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:: 2006 21 March :: 10.19 pm

hah wow its been like 2 years since i updated. i graduated. i'm less bitchy. and i moved back home. sweet. :) still working at the uhell. bout it folks!

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:: 2004 30 December :: 10.30 am
:: Mood: awake

wow...its been a while...longer than in the livejournal i have. yup. grades are in this time too, better than last semester. i'm going to work. bye


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:: 2004 19 May :: 4.20 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: uhh...michelle branch i think

whoo fricken hoo!!! so ok i know its a little weird but working where i do you tend to find yourself getting excited about little things. such as: getting someone set up, getting new paper, finding pretty markers to color with, AND finding out that we no longer are able to take reservations out of michigan (except to chicago and toledo) from thrusday until saturday...and that's until further notice!!! YAY!!!! so i get to tell people no! and its ok!!! yippy!!! tee hee ha ha!! two hours left...i was supposed to come in at 10am...but for some reason even though i knew it was 10am i still didn't realize that i had to be there at 10. so i definatly was getting ready to leave once i realized that it was that late when my ma called and asked where i was. damn. i just wasn't thinking. at all. weird...that's how my day started and that's how its been going!! right so i'm going to go and do some work. yup. bye friends! call me cus i'll be home home tonight and i might be bored!!

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:: 2004 14 May :: 6.47 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: commercials and kim bitching with someone

son of a fucking hour and a half....but the time does go by faster when you're on the phone for 17min 55 seconds...oh and they are BITCHING at you!!! its FUCKING wonderful!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! sorry...i'm going to target tonight with kim! yay! we're going to get baby stuff for her friend and then a harness for her cat...yup you read that right, a harness. the cat is HUGE! so yeah an hour left, THANK GOD!! but these FUCKING PHONES WON'T STOP RINGING!!!! its like its a job or something...weird...well i'm going to go and call the centers, work on scripts, hee ha ha!! tee hee ha ha tee hee ha ha!! once you start laughing like that YOU CAN'T STOP!!! tee hee ha ha!!

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:: 2004 12 May :: 6.49 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: commercials

ha what the fuck ever
haha this is funny!

Bud Light
BUD LIGHT: You're laid back and low maintenance - a
people-person, who wants everyone else to be
having as much fun as you are. You make
friends and jokes easily, and though you're
definitely a smart ass, you're good-natured.
Every man's beer for everyone's friend.

The Greatest Beer Quiz, ever!
brought to you by Quizilla

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:: 2004 12 May :: 5.15 pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: smash mouth

bah...whatever...fuck it...maybe its a bad thing i sorta give up easy...but hell i'm not going to try anymore, there is no point!

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:: 2004 9 May :: 1.49 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: commercials

buenos dias
4 hours left. maybe i should clean. no...maybe not. my headache is almost gone. its almost as if i am not wearing my contacts...but i am. so its weird. i've been getting these headaches lately where it hurts in the morning and feels like i've gotten too much sleep, when i haven't. huh oh well. i havn't written since last sunday. well nothing much has happened. watched the game monday; umm...went beer ponging on tuesday; and drank for cinco de mayo on wednesday; thursday was filled with nothingness...oh except i took my car in to get fixed, went to the park with the girls, got ice cream, picked up my car and went to the Friends Finale at Studio 28. it was good!! i heart friends. i'm sad its over! we then went down division looking for hookers. i don't think we saw any though. damn. friday i didn't do anything except work, literally, oh i took mark to target to get his mom a mother's day present. saturday i went to work and then to the carnival in holland. fun times! now today is sunday and i'm gasp at work. i'm going home tonight and i'm staying the night i believe. unless i get real bored late when everyone has gone home (my brother and sister), then i might go back. doubt it. i don't work tomorrow so i really don't have anything to do. i'm going to do some sorority stuff and move my room around. its going to be COMPLETELY different! or i hope so at least. oyh well i need to go. i have to look up the switchfoot concert to ask for it off. bye!

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:: 2004 2 May :: 11.37 am
:: Mood: dorky
:: Music: live

AAHH!! 4 hours. june 19. cemetary thingy for my grandpa. poo. that's also jennie's birthday. they are also moving my uncle's ashes there then too. i think i'm going to see the babies tonight. at least for a couple of hours. i miss them. both of them. they are growing up so fast. so cute so cute so cute. i want jacob to come and visit me probably next thursday. we'll go to the park and stuff!! spend some quality jacob and me time. i'm all excited now. i'd do it thursday but i have to take my car in and also its the friends thing. so it will have to be next thursday. the 13th. i am actually glad i switched shifts with heather. now i'm out in 3 hours instead of 5. i'm not real tired anymore either. i went to bed at like 11 or something...i know i'm i should either a: pay the stupid $2 and keep this journal or b: get another one...hmmm...choices choices...good lord...i'm bored....2 and a half hours. YAY! seeing the babies tonight. and then margarita's at applebee's with lynn and something, i think a movie with stacy. we're going to watch big fish. the movie wasn't in the case last night so we couldn't watch it. lynn said she needs to talk to me...i hope everything is ok. she said its bad. i hope everything is ok....i have an hour and a half. there is still peopel from yesterday that hasn't gotten set up. damn...that sucks...but hey once 4 hits i'm GONE! i get to see babies!!!!!!!!!! i need gas. i should get that. i wouldn't make it home. hell i wouldn't make it to allendale. oh well. i just want to go home. and sleep sleep sleep. uh oh...this guy in kalamazoo called me "kiddo".....that creeps me out. majorly. its really bad. really really bad..well ok i have to go and do work. 45 min left. YAY! my friends are coming back!! well sorta...the roommates at least. i'm not sure if/when anyone else is. at least i won't be alone anymore at the apartment!! blah blah bye! call me i don't work tomorrow!!!


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:: 2004 1 May :: 6.17 pm

full name: Kathryn Rene Meredith
Nicknames: Katie, Manitou, Octitou (sp?), StarTac, oh i'm sure there are others...
parent's names: James and Julia
d.o.b: November 5th, 1982
Place born: Crown Point, IN
sign: Scorpio
Eye color: Greyish-Blue
Hair color: Uhh...well now its a darkish brown (the dye was darker than planned, but its closer to the origional color then before)
Height: haha short...4'10" with shoes (yes that legally makes me a midget..)
shoe size: 7
school/work: Grand Valley State University and Uhell (ok ok Uhaul)
Righty/lefty: Righty
smoker/nonsmoker: non (used to but i won't...i swear)
Siblings: Brother Jason, Sister Amanda, and Sister-in-law Sarah..oh plus 45ish Active Sorority sisters
Car: 2000 Cavalier
Wear a watch?: no
Pets: dog shadow
How many people on ur buddylist: uhh 75 i think..not sure, i'm not home
relative you like the most: i'm not going to answer. that's horrible, i love all my relatives
Thing you canít stand the most: hmm...bitchy people who yell at you when your trying to help them...uhh...
least favorite house hold chore: cleaning

-=This Or That=-
Inside or outside: outside when its warm, but not too hot
Coffee or tea: both!!
Chocolate or white milk: both
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: A&W Root Beer
Sunshine or rain: Sun
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla
Skiing or boarding: Skiing
Summer or winter: Summer
Day or night: either
Cake or pie: either
Love or lust: both (love with lust)
Silver or gold: Silver
Beach or lake: umm...beach on a lake
Country or city life: uh...probably city, but not a really big one
Diamond or pearl: well i am an AST so i love pearls, but if you look at me i'm always wearing both!!
Sunset or sunrise: hmm...both, but sunset over lake michigan is really pretty, especially up by Glen Arbor
TV or computer: oh holy crap computer

-=Have You Ever-
Been skinny dipping: nope
Watched a Daytime Soap Opera: hell yeah Passions and Days were the SHIT till it got all weird
Broke/sprained/fractured a bone: eh, probably sprained ankles but that's it.
Experienced love at first sight: i don't really believe in it, because you have to know the person before you love them. so lust at first sight would be better and the answer to that is probably, but nothing ever comes of it.
Been camping: hell yeah, i live in michigan
Skipped school: more college than high school
Been in a car accident: yup yup, stupid bitches...hitting your blinker...
Broken the law: of course, speeding, providing to minors, providing ciggeretts to minors (kristen ;) ), underage know the normal stuff
Smoked pot: nope, probably have gotten a contact high though, pretty sure my parents used to smoke it around us when we were little...maybe that's the reason why i am the way i am?
Loved someone so much it made you cry: family yes. jacob's birth, lindsey's birth, and just at the thought of some family members.
Been out of the country: Canada..but that doesn't really count.
-=Do You...=-
Sleep with stuffed animals: they are somewhere on the bed
Have any piercings: ears
Hate your familly: no. they are your family. they are all you have sometimes.
Make your bed: maybe once in a while after i've cleaned but it never sticks
Drink: yes
Cry during movies: yes, at sad and happy parts.
Go online everyday: yes of course...i get bored
Sing in the shower: hell yeah...french songs i learned in high school mostly...
Laugh so much you cry: yes
Like holidays: of course!!

Color: BLUE!!
Male singer: Dave Matthews or that one guy from Phantom of the Opera Michael something...
Female singer: Sarah Brightman is good...umm...yeah i dont' really know...
Band: eh, Dave Matthews Band or like Switchfoot or Marroon 5.
TV show: Friends (i get to watch the series Finale in a movie theater!! YAY!!!), American Idol, and others that i never see
Movie(s): yeah can't name them all...sorry
Book: Scarlett (sequal to Gone with the Wind)
Actress: hmm...there's a lot..
Actor: there's a lot...that jake g guy is HOT though...:)
Place: Glen Arbor, MI
Animal: duckies, or dogs
Holiday: christmas, its fun to see jacob and lindsey open presents.
CD:yeah there's a lot...i'm digging the switchfoot beautiful letdown right now though
Weekend activity: fav or what actually happens? fav is definatly sleeping or going somewhere and enjoying whatever season it is...actually happens is sleeping and working
Name a few of your really good friends: jennie b, kristen, loie, lynn, stacy m, mark (i think), weaver (i think, i hope)
Who is the loudest: jennie or lynn
Who is the quietest: uhh...none, i guess lo though
Who do you tell your dreams to: oh definatly jennie
Who have you known the longest: jennie
Who can you tell anything to and not be judged?: jennie
Who is the funniest: good god..weaver or mark maybe...but they all make me laugh like no other
-=Right Now=-
What song are you listening to (if any): commercials on radio at work
Are you going out with anyone: good god no...i don't actually think i want to right now either
What time is it: 6:45pm (15MIN LEFT!!! THANK GOD!!!!)
What was the last thing you ate:
What was the last movie you watched: geeze...i think it was something at home. not sure
What was the last thing you said outloud: bye
What is the weather like outside: uhh...cloudy, can't really see from my desk thing
When was the last time you laughed: uhh...with jake from 50 maybe
When was the last time you cried: uhh i'd say about an hour ago. yes at work...stupid uhaul...stupid phil (actually FUCKING BASTARD PIECE OF SHIT phil....yeah he's one of the main guys at uhaul...fucking dick...)
When was the last time you showered: this morning
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone: James Dewitt 14 foot customer waiting from today in Kalamazoo.... :(
How many windows are open on your computer: 6
Where is this computer located: in the Uhaul traffic office in Grand Rapids, MI
What did you do today: slept, showered, worked

-=What If... What Would You Do...=-
If you were given a free one way plane ticket, where would you fly to?: Europe definatly!!
If you were given a million dollars what would you spend it on?: school; get mom and dad, jason and sarah, and myself out of dept.

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:: 2004 30 April :: 5.44 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: the reason

oh god
oh god oh god oh god oh god...two hours one hour...full of phones...seriously...i hate uhell...another night of needing a drink! that is sad.

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:: 2004 29 April :: 6.39 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: some seal song

oh god....too long at uhaul....
i need a drink. bad. so i'm going to the apartment, turning on some switchfoot and making myself some margarita's. a lot. i have stuff left. and some of someone else's. i'll call mark and check to see which one is his, but if the original isn't his, then whoever left it, sorry but its gone. i'll have to use it tomorrow as well. 12-8 and its going to be HORRIBLE! now i know why my mom drinks sometimes when she comes home. hell. and her job is worse than mine!! i have about 25min left. i've been here since 8:30, although until like 12:30 i was transfering a non-existant truck...i woke up and came here like an hour and a half early FOR NOTHING!! but i slept the whole way there and the whole way back :). my back is hurting. my ass hurts too. eekk...i can't wait until next week when it calms down. damn i'm bitchy when i'm working. right ok so 20min left so i'm going to crap around on the internet for a bit before i get out.


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:: 2004 28 April :: 6.07 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: that guy and that santana guy

holy fuck i hate uhaul. i REALLY hate uhaul in the summer though!!! it was busy today. there is still like 10 people STILL waiting for tomorrow. i'm coming in at 8:30 instead of 10 so i can drive to sturgis and back. WOO HOO! but hey its like an hour and a half overtime...well no ok its not. cus i only worked 1-7 and that would've given me only like 38 hours and with the extra hour and a half its up to like 39 1/2 so i have to stay an extra hour tomorrow so i can get some sort of overtime. i heart overtime. time and a half at $8.50 isn't bad for a college girl like myself.

so i saw jennie for the last time before her birthday i think yesterday. we spent the day together. i am going to miss her more than she knows. she is my best friend, i tell her EVERYTHING. and i mean everything. she knows me inside and out. we went to get her hair cut, it looks REALLY cute! and then to lunch at olga's and to a movie, The Prince and Me (whoa whoa whoa hot boy in the movie. i swear i think i almost fainted, so hott!!!) and then to her house. we were chillin and talking and we decided we wanted to go hot tubbing...well the only person we knew that had a hot tub was laura traverse city. so we decided to call her up and travel the like 2 hours and to up to TC for the night. granted i had to work at 1 today and we didn't leave til like 7:30 but it was still cool, i had a great time!! plus i love just riding in the car and listening to the radio and talking. it was great. so it was a pretty good day. which is nice cus i work the rest of the week, and its going to be hell. pure hell. i have to put in the days for the next two weeks that i want off (i get two days off a week) so if anyone wants to hang out or do something let me know before saturday and i'll make some time for you! ;) i'll need to break into the liquor supply at the apartment after this week. which will be fun, although odd's are i'll be there by myself...but that's ok. i can always drunk dial people and talk online drunk. that's ALWAYS fun! haha haha not really. i think i may be listening to too much switchfoot lately, i just love their songs. none really have any special meaning, they are just pretty. well ok..time for real work. i may come back and do a survay or something if i get my shit done before 7. oh the grades...they are posted...not even going to comment...they are bad...bad like whoa...i am going to study a WHOLE lot more this semester, no more drinking every weekend and hanging out to all hours of the night on the week days, i have to get my shit together if i want to graduate next fall semester.


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:: 2004 25 April :: 9.44 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: on fire - switchfoot

boring day
work was boring. i definatly spent about 6 hours reading a i got last night and now its done..damn...but anyway i love this song so i thought i would write it in here!

On Fire - Switchfoot

They tell you where you need to go
They tell you when you need to leave.
They tell you what you need to know
They tell you who you need to be.

But everything inside you
knows there's more than what you've heard
There so much more than empty conversations
filled with empty words

And you're on fire
when he's near you
You're on fire when he speaks
You're on fire burning at these mysteries.

Give me one more time around
give me more chance to see,
Give me everything you are
Give me one more chance to be near you.

When everything inside me
Looks like everything i hate
You are the hope I have for change
You are the only hope I'll take

And I'm on fire when you're near me
I'm on fire when you speak
I'm on fire burning at these mysteries.

I'm standing on the edge of me,
i'm standng at the edge of everything I've ever been
And I've been standing at the edge of me, standing at the edge.

love that song. its so beautiful it almost makes me cry. he's got a wonderful voice that guy from switchfoot. so yeah. that's it for tonight all. i'm going to bed early (yeah right) for tomorrow i'm visiting jennie and sleeping in! night all!!

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:: 2004 24 April :: 4.14 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: nothing

so i'm done. officially. school's over. i don't know how i did. i'm thinking not the best. probably a coupld of C's mixed with the usual B's. if i get an A i'll flip out. like really, flip out. i don't think i will though, there is no classes where it was extremely easy or i did super on all the stuff. had the luau last night. it was fun. i enjoyed it. the pork ass was good too. tee hee ;) so its like 4 and i'm still in allentucky. i should do some laundry or something. but i think i'm going to wait until i go home tomorrow to do it. i dyed (sp?) my hair. its a little darker than expected but i think its actually closer to my origional yeah it looks ok. i kinda like it. i hope my blond highlights fight their way through. i think so, cus they never really dye anyway. so yeah this is boring. i'm going to go and eat leftover chinese. have a safe and fun summer, if you are around and want to hang out call the cell. i'll probably be road tripping a lot when i don't have to work at uhell. so bye friends! i'll try and update this more often (which will happen cus i'll be at work :) )

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:: 2004 22 April :: 10.39 am
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: commercials

Name: Kathryn Rene Meredith

Current mood: annoyed
Current music: Three Doors Down
Current taste: Cottage Cheese
Current hair: down and straight, i actually did it today
Current clothes: black sweater, jeans, and black boots (i'm going out after work)
Current windows open: none i think
Current desktop picture: on work its just blue, at home its Degas
Current favorite band/music artist: ehh...switchfoot (they rock!)
Current book: well it was a romance novel, but now until tomorrow at 4 its Western Europe in the Middle Ages: 300-1475...:(
Current cd in stereo: uhh...some mixed thing with older songs on it.
Current favorite: sleep
Current hate: like weaver, the lack of money.

=Do I=
Smoke?: when i'm upset or drunk, but i've realized that yes it is true, i throw up when i do that. plus its the wussy way to deal with things. why not take it like a man or woman?
Do drugs?: booze is a drug so hell yeah.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? no
Read the newspaper?: sometimes. at work
Believe in miracles?: eh kinda
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: of course, that's what its all about.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: unless you push me to the breaking point..but other than that yeah i think so.
Consider love a mistake?: well i've never actually been "in love" but ideally no.
Have a favorite candy?: milky way warmed up in the microwave or left on your dashboard.
Believe in astrology?: sometimes
Believe in magic?: tee hee no but i took a class on the history of witches!
Have any pets: dog, shadow. i miss her.
Go to or plan to go to college: bah, i'll be a senior next year...i'm old...
Have any piercings?: two in each ear
Have any tattoos?: no, but maybe one someday
Hate yourself: sometimes.
Have an obsession?: not really
Have a secret crush?: uh..its not secret.
Have a best friend?: yup jennie, although i never see her :(
Wish on stars?: used to. didn't work so i stopped.
Care about looks?: i used to i think. at least for me, but i'm more comfortable in my own skin so i don't really care anymore, of course no one wants to look HORRIBLE.

=Word association=
Rubber: band
Rock: on
Green: and gold
Wet: suit
Cry: baby
Peanut: butter
Hay: now
Cold: outside
Steamy: in the shower ;)
Fast: foward
Freak: out
Rain: rain go away come again another day
Bite: the bullet
Blow: pops

Hair: brown
Eyes: grey but really blue when i'm happy
Height: short

Bought: gas
Ate & Drank: cottage cheese and water
Read: read
Watched on tv: uhh...god can't really remember...oh the movie cold creek manor

talked to: some chick who had tons of question
hugged: kristen
instant messaged: eh, no clue i think mark
kissed: damn its been a while, julian
club or houseparty: Houseparty, but some clubs are good
cats or dogs: dogs
pen or pencil: blue pen
gloves or mittens: mittens
food or candy: food
cassette or cd: CD
coke or pepsi: Wild Cherry Pepsi
this or that: that

eat: uhh...home home in the kitchen, here probably kitchen or living room
cry: in my room or while i'm driving, havn't done it in a while
wish you were: somewhere warm

Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: nope
Done drugs?: no
Broken the law?: uhh, yeah. underage drinking, providing to minors, speeding, ect...
Run away from home?: no
Broken a bone?: nope
Played Truth Or Dare?: yupper
Kissed someone you didn't know?: actually no i don't think so
Come close to dying?: yeah

The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: don't know...probably something like smash mouth or something
Your bedroom like?: eh, sorta clean, sorta messy
Your favorite restaurant?: eh, olive garden or charlie's crab

What's on your bedside table?: i don't have one really...but the closest thing to my bed that's like a table is my desk so its computer, books, disks, and random knicknacks
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: well here i have nothing. if at home probably like milk or something sweet
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: Beaches
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you get done?: ehh...i don't really like plastic surgery.
What is your biggest fear?: living alone and never finding that someone to share my life with.
What feature are you most insecure about?: i dont know, probably my body
Do you ever have to beg?: i don't beg.
Are you a pyromaniac?: nope, well ok so sometimes i like to light things on fire, but that's when i'm REALLY bored and outside
Do you have too many love interests?: nope
Spontaneous or plain?: probably plain
What do you carry with you at all times?: cell phone, license, keys, and money or debit card thingy
How do you drive?: eh probably a shitty
What do you miss most about being little?: no papers. no school, really. being totally sure of yourself without the little insecurities that growing up can give you. knowing who your friends are and just enjoying having no responsabilities.
Are you happy with your given name?: yeah i actually am growing to like it. the full one, kathryn
What color is your bedroom?: white. new apartment, probably yellow
What was the last song you were listening to?: that D12 song.
Do you talk a lot?: probably. if i do just tell me ok?
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: most of the time i like myself, but believe in myself? yeah not so often
Do you think you're cute?: eh probably not, maybe in a little sister kinda way
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?: no
Describe your bed: with tons of blankets and pillows, i got cold last night.
Do you know anyone famous?: no not really. my uncle sold a hummer to arnold s. (can't spell the last name, the california governer though)
Do you know how to play poker?: yup.
Do you consider yourself to be a mean person?: no i hope not. unless you piss me off really really bad. then i'm a bitch

=When was the last time you...=
Had a lollipop: good lord, a long long time
Got into a car accident: probably when that bitch hit my car last semester
Were sick: i'm sick now
Punched someone: for real? then never. play punch? then probably sunday and it was butthead (my older brother)
Did the hokey pokey: uhh...probably at some wedding
Breathed helium and talked like a munchkin: can't remember really, its been a while

there you go. a survey. enjoy.

i had a great night last night. i went to the YJ with shal, melissa B, and hicks. it was good times!! hicks was TRASHED!! she did this little leprachan dance/jig thing in the parking lot. wonderful i tell ya, wonderful. we then went to MOJO's. i'm starting to really love that place. definatly Wed night $2 you call it till Midnight!!! i got a blue somethingorother martini thing. it was good! shal's cosmo was also REALLY good. and only $2!!! you get a lot too. so yup definatly summer Wed night going to MoJo's. i have my last final today. its at 4. i hope i do ok. i need to actually go start studying for that. i've got like 4 hours or something...maybe 5...not sure. so yupper i'll talk to you kids later!!!

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