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User:c-ramon-otero (user# 24467)
Name:Christoper Ramon Otero
Location: Holland, Michigan, United States
Bio:My name is Chris. I've known of this site from a friend of mine. I'm 20 years old. I am Cuban-American. I work at Denny's. Come and visit me if you care to. I have alot of good friends. I love them all deeply. I have a lot of siblings and really bad parents.
Friends:(4) cJessicaPyne, laurenleigh, xjayk, xxxxxxxxxx
Friend Of:(3) cjessicapyne, laurenleigh, xjayk
Interests:(7) Art, Being a generally decent guy., Music, Poetry, Reading, Video Games, Writing
Created:2008-12-03 07:14:23
Last Update:09 09 2009
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