There is blood on these chains.
Broken fangs of the wolf strewn.
Half an ear and pacing nowhere.
Split lips grinning, unbearable.

Still right here, holding breaking ground.


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:: 2009 2 September :: 11.17 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: The Ark - It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane


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:: 2008 17 August :: 2.05 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Iron Maiden - Die With Your Boots On

Watch this. It'll make YOUR DAY.


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:: 2007 9 February :: 7.03 pm
:: Mood: infuriated
:: Music: Dream Theater - Never Enough

1998 - 2007: Sony Playstation. My old friend, rest in pieces.

Today, Friday, February 9th 2007... was the last day the console purred with the hum of electric life. It was a very tragic moment, because the console had been working the prior evening, though it's performance I did notice was getting weak; lags and inability to fully go through with the cinematic event upon a certain game. Today, I closed that gray plastic lid for the last time. The motor will no longer whir in determination, the green LED will no longer shine in the dark; no longer be a beacon of hope.

I've had the system forever it seems, and when everyone else's died on them, mine still resisted the call of death. Alas, it would seem that its willpower did not remain with time.

Farewell, my beloved console. I shall miss you.


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:: 2007 18 January :: 9.39 pm
:: Mood: artistic
:: Music: 36 Crazyfists - I'll Go Until My Heart Stops

All The Pretty Colors
Kind've how I've been feeling as of late... [ Piss off! I love my colored pencils! ]

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAll The Pretty Colors

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:: 2006 27 November :: 6.45 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Dir en grey - Agitated Screams Of Maggots


I'm killing the haughtily fly

I'm gonna slash your wound just like mine.
I can't hear the voices of society anymore.
I don't understand. You're all fine hypocrites.

Shout The Joy

Your song's drenched in blood and it's full of shit.
You can't shoot the silver bullet into me.

Shout The Joy

It's the Black Flag, motherfucker!!

I wanna shout out to all the trash celebrity stars.

I'll rape your daughter on your grave,
I'll rape your daughter on your grave,
I'll rape your daughter on your grave,

I'm gonna slash your wound just like mine.
I can't hear the voices of society anymore.

I Shout Die!

It's the Black Flag, motherfucker!!

I wanna shout out to all the trash celebrity stars.

I'll rape your daughter on your grave,
I'll rape your daughter on your grave,
I'll rape your daughter on your grave,

Cold Blooded

-Dir en grey: Agitated Screams Of Maggots

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:: 2006 6 October :: 8.41 pm
:: Mood: grumpy
:: Music: Samael - Telepath

Impure Skies Unraveling
So, what has been going on with the Wolfy as of late? You know you already formulated the answer in your head. You know it. What is it? Not much of nothing! Anything at all! Fab-fucking-tabulous-ness-n-naught! ... School on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. T/Th: 7:50am-5:30pm (from the time I leave to the time I get home. ugh...) Sat: 7:30am-3pm (fucking two hour bus rides kill my day!)

Y'know I was going to make a long entry but now I can't think of what I was going to say. SO FUCK. Gah. I"ll make another one later I guess...... >_<


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:: 2006 26 April :: 8.20 pm
:: Music: Pendulum - Still Grey

I dunno. At least it has been nice outside, sunny and such. That much makes me content a bit.

New ideas for songs here and there.



The usual. Great ain't it?

Irritation. But I was nice enough to only choke the person for a few seconds. They still didn't get the idea I didn't want to be touched, didn't want to wrestle around. I just wanted to sit. But no. They had to poke and poke and tickle. So I put 'em in a headlock and clamped down on the throat. Gah. I hate people. Stupid dumb headed females. Now I know why Sterling says that "he doesn't have a sister" .. damn she's annoying.


Blah blah blah.

I havn't talked on my phone in ages.
There is a voice I miss though.
Even though I'd have jack fucking shit to talk about.
I'd just like to hear it.



Silent Hill was a pretty neat movie. Not scary. Just kinda... wtf, whoa.



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:: 2006 30 March :: 10.02 am
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: Stabbing Westward: Wasted

Caught in this Narcotic Blur.

Decided to start a new project.
Narcotic Blur.
All in fun.
I enjoy making musical things.
This is the biproduct.
Thou shalt go take a listen and let me know how it sounds.

A Failing Motion of Logistics is available for listening currently.
I uploaded an acoustic track The Spring Rain Falls this morning,
it should be up in a couple hours or so for listening enjoyment.
Or disgust.



Smile, I said.

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:: 2006 7 March :: 2.57 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: Crossbreed - Push

Ok, so this random chick messaged me from Myspace and wanted my yahoo name, so, being nice I gave it to her. She finally got around to talking to me today .... XD

babygirl4u101 moore: hey whos this?
zimwi_azali: Ah, Zane! From MySpace.
babygirl4u101 moore: ewhats ur link for myspace?
babygirl4u101 moore: oh yeah ur fucking hott
zimwi_azali: Heh heh.. thank you.
babygirl4u101 moore: ur welcome
babygirl4u101 moore: so u gatta girl?
zimwi_azali: Nope; enjoyin' the single life at the moment.
babygirl4u101 moore: awww u gatta cell phone?
zimwi_azali: Yes and no. I'm waitin' for them to send me a new battery for it 'cause it up 'n died on me. Sucks.
babygirl4u101 moore: yeah
babygirl4u101 moore has signed out. (3/7/2006 2:47 PM)
Note about the cellphone: I lied! HAH. It works fine, and is fully charged. =P

I think she just wanted my sexx'ahbody.

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:: 2006 24 January :: 7.33 am

omfg dream.
ok i just woke up so excuse me if i butcher this entry. that was one fucked up dream i just had. so i figured ishould jot it down before i forget it all...

i had stayed the night at adam's house to take his picture for some reason. and his mom dyed their new dog a pinkish color. idont know why. anyway. adam left after i got to my house and it was suddenly later in the day and it was just me and matt home. then our friend emily and one of her friends showed up to hang out. that was cool. i havnt seen emily in ages. shes shorter than i am. and hella cute. so matt ends up on the floor with emilys friend and im on the couch with emily. doing uhm... stuff. heheh. then matt and emilys friend just stop doing what they were doing; to which me and emily pause. emily looks at me questioningly and i tell her that matt has a girlfriend. she says oh. then tells me she doesnt have one; so i tell her that neither do i. we continue a bit.

suddenly; were all in this weird room with people i dont know. and someone gets shot. its a frenzy; police are everywhere and people are freaking out. apparently this room is adjacent to my dads house. so thats where we are. sterling is now a part of the dream and emiyls friend has disappeared.

apparently sterling had something to do with the shooting and matt was flipping out; he ran outside, me and emily following him. earlier he said something about punching cockroachs on the wall so i thought he was going to go do that. but he ran back into the house and grabbed the gun and ran in; pressing the gun to sterlings head "im going to kill you right now motherfucker" and they get into a brawl. i have no idea where the police are at this point.. me and emily are just trying to stay out of the way... somehow sterling gets away from matt and were back inside and matt says to take care of the cop. so thats what emily does. she comes up behind the last one and wraps a bandana around his neck and starts to choke him.

i have no clue whats going on so i run back outside to find matt and sterling at it again. there is a loud CRACK as matt and sterling fall back, matts head hitting the concrete porch/walkway thing infront of my dads. they wrestle around. the gun is being fought over and i run back inside for fear of getting myself shot with them out of control... sure enough as soon as i walk back inside the gun goes off.

when i come back inside the police man had gotten a hold of emily and was on the living room floor; holding her down oddly and fucking her; despite her protesting. she looked to me for help; the policeman had a gun... i stared at the two; and turned away.. moving back some.. tears in my eyes. i couldn't do anything. why couldn't i do anything? i was scared. i didnt know what was going on.

suddenly matt runs back in with the gun and right up to the cop; i look away at that point, the cop staring up at matt who has the gun in his face. he shoots him.

and then i wake up because i have to pee.

which i still have to do.

i just thought i'd write this down... hah.

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:: 2006 12 January :: 6.23 pm

Wolfy = R.

My life is rated R!

Your life is rated R!

What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

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:: 2006 9 January :: 12.55 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: Chemlab - Codeine, Glue, and You

White Room.
I feel as though my journal is filled with the utmost unimportant plethora of CRAP. I guess it's pretty much my fault for filling it with such needless things but, yeah. I live no adventorous life; or have done anything recently that I would say is exciting enough for me to share.

Blah, blah, blah. So onto filling again with more inept shite topics!

I'm glad I finally got those CDs out into the mail. Now it's no longer my fault for them being delayed so much. Though I wished I could've had them out before xmas. Oh well. Procrasinator that I am. [Btw; when you get the discs Dai, check the front zippery pocket thing on the case. Somethin' I just randomly tossed in there.]

In other news; school starts tomorrow. I got my two psychology classes. Also an online business class. And guess what? I only have ONE book for one class. This sucks.

On top of that; in more other news... I've been listening to Chemlab a lot recently. I used to like 'em, sort of overplayed them, dropped away, am now back again. I need to get another copy of 'East Side Milita' .. that was a good album. So for now I'm stuck with a few remixes of their songs and the album 'Oxidizer' ... And I ordered a shirt last night. Heh. It's cool. Got the neato Oxidizer logo on it and on the back it says "Fuck art. Lets kill." ... lovely.


Currently withering away; locking myself in a cell of electro-metal and industrial stuff again.

I want Android Lust's new CD when it comes out. Should be good. Need to get her old one again too... someone swiped it from me. Assholes. ....

..Talked to Rosa for a minute or two last night. Guess she broke up with yet another internet boyfriend. That had a girlfriend. ... I think I basically told her that's what she gets. You can't expect much from these online things. They're ridiculous. ... She asked me to buy her a new heart. O_o; .. I wonder if I can find a cheap one on ebay? ... on top of that she said she might kill the internet, somethin' 'bout money issues and that she needs to get a life. Dunno if that'll really happen, but... I hope it doesn't. Who else 'm I gonna bother when Dai isn't on? .........

I think I'll just stop here to avoid ranting about any more useless crap.



Smile, you slime.

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:: 2006 7 January :: 9.29 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Funker Vogt [All Albums; on Random]

Funker Vogt - Compulsions:

"The dreams still come and go
Lying wounded on a beach
With shrapnel in my leg
My only weapon is a knife

And there is this golden fluid
A bag full of tiny bottles
Its a promise for relief
The key for my survival

So I feel, yes I feel the need
To lock myself up in a room
Squirt some morphine into my veins
To leave this cruel world for a while

And when I close my eyes
I find myself somewhere else
In a world built on illusions
Where compulsions are expelled

Out of a need I had to use it
Although I never thought I would
And before I was aware
This need was present every day

A golden mirror for my soul
Will be injected through a syringe
Slowly creeping up my vein
To hit the center of myself "

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:: 2006 5 January :: 6.43 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: Norther - Last Breath

I need to stop posting song lyrics... but I can't help it. I keep finding songs that fit not only some into my moods, but... just more that fit into other peoples moods. And I feel the need to post them. XD I'm weird...

Not much going on. I was really excited about the new leather collar I got today. No, nothing fancy, just a normal leath dog's collar. It's comfy and I like it. I was bouncing around like a happy puppy... y'know how some dogs love having their collars put on... heh....

's bout it....

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:: 2006 5 January :: 6.36 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: Norther - Nothing

Lyrics Kill Me
Lyrics for Norther's song "Nothing" --

Every day the pain comes back again
The grief that tightens it's grip, day by day
Loneliness it haunts me, makes me cry
Feels like the world has abandoned me
I'm weak, I'm nothing, just a shadow of my life
My heart is dead and still I dream of you
Don't you understand you're the reason for my pain

I hear you calling me to come
There's no-on I can see
Just the nights cold breeze
Oh god I'm so alone, so alone

I fear the darkness that makes me blind
There's nothing I can feel
These tears are nothing without you
I'm nothing without you

Can you see my heart, broken like my life
Nothing to hold on, nothing to live for
This pain is too much for me to take
Holding on to you was like holding on to nothing

My trust for you tore me apart
I gave all for you from my heart

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:: 2006 4 January :: 10.16 am
:: Music: Soil - Unreal

Another pointless... maybe... not so pointless update. Eh. I need to get more Soil. Jeff needs to stop by so I can copy some of his CDs to my computer. Heh... yeah... uh... shit. Here's some Soil lyrics of the songs I have. Because. I like them. So STFU 'n read 'em.


/Inside/ :
"Take your time take all your time baby
Take your time take it anytime
Raise the line raise the line everytime
Raise the line
Raise it above my mind
Everything that stains me and breaks me
It's just a gut reaction trapped in this aggressive action

I: Rise:

Everything is right here color me unsold
Everything is right here inside

Take the pain wash it all away baby
Take the pain rip it all away
Take my hand take it anytime friend
Take my hand take it anytime
Just like the king's men's nightmare
So low gotta see me to feel me
It's just a gut reaction
Trapped in this aggressive action

Everytime I give up something
I end up with less than mine
Turn around and see what's given
It's still less than"

/Need To Feel/:
"Tell me what you want to be, and don't hide it from me
Tell me where you want to be, and I'll take you there
Tell me how you want to feel, don't keep it from me
Tell me how it outta be through more than a stare
Show me what you wanna be, don't hide it from me
Show me where you wanna be, and I'll take you there
Show me how you want to feel, don't keep it from me
Show me how it outta be through more than a stare

I just want to see you
And I just want to hear you
And I just need to feel you
So stand up

Tell me who you are
Tell me where you want to be
Tell me how you feel
Show me how it outta be
Take a little piece of me and hang it from the right tree
Share a little piece of me and I'll keep you as a part of me

You are my all
You are my everything

Who are you, you're my everything"

/Breaking Me Down/:
How far will a falling star take me
How far can I go can I go
Gotta be what the nightmare made me
Gotta be gotta be what I see
Jump clear of the falling parts from me
How far will they go will they go
Can't give what you need from me baby
Just let it go

Bringing me down break me down sweet sugar
Bringing me down break me down
Breaking me down to the ground sweet baby
Breaking me down to the ground

Too much is made of what's in me
Not enough about how I strive
Keep an eye on your world it's cheating
Keep an eye keep an eye on me
Deep inside there's a little place for me
A little place for me
Can't give what you want from me baby
Just leave it be

Sweet razor wound
Deep down slice my groove
Sweet razor wound
Deep down C'mon and slice it

How far did the falling star take me
How far did it go did it go
Had to be what the nightmare made me
Fuck,..Just had to be
Jump clear of the falling parts form me
How far did they go did they go
Can't give what you want from me baby
Hell,..Just let it go"

"I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one
That's pure inside
Everyday,everyway I smell of suicide
Bitter sins how they grow within
So you tell me it ain't right
And you're my reason for life

I will stone you,stone you
Wrap my arms around you
I will stone you,stone you
My little HALO

I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one
That's broken from giving
Everday,everyway I swear just one last try
Killing me with the death to be
Something that's so right
My hands are scarred with time

Feel through my eyes

I'm the man with the rock in his hand,got
the rock in my hand gonna stone you stone you

Make a change,gotta rearrange
Idle minds,crushing time
And you're the reason for life"

"Sit back bare your cross to me
Oh won't I listen
God damn have I burned my hands
On what's been missing
I feel,.. Unreal everytime I try and stop to feel
Pick me up my friend
Let me start again

You fucked with me
Behind this garden
Don't fuck with me

Long before I could even see
You're what was missing
Twisting deep inside of me
Forever missing the glistening
I feel,.. Unreal
Everytime I try and stop to feel
Pick me up my friend
Hold closed your hand

Can you see all the clear skin in front of me
Can you see can you see what you wanna see
Can you see there's a little spot of light in me
Can you see can you tell I'm fuct

Bleeding emotions
Bleed emotions

Sat back gave your soul to me
But did I listen
God damn did I burn my hands
On what was missing, the glistening
I feel,.. Unreal
Everytime I try and stop to feel
Pick me up my friend
Hold closed my hand

You fucked with me
Behind this garden
You fucked with me
Within this garden
Don't you fuck with me"

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:: 2005 27 December :: 12.31 am
:: Music: Zeromancer: Lamp Halo

"There's something inside... that's freaking me out... please don't... leave me alone..."

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:: 2005 22 December :: 1.34 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: The Matrix - Lobby Fight Scene

I could be the one that comes to set this right. I could be the one to fucking KILL YOU.
"This is Reality"
-Thursday, December 22: 4am.

[ Part of a waking dream with the beginning. Leaning more toward the previous nights notions. The feeling I got in my stomach when I got that phone call... blah. ]

Broken arm
Swings with broken fist
The walls echoing with subtle vibrations
I can feel the spark of kinetics as I draw back
Only to press forward again
The quiet friction smiles in a sense
Bloodstained brick dancing with torn skin
An endless choreographed murder scene of emotion
With a musical score set to the drowning of anger
To pain, to pain
It withers

My thoughts lay strew across the sidewalk
Glittering breathless and beaten amid shards of glass
And more circle my head
To soon follow suit

Silent tears scream louder
Than the rage falling incoherent from my lips
I collapse unto the wall's embrace
I feel something inside has been forced past its breaking point

Praying aloud with no one to hear me
Aside from the wall and my own ears
I wish I could be there
With you
And kill off each of your fears
My heart aches and my stomach twists knots
Slidding to my knees with only remnants of your words
Clinging feverish to the corners of my mind
And an echo of your voice

"...I love you..."

The random picture you sent is all I have to hold
I find it beside me here
As I shake kneeling down in the cold

Pushing against the wall with lethargic attempts to get back up
Stuck here with the weight of the world
And this half ingested overload
I'll wait until the very notion of time is forgotten
For you

I know you've heard it all before
But I always want to say it again
With bile and a rising pressure in my throat
And the winds casting stones

I'm here
Seek me out
Broken hands
Hold a broken comfort
It would be made whole for you
I'll be waiting,

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:: 2005 17 December :: 6.14 pm
:: Mood: indescribable
:: Music: Amon Amarth - Death in Fire

Lack... of.... Dai G........ lack of... Orange Soda..... withering away.... choking..... cannot breathe..... .... ... .. . . .

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:: 2005 16 December :: 1.37 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Catamenia - Blackmension

Ah. I remember this conversation well. No one else may find this amusing but I did. And still do. I don't know why I saved it, or why I still have it... heh. Rosa and Dai. You make me laugh.

[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
-.-; gah damn
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
are you watching it?
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
go. find. the. speaker. cord.
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
or plug in headphones
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
i so did not send that for nothing -.-
{**{Waffle Whore Chains}**} - SHUT UP, I banged your mum. says:
Shut the fuck up
{**{Waffle Whore Chains}**} - SHUT UP, I banged your mum. says:
Trying to watch
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
is there fucking sound?
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:
it ain't the same without sound ><
{**{Waffle Whore Chains}**} - SHUT UP, I banged your mum. says:
[[::????????c?ai??::]] - I wanna be Batman, all the ladies will *swoon*! says:

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