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:: 2005 16 October :: 2.33 am

SO, here is a synapses of my life in nouns:

Organic Chem :(
hermit crab/shoe
Rocky Horor Picture Show

get the picture?


:: 2005 28 September :: 4.07 pm

I love Canada, I want to go back, at least until I am 21. I am going to internship there this summer where they have beautiful cows. I love cows. And Canadian men that let me stay over at their place. I love Larry the local...although kind of stalkerish. This isn't Baylee by the way.

Well, class becons ya'll. I whis you the best of a day. Mwahaha


:: 2005 22 September :: 2.13 am

CANADA HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank God my residents can take care of themselves and my pets while i'm gone enjoying vermouth and the Canadian art gallery as well as fishing off Niagara. I learned how to drive a stick shift tonight. Score one for the good guys. Hopefully it'll enhance my resume' ;) time to pull the laundry out. todeluo

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:: 2005 7 September :: 2.59 pm

An update on Baylee's life:

-Roses Peerleader
-MSU Spartans
-talking alot
-New computer

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:: 2005 11 May :: 1.47 am

i've been 19 for one hour and 47 minutes. woohu
my present? i get to go to class from 8am-1:30. meh, better to be pissed off than pissed on.

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:: 2005 2 May :: 1.05 pm

jessa's shower was gr8t. i won magnets for guessing her circumference, i was the closest next to marty. i was the only high school friend was nice to reminisce about skipping class with jessa, while her mother sat there with a disapproving expression. Their place is nice, their couch looks like a good place to loiter.
i'm going up to alpena the 20th to "eat out" a chiness buffet. A bunch of my "churchy" friends have devised this brilliant plan. It should be a fun road trip. i'm going to stop and see a couple of guys from my floor here on the way.
i found out my floor assignment for next year(as a peer leader)...4th flippin' floor. arrr. the 4th floor is a QUIET floor. not so good for me. i can't watch the boys play frisbee from that side of the building :(. so i was t.o.ed for like a minute then i started to look @ the bright side, river front view, you can see the breslin center, the stadium, and some wooded areas. there is a Nice breeze up there. best i'll have legs and buns of steel from walking up to the 4th floor multiple times a day. it'll be good. i know a bunch of people up
there already. meh.


:: 2005 30 April :: 9.33 pm

sweet weekend of discusion, tennis and construction. next week is the end of the begining. May 9th i begin @ cc, chem and math, WOOHU! at least if i do badly it won't hurt my gpa. hope all u cedar springsians had a fun prom,i saw a bunch of ya'll herding in ur fancy dress. Jessa's shower tomarrow,i hope i find it ok. take it easy peeps.


:: 2005 23 April :: 7.01 pm

Its true what they stay about family. they'll always be there to support you. when friends forget ur b-day or t.o. u, ur family is there. if u have a falling out w/ a family member it doesn't matter, u'll make up, it's inevitable. Kids, love ur parents, find the good in ur snotty nosed brother and take some time to chill w/ them all.


:: 2005 21 April :: 7.09 pm

I love college b/c:
U can: watch conan @ 7pm on cnbc
act drunk and people just smile knowingly
meet new cool people @ your smallest whim
play Frisbee, euchre, and catch randomly @ any time of day
ride the bus to bubble island/mall/meijers/trippers(comedy zone)/mashall's/impressions 5 museum and pretty much anywhere u want to go
stay up until random hours and sleep into whenever
go to class...when u feel like it
have ur own space, ah the joy of control
do laundry only when you run out of T-shirts and underwear
its so nice, oh did i mention my neighbor had lice?


:: 2005 16 April :: 9.46 am

River 3, baylee 0

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:: 2005 12 April :: 11.24 pm

"i had to wean my self off because durning the summer i was having sex like every day" it's been a good night! 'LINCON, U HURT ME!" WE BROKe lincoln in the lobby, after a fantastic photo season.... i love melissa,...this is a great semester.... CRACKAGE~! OW ok, such a good drunk night....ik have a lot of typos in this postssssssssss i don't ave to drink alone...'that pizza was good" "a polar bear fell on me" now melissa is niting...... but w/ the neddles up her nose~! "would u like up my ass" "they're going to be able to tell this is a drink post

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:: 2005 6 April :: 9.59 pm

YOu'll get through prayers are with you and my confidence is in you. Enjoy the food at home deer.

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:: 2005 1 April :: 10.25 pm

hAVEING A good one. beefalos have ginormous testicles. b-ball @ 11pm w/ a one armed man. good times

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:: 2005 28 March :: 8.14 pm

what a great night. spartans won, i had pucker delivered and i chilled w/ some cool peeps, shanon, tyler and then melissa. I had the pleasure of dyeing my friend heather's hair blond, only to run out of dye 2/3 of the way through. But meijers was a close and friendly place, inhabited by elated spartans.
Today i went to class, played softball(i fell down in the mud :() and learned how to play "hot cross buns" on the trumpet after a very meaningfull and serious conversation w/ colleen, my gigley friend. now i'm off to learn a diff way of playing euchre. life is good, God is great and the sky is blue.

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:: 2005 23 March :: 12.26 am

I just got done playing euchre in the lobby w/ some guys from my hall. Turns out the boys love journey...which makes my lap top music library happy, we listened to the best of all time balled, and wheel in the sky. Colleenie and i have been on a wining streak, until tonight. we got beat, but we laughed hard and had a good time. I got back to the room and turned on the tube to find Brain Green (renounced physicist, and author of "the elegant universe") on David Letterman and Larry the Cable Guy(Coiner of "get-r-done) on Jay Leno. I love this culture, so many choices...its hard to think all of this color comes from one society. Brain Green revealed info from Einsteinís theory that backs up my belief that time travel is possible. I must make note to tell the engineering majors about this... especially the ones who said i was wrong...mwhahahha. they've actually done experiments w/ jet and the most accurate clocks possible to prove that time travel is real. Einstein had equations for it. it's simply traveling faster than the speed of light and gravity. i'm excited. well, off to bed for this little trooper. nighty night night

Brian Green is full of awsomenosity.

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