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:: 2020 18 May :: 10.28am

can I just die now? thx

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:: 2020 15 May :: 9.16am
:: Music: ember city by mastodon

I'm really missing you today corry. to think last year this time last year I was taking you to the hospital and you were in there so long... and I never visited you.

you must have felt so scared and alone. that probably pushed you away the most. like I only half cared about you.

I just miss you. why did you have to go. why aren't you here?



:: 2020 7 May :: 8.32pm



:: 2020 3 May :: 11.37am

I'm not sure what it is that I'm feeling

I know I wish I could help, but I know that I can't

at least the view is beautiful


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