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:: 2009 2 June :: 3.55 pm
:: Music: Eat me, Drink me - Marilyn Manson

I agree.
I am bored. So bored I think I will take a nap.

This is the most uninspired post yet.

Oh, I also did a poetry reading. At the Hookah Lounge. I might be there tomorrow, to read more.

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:: 2009 22 May :: 12.53 am
:: Music: Testify - Rage Against the Machine

God Damn, I am that much of a loser?
Yeah, I am. I was supposed to meet up with a bunch of friends and hang out.

But I waited and looked and called... And nothing. So I'm sitting at Denny's. God....

Oh well, I have a little laptop and a cowboy hat, plus Rage is badass to listen to when you are upset. It's good to get you pumped when you beat your friends.

Oh and well, I got a new cell phone. So yeah.

I'm just gonna post it here for the 3 or 4 people who read this. >.<


Word to your mother.

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:: 2009 10 May :: 3.21 am

Is ready.
To leave.
To move on.
To make changes.
To make new friends
To spend more time with old.
To hang out alot more with my kid bro.
To start making music and really hear it again.

I'm ready to be free again.

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:: 2009 1 May :: 10.23 am

I know everyone has problems. We all do. I know this.
I let my problems control my life. My past. I've let it ruin me. For far too long.
I was let it depress me and scare me. I've been at a stand still for ages.
I've always thought that actual happiness was out of my reach. I would try but fail.
And something that's never happened before. I snapped.
I was angry. At myself. My past. My life. It wasn't sadness. It was fury. Rage at myself.
For being so weak. And someone I actually care about saw that. And for that I'm sorry.

I decided that I had to leave the past behind me. But I started to think, "I am this way cause my past, so I can't change who I am." And I grew depressed. Like really.
For the first time in years, I just thought of ending it.

But, I got advice for a black guy and you know, it was actually good.
I'm ready. I'm ready to fix myself. And to fix what I've done.

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:: 2009 20 April :: 10.15 pm
:: Music: Plug in Baby - Muse

I'm ready to consume.
Soooooooo, promotions are stressful as shit... No surprise there though.

Holy shit though, did not realize that I have been single for a year pretty much now. Man, time flies when you work third shift and have good friends.

Though living at home is a bit of a drag, the lack of bills is pretty badass.

Band stuff - Going pretty good. Josh and Scott want to start a band with me and Jimmy, Rabbit Hat Habitat. Kinda fun ridiculous music, with a hint of country.

Oh anywho, been really chilled lately, which is a nice change. Though I think you can tell that I'm still as scatterbrained as always. Nothing wrong with that, though when I'm trying to tell the servers what it is exactly I want them to do.

I do so enjoy being artistic again.

I love Kingdom Hearts II and Fire Emblem.

Oh I was told I was going to hell for smoking a cigarette that had, "I AM GOD. Forever", written on it. Oh I savored that.

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:: 2009 5 April :: 6.15 am

The new and improved Chris! He showers regularly, he shampoos and conditions. Holy fuck, he even brushes his hair and does it! Check it out!





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:: 2009 26 March :: 12.06 am

Learned Bums Rush
So, listening to Beck and Sleepercar really influences different styles of writing. Like this song;

Learned Bums Rush
I was born
Damn I was bred
With not a song in my heart
Or that bounce in my step

Well you know it don't matter none
I once met love, so early its done
But I don't walk alone
I got my friends to take me home

I'll smile again my friend, cause this ain't the end

Well you know it don't matter none
I once met love, so early its done
But as long as there's strength in my bones
Damn, I know I won't be alone

Once was my Mecca, Once was my home
But I've learned that life still goes on

But wait there is more.

The Morrow
Born through the Mecca.
Absolved through faith.
The begotten is what I am.
The begotten is what I fear.

Was it the morrow that left me for dead?
It doesn't matter now, cause I drifted away.
The springs are flowing as dams are breaking.
The dead come wandering, looking for my home.

If only time could be still.
If only I was left behind.
The purge would be fleeting.
The pain would be left to those who wait.

Song for if I was cursed.
Song for if I was damned.

Meccas Vi Arandez, he knows my name.
Feared damnation, Feared loathing.

I pray,
Let me roam, let me live.

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:: 2009 24 March :: 3.25 am
:: Music: Drunk Kid Catholic - Brighteyes

I have been happy the past couple days, thinking of the women taken your place
Thinking I spend too much time at Denny's.

Smoking and chilling is fun, but I like other kind of settings.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, being clean shaven=looking 16. But I think it looks good. Gonna grow them sideburns out! CHOPS MUTHA FUCKA!

Not much is new, other than going to New York for a week. :D

Trying to get to UA is hard.

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:: 2009 13 March :: 1.42 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: Fences Down - Sleepercar

West Texas is no place for love
I go back to work tonight! ^_^ I'm so uber excited. It's been been exactly two weeks since I worked. And now I get to go back, though I wanted to work with Miriah, but I'm working for her so she can go to the strip club.

I had some really good chili. It was the best ever. xD

Bad news though, I owe my dad rent money. So lets hope that I can make good money tonight.

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:: 2009 24 February :: 9.52 pm

I'm on woohu. Been awhile. Moved out. Living with the rents. Boo kinda.

Am saving greenbacks though. Got 300 saved already. :D

I love when work is busy, make good money.

I got the next 12 days off. Going to Florida this Thursday. Gonna see my mom and my baby sister. And Heather if everything works out. And my cousins too. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll see you all later. :D

Peace and Love.

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:: 2009 10 February :: 6.29 am

Glossylalia Slang and Haruspex Truths
Really bored. And I feel like I'm lacking something in my life. Shit, this sucks.

Thats all for this update.

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:: 2009 4 February :: 2.34 am
:: Music: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

Denny's.... Free Grand Slams....
Worst idea ever. We were packed. I came early to meet up with my friends for a free meal. Well, I got the twitch... After they left, I had to get up and help. And I did... for 10 hours. Not serving, just doing everything else.

I swear, they better fucking love me. Cause I did it for them, not Denny's.

Oh and 5 Hour Energy, doesn't work. Complete fucking shit.

Going to bed in three hours so I don't mess up my sleep schedule.

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:: 2009 25 January :: 3.44 pm
:: Music: the Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeering of the Heater

It's been thirteen seconds
Mmmmmmm, just woke up. Been sleeping really well lately. Which is a surprise. But let me catch you up.

Sunday, January 18, Tyler Maten, a good friend of mine died. So I fell of the map for about a week. I went to Allegan to be with all my friends that were really distraught over this, though I was too. Then there was my bracelet that I gave Tyler at the visitation and I got hit in the balls. Cause we were being rowdy and having a skankin' contest and snowball fighting, cause he would want us to have fun and not be sad. Then about 26 people came to Denny's and we were all ridiculous. Then the funeral and speech.

And now we are here. And I have been working. And it feels good. But I'll update later.

Oh and things are going good with Sarah, the 24 year old.

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:: 2009 18 January :: 7.25 am

No, fuck this.
So, I'm tired of this bullshit... Fuck this all....

and now Tyler

Fuck this shit, I'm sick of losing friends.

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:: 2009 14 January :: 6.20 am
:: Mood: sad

I'm not sure I can handle today...
"Woman killed in crash planned to marry


A Laketown Township woman who was planning to get married this summer died in a crash in Allegan County Monday morning.
Amanda Faye Prins, 19, was on her way to work with her fiance, Michael Bronson, 24, of Fennville, when Bronson's car was struck head-on by an oncoming car on M-89 near 54th Street in Manlius Township, just east of Fennville.
According to the Allegan County Sheriff's Office, Paz West, 52, of Fennville, was driving east around 9 a.m. when she lost control of her car and drifted into the westbound lane.
Bronson said he saw West's car approaching and tried to swerve into the ditch.
"I turned the wheel, but the car kept going forward," Bronson said.
Police said they believe weather was a factor in the crash, which remains under investigation, and that all three were wearing seat belts.
Bronson was released from Holland Hospital around 4 p.m. Monday with cuts, scrapes and bruises. Prins was pronounced dead at the scene.
Bronson, a 2002 West Ottawa High School graduate, said he and Prins had been dating since October, and that he proposed to her on Christmas. They were planning to marry this summer, he said.
Bronson's mother, Diana VanOrder of Fennville, said the couple were living in Fennville with Bronson's grandmother, Phyllis Goen, while they were saving money to buy a house.
"They were two halves of a single person," VanOrder said. "They weren't whole until they were together.
Prins, who worked at West Marine in Holland Township, was a 2006 graduate of Holland High School. Gregg Kirchen, guidance counselor at the school, said Prins was a quiet, soft-spoken girl.
"We've had an awful year this year with students or former students who have been hurt or killed in car crashes," he said. "It's had a sobering effect on our student body and our community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family."
West was listed in critical condition at Spectrum Health Butterworth Campus in Grand Rapids."
The pain from this, I don't think I can put into words.

I'm going to visit her today... I really don't know if I can handle this.
I just wish that I could have spend more time with her...
I miss Amanda so much.

Amanda Faye Prins
October 14, 1988 - January 14, 2008
Got my tattoo, and it was painful. Not physically, but emotional.
Every time I closed my eyes, I saw the lines he was drawing and her face.

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