* wana be the passenger~*
~* what are you doing monday GARRETT~*
That all we can remember for today
but 2marrow there will be a bunch more..
This was like the best day of my life..
<3 B@y & Brit

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:: 2004 24 July :: 1.59 am
:: Mood: crazy

Heyy guyz its britt =) Baiiley is on the phone with robbie .. thursday we picked up bay nd went to sunsplash nd met garrett nd robbie there, nd then we went to mcdonaldz with her cuzin niCk .. & then i spent the night at her house.. and today we went to garretts nd swam n took showers ate pizza n went to the movies saw spider man 2 .. i freakkin luvv robbie ! haha ;) nd tonight we went to mikeydeez again @ lyk 1 am ..nd now me n nick bay'z cuzin r sittin herrre ..
i <3333 BAILEY robbie nick n nick =)
im hyppper
i love bailey

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:: 2004 20 July :: 12.08 am

Wow the Yankees suck lol.... They lost to the Devil Rays...The score was 9 to 7 at the end.... Im so bored i hate being here i want to go home now that the game is over.. wow i got lots to think about these days.. im not liking it at all... yay now school startes im going to do bad if i have to think about all this while school is going on.. good excuse lol... well im gunna go ot sleep so i have nothin else to do..
-x0- BaIlEy

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:: 2004 19 July :: 4.42 pm

Hey Happy Birthday Brittany potts..lol And Daniella.....
-x0x0- i luv ya all

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:: 2004 18 July :: 11.21 pm

Hey everyone im in Saint pete at my grandparents house.. ya.. fun fun.. :cough:ya right.. were going to a baseball game tomarrow.. the devil rays against the yankees.. Before i left today i called and talked to kayla and told her i would miss her while she is gone for week how am i going to live without her.When i come hoem i am goignto spend time with Brit and the one and only keala lol i love you guys so much...and if it wernt for u guys and kayla i would have done something today that i would have regreted for the rest of my life...

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:: 2004 17 July :: 10.29 pm

well i just got into abunch of trouble..i wanted tosee garrett reallyBad...so mycousin took me over there ..I got to see his car... and they tryed to push me into the pooland they succeded My mom wouldnt let me go to brittanys house to be with her an keala because her and my dad are fighting again..i feel bad because i really wanted to go see them.. because they always make me better when im sad.. thanks guys..Im leaving tomarrow for 2 days to go see m grandma... i will miss everyone especially kayla ,Brittany, Keala, And My babe

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:: 2004 17 July :: 2.07 am

I had alot of fun tonght.. I went to the movies with kayla...I picked up Garrett and Robbie and Kayla.. I made a bet with my cousin that garrett would say two words to me the whole time we were in the car.. So my dumn cus told Garrett so he said huh and whats up and laughed and said thats three.. I was so pissed... I didnt say nothing the whole time we were in then car then we got out we went are separate ways it was kinda funnt because everyone i saw was like Garretts over there im like ya i know but we wanted to just spend time with are frineds instead of each other for once.. So we did he watched White chicks and me and Kayla watched the princess story or whatever but it was a really good movie..
when we went back outside we waited for Garrett because i felt bad for being a Bitch so i stayed until he came out so i could say good-bye and he dindt hug me didnt kiss me didnt even say good-bye... Just kinda looked at me and Robbie called his name and he turned around and got in his car.. Ya totally not kool... But other than that i had a blast with Keayla and Kayla and brittany and nick and sarah and others but those are the imprtant ones.. lol..
well i hope everyone has so far had a great summer..... And have a great weekend at that..
I luv you and i will miss you kayla while your gone for a whole week lol..
And it is for shore that my Parents are getting devorsed so if you talk to me dont talk about my parents i might cry..
thanks luv ya

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:: 2004 16 July :: 1.37 pm

Now i know how everyone feels when there parents are getting dervorsed.. myne are getting devorsed and this is the worst thing that has ever happend to me..I dont know what to do nore say to say to ether of my parents.. Im so deppressed.. But i guess it really helps to have funny friends and boyfriend.. They all cheered me up today so no more tear..

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