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:: 2018 16 October :: 4.48 pm
:: Music: Ruiner

And in my free time I sing hardcore songs as heartfelt acoustic ballads
And what the fuck do I know?
But broken hearts, some unsung songs
I never had it hard it enough
So I drag my feet as much as I can
The product of excuses
Brave only compared to some
I consider myself a lucky kid
But I'm pretty good at fucking up
Young, Angry and White
A victim of the middle class
So much to prove
So much to say
When will I be done screaming?
Never take me seriously
Cause who the fuck am I
Just some awkward kid
From a shitty town
No different than any of you
Quick with exaggeration
Philosopher to some
But a story teller to anyone
Who, is truly listening
I'm inspired by
The fact that I
Still get out of bed
I'm over dramatic
Most of the time
Attention whore,
Known to be ill tempered
I got a way with fucking words


:: 2018 7 October :: 5.30 pm

Eight years without an update.

Still the same person.

Still have my hairline, it's just grey as hell now.


:: 2010 19 September :: 4.40 pm

In case anyone still reads this, and hasn't already heard, I'm running for Congress this year.

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