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:: 2004 21 October :: 10.43 pm

another thing

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:: 2004 17 October :: 9.10 pm
:: Music: sublime

crazy kids
so i dont even know if i should get into just how werid my friends are
i had a few kids over last night
and a pat rogers
welll pat... hes one fucked up kid
my mom has this ... thing that i will not say and all of those who were there... they know what it was and everyone else...can guess.
we found it last night .... so pat... thought it would be a good idea to shove it up his ass
you gotta love pat.
i mean he does such things to get others to laugh....

great kid that pat rogers.

i dont know what else to say
if aanyone wants to add to the maddness that was last night..
please comment

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:: 2004 14 October :: 8.59 pm

my parents are leaving saturday

sooooooooooo happppppppppppy

drove home without glasses today
scaryest thing ever
it was like i was drunk
i learned something from this
dont drive without glasses
dont drive drunk
never drive drunk and glassesless

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:: 2004 10 October :: 11.52 am

pedro is on lockdown
I really thought that this school year was going to be boring and that i would be so upset every single day because all my friends are done with high school but it turns out its not that bad. I guess i made more friends throughout my 3 years of high school in my own grade then i thought. Its already the five week mark how crazy is that

So yesterday Louis my sister and i went to the thrift store. I got louis toys and i was going to buy a jacket but it had stupid pads in it and i didnt reallly want to get it
so we went to see that movie with puppets with joe
and hung out with those kids i always hang out with
louis attualy stayed out past 12
it was a pretty intererting night

and some how my mouse got out of its cage
but i caugt him and he is now on lockdown

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:: 2004 2 October :: 12.40 pm

If you put your mouse over there heads you can control how they move

adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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:: 2004 2 October :: 12.34 pm

thank god its the weekend
So yesterday morning i got to not go the pep rally. Went out with joe jim this kid who looks like jon who is a very nice boy if i do say so and other people.
Then we went to school
i found out im not reallly failing forensics but i have an 88 average.
boy was i wrong
Louis and dimo came to get me
we went to louis house and tom came
we went to party city and the mall
got pirate stuff
it was nice
then i went to see leann and joe and all those people at some church by the little child i babysit for and got home at like 12
thats prety much it and today is sammys sweat 16

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:: 2004 28 September :: 4.56 pm

what a way to put homework off
Full name: Caitlin Louise Caramante
nickname: Cait
sex: female.
age: 17
siblings: well there is amy.. who i havent got along with since she became a teenager and then there is brenden... who is so what gay.
significant other: yeah i got one of those
eye color: light brown
hair: purple
what your wearing right now: a blue shirt and jeans
when was the last time you...
watched a movie: um the other day with louie and tom. We so watched mean girls
talked to someone:just before i talked to mr o' connel
ate something: one time i ate some popcorn before
did something illegal: um once... i drank ....and since... im 17.... thats illegal
kissed someone: i kissed the hulk head today because joe made me
Missed someone: Really really missed? i guess that is still going to be kris. because i missed him alot when he left and i guess thats the last time i reallly missed someone.
wished you were something your not: almost everyday
listened to music: i always do. i like it...

color: i guess red
number: how should i know
drink (alcoholic/non): um i like snappel
place to hang with friends: anyplace is fine with me
sport: um..........
song: train in vain the clash
place to be kissed: why should i say that
body part of opp sex: um i like eyes

choose one..
black//white: white
scented//unscented: unscented
cupcakes//cake: cupcakes... i dont reallly like cake
dog//cat: doggs all the way
hot//good personality: Personality without a doubt
emo//gangster: emo kids
beach//forest: beach
winter//summer: winter
coffe/tea: tea

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:: 2004 26 September :: 2.12 pm

fancy friday and looking for stupid things
Friday was fancy friday. I would like to just thank everyone who came... and those of you who called it "gay" ... you suck. I knew it would be a good time because i have had them before and i always have a great time. Im going to have another one on the 15th of october i think. Its not to far or to close to the one we just had. We had a good amount of kids, joe, brian and another brian, jimmy, kylee, matt, kris, carlos, louis, rios, dimo, mike, leann and tom. i think thats it. Im not mad that chris didnt come because he was sick but everyone else... sucks. It was one of the more fun fancy dinners.
Last night i hung out with louis rios dimo kris and nycole for a while. Then i meet joe and brian and there friends for one of those hunts all the kids do now a days. Kris and nycole came. It was fun but there wasnt anything on it that was really that great. Then i went to dimos for like 20 mins and made brian take me home.

there is a very funny kris story
but i dont want type it and if you came to fancy
you know
so anyone else.

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:: 2004 21 September :: 8.23 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: no good very bad day

Fancy friday...
give me ideas of places to go dressed up fancy

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:: 2004 19 September :: 8.09 pm
:: Mood: spent
:: Music: streetlight

weekend without the parents
SO i stayed at erins friday night after having a bunch of people over my house to watch wet hot american summer. we dyed my hair... its pretty purple....pimping purple.... then we watched a movie and around 3 we went to sleep. We woke uup to the rain and bagels the next moring which is always nice then when it let up we picked up jess and met joe and jimmy link then went to fridays with louis and tom. then after that we ended up at toms beach house later. louis didnt come i was kinda upset. i had fun anyways it was alot better then last time. Played some kings, played flip cup with brian... it was a nice group of people last time we had all great people but they were too nuts
then i came home showered and me and louis went to the mall to get him new pants and me a dress
then we ate dinner at his house and watched tv... now im here home tired waiting for my mother...who just so happen to brake her arm during her fun fillled white water rafting trip... she brakes her arm..... i crash atv's... the caramantes are ment to fail

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:: 2004 16 September :: 9.34 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Bob. nofx

Last night i found Jesus
So last night i hung out with joe after school. he makes me laught very much. then we went into town and saw leann and her friend who is a very nice girl. then we saw mr oconnel who was being a trouble maker like aways. so they all leave and me and joe go to borders... you know look as calenders...then we met leann at church. Youth group just like the old times. I used to go all the time with joe and i liked it alot. this time it wasnt so fun we just sat around and talked about jesus... not that anything is wrong with jesus... went to the emo hang out because joe wanted to.... louis meet im ruing out of things to tell about here

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:: 2004 10 September :: 11.03 pm

i need sleep more the annything
Louis, Brian, Greg, Tom and I all went to see resident evil tonight. It was pretty good i guess, i think the first one was better. Then we drove around aimlessly. I have to babysit for the great sam plasky tommorow night. Looking forward to it? i think not but at least if sam goes to sleep ( which is not going to happen being that he is an crazy insane 5 year old ) I will be able to get some of my english essay done that my teacher so kindly gave up to do by monday. Its one of those "tell me about yourself essays" which for me are always the ones i cant do well. Im not very good at writing anything i like or do well. I blank out when teachers ask me simple questions like give me 4 words the fit your personality best. I hate the stuff, i cant wait to school gets really started so all that shit is over.. I hate teachers not knowing my name and just looking at me and saying "OH dont tell me" ..... its like i can remember your fucking name and my 8 other teachers why cant you just try mine.....i know i know they have alot of kids i should give them a break but by next wed i want all teacher to know my first middle and last name and all those 4 words they made me use to tell about my self

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:: 2004 8 September :: 7.32 pm

second day of classes
i like my classes for the most part
i have
1 cermics
2 studyskills. yeah because im smart
3 english. my teacher is insane but its next to my good old friend mr seldler so i will suck it up
4 gym/lunch... lunch 4th period sucks but its fun because me and leeann tried to leave for lunch and ended up being late for our class
5 Eco
6 forencis ... i think i got off to a bad start with my teacher cause i was late from talking to my eco teacher but she said its okay because i told her the truth
7 socail psyc
8 colloge child devop
9 math... which i may or may not get the out of i dont like my class very much

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:: 2004 23 August :: 10.12 pm

its ending and its sad
I write one of these "oh no the summer is ending" type of things ever year. Last year it was all about how, the summer went so nice and we had so much fun but this year its a little diffrent
now not that this wasnt a fun filled summer i mean i went on an amazing vacatiion and got a about 1,000 dollors from working. I had an awesome time with erin at the shore and i am looking foward to more things this week.
But the thing is its all ending too soon and im not ready to go back to school with alll my friends moving on to better things. I dont think any of them even know how much im going to miss seeing them every day... its so upseting ... i love my friends.
senior year better fucking go nice and fast or else i will be so anoyed all the time.
I cant wait till its over and i wont ever have to see those people i have wanted to slap every day for the past 4 years

I hate high school

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:: 2004 20 August :: 3.50 pm
:: Mood: tired

sooo everyone works with me now
Dimo and Louis both file at the place i work now. Im almost done there and then they wil be there all school year. Yesterday was Dimos very first day at work. On the ride home his car broke down and it sucked we waited for like at hour for Tom to pick us up by the time we got to my house it was 5. Then we had to wait for the truck to come pick his car up and we stayed at my house till around 7 then headed to louis to watch movies and play stupid games...

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:: 2004 7 August :: 4.10 pm
:: Mood: half awake

summer neeeds to slow down
We went to splish splash with dimo lou and kyle it was pretty fun. We only stayed for like 4 hours because that place makes you so tired

so last night i went with louis to his work. I stayed up pretty mucch the whole time, at like 5 i went to sleep till 6 then went home at 6 30. I dont think im going to be doing that anymore

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:: 2004 1 August :: 12.21 am

old school
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:: 2004 1 August :: 12.12 am

eventfull... i think not
i dont know really what to update about.... just like ever other time i update. Tonight Louis and I went to the mall and i got stuff for my littlle twin cousins birthday and it was fun becaause all the things i got them... i want to keep. Then we went to portjeff with joani holly and Tom. It was pretty nice for the most part... then we just kinda went places till louis had to got to his midnight work job that sucks alot and now im home, bored and cold

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:: 2004 26 July :: 11.27 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: smashing pumpkins

woo i had fun with Erin
This weekend with erin was so worth 100 and some of my dollors, we had so much fun. I won soo many stuffed toys. I dont even know what events to write down. I guess ill talk about yesterday because out of all the days that is the one what made me laugh the most that i have in a very long time. We woke up around 10 30 ... geting out of chruch....It wassnt a beach day so we thought we would go to the board walk till 2 then when chrisitne (erins friend) got out of work we would see a movie and go to the mall. Well we got these old time photos taken which i think is one of the funest things i have ever done. I was a pirate. and erin was my wench. The picture is me killing her. Its soo cool. THen we played one of those water gun games with some boys and we lost. So the one kid give me his prize and me and Erin were happy. Then we went to get chris. We picked up the picutre and went to the mall. We went to this place to eat called cool beans. The waiter was bothering me so much. I dont know if he was flirting or just being anoying
im going to list all the things this man did to me during dinner
He took of shoe off and throw it in the parking lot to start with
Then i went out side to call louis and he filled my bag with fried chicken, cives , straws , sugar and many otther things.
SO after that he gives me a cup of water with the words "im retarted" writen on it.
So i go to the bathroom and come back and in place of my chair there is a high chair.
So then he throws ice all over me
THe last thing he did was cover my hangs in garlic he goes hey i have something to tell you and rubs it all over me.
I dont get it i didnt even do anything to make him do that

... ill write more later

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:: 2004 21 July :: 11.26 am
:: Music: sublime

Loven is what i got
So this weekend is promised to funfilled. Im going to see Erin and i think im going to show her friends in jersy just how insane i am. Its going to be fun. Friday louis is going to take me to gardencity to meet erins dad then we will drive there together. Louis and I are going to go to the roseveltfiled mall i think Maybe with Dom and James?
this should be a funfilled weekend

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:: 2004 16 July :: 11.05 am
:: Music: green day

I don't really feel like writing this long enty about what i did in Panama but i guess i can tell about the big events. I crashed an ATV into a brabed wire fence and i looked like jesus so said my sister. I was really cut up and shit but i lived and that good. I had so much fun there other wise, i got to do what i wanted and my parents didnt care. I met really awesome people and i had a really nice 8 days.

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:: 2004 4 July :: 12.16 am

i woke up too early today
I got up around 8 because i THOUGHT i was going to breakfast with louis but we didnt. So i waited for him to awake and around 4 we went to mikes party. Then after that we left at like 7 for sammmys party. Now i would just like to make it nice and clear that i am not mad at sam for this anymore but it was something that happen so im going to write about it ... sam pulled me in the pool... making my cell phone not work. and my shoes suck.... second time this week that cant be good. So anyways i really hope my cell phone comes back to life .... tom, dimo and louis said it should so i really hope it does. Im going to so mad if not because all my numbers are in that phone and i can call no one without it at all because i dont know anyones number by heart nor intead on learing them. SO we went to my house after a some time so could shower and change...dimo tom and louis hung around my house then we just hung out and went to get joani and holly. Then because i thought we should cheer up.. well more like i should cheer up.... we got ice cream then we went to the park, ran from cops, hung at louis, and went home. Overall ... besides the breaking of my only form of contact with half the people i know... it was a pretty nice day and once again i am not mad at sammy if my phone wasnt in my pocket it would have beenn pretty funny but it was so i didnt laught untill later then i jumped back in and tried to kill her... its okay because i heart sammy

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:: 2004 2 July :: 11.56 pm

Power Rangers Movie!

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:: 2004 2 July :: 10.24 am
:: Mood: hott
:: Music: CKY

I dont want to go to south america
Yesterday louis got me bright and early. We did what we had to do in the morning and then we went out to breakfast. It was fun. We got chris mayer and some how like always ended up at the mall. I bought little monsters because... i love that movie more then anything. I have like no money left...but its alright because i only have been buying stuff i need such as little monsters... i really neeeeeeed that. Then mike came, and we went to feed mayer. Then we went to louies house and watched little monters... and im sure they all loved it because its the best movie ever. Then mike left, we took chris home and then i went to get my teeth cleaned. The teeth cleaning was fine....untill i had to get xrays.... i had to take my tragus out and its the must anoying piercing in the world to take out and that was anoying i couldnt get it back it soo i spent 16 dollors on a new ring for it and the reallly overly nice lady who works at utopia put it back in for me and then later on me and louis went out tto dinner,... it was so fancy.... we didnt pay because his mom gave us some girt thing but all the same... fancy
then tom came and gabe and drove around. Went to wallmart and it was fun. and then i went home and that was it

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:: 2004 30 June :: 11.53 pm


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:: 2004 27 June :: 12.27 am


Which of my favorite Sublime songs are you?

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:: 2004 25 June :: 10.43 am

So last night was prom
Amanda did my hair and i loooked fancy
I had a nice time but everyone else iwas with didnt. I kinda liked seeing everyone and hanging out dressed all fancy but i can understand why everyone was bored beause after a while i was pretty bored myself

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:: 2004 21 June :: 3.46 pm

mike came over and helped me move was very nice of him to come help me move dirt because i couldnt have done it all alone then we watched the dark crystal and then he went away because he sucks
so then i went to sams and lou and kyle came
we jumped around for a while and ate and left
with sammmy!!!
we went to borders mike came um then we left and went to eat ICE CREAM
i got crazy hyper we went to the park and i had alot of fun

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:: 2004 19 June :: 11.06 am

Yesterday was pretty nice
I guess aftering having a really shitty thrusday a nice friday was a good thing. I took a test at 11 ( done with all my tests now ) and then louis came and got me. We droped Dom and James off and then went to my house to swim with kyle dimo joani lou and chris mayer. It was fun and then my dad got us pizza so we didnt have to buy our own good for once ha. Then we went to borders to say goodbye too patt.... it was kinda sad. Then louis took me to erins and we got all this stuff to make crafts with and Leann and I made bags which was cool and Erin Leann and I made shirts but mine is just a reallly ugly mess but its okay because it was fun
and today im having a family party and trying not to be sad about the last couple days

maybe ill ask Joani and Leann to come... that be cool if we all just hung out....

i guess i should clean my room in that case.

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:: 2004 17 June :: 10.17 pm

i think that alll that reallly needs to be said is that today sucked and i hated it

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