"There she goes again, going out with a few best friends. Getting up on stage to play a little air guitar. And under that strawberry skin, she dont need a boy friend. She's gonna have her fun and never let it go too far. But she'll party hard, she'll party like a rockstar" - Fricken A'


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:: 2010 16 June :: 10.00 am

14 hours! =)

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:: 2009 4 December :: 11.52 pm

Scratch recent posts. We're probably not going to have anyone over tomorrow. We're just going to go out for dinner and then relax with Brody instead. Sorry guys. Maybe New Years Eve though...?

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:: 2009 2 October :: 2.06 pm
:: Mood: curious

So what's going down tomorrow night?

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:: 2009 4 September :: 12.40 am
:: Mood: curious

Is there anything cool going on this weekend???

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:: 2009 17 July :: 6.57 pm
:: Mood: amused

Douche of the year, strikes again...!
I love how when someone doesn't want anything to do with you, they delete you from everything, woohu, myspace, facebook, etc. But then when you comment on a friends post that they are also friends with, they feel like they just haaaaaavvvvveee to be a dick to you...

It's funny to me really.
God, get a life...

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:: 2009 20 June :: 2.29 pm
:: Mood: StOkEd!!!
:: Music: Self Esteem - The Offspring

K, party tonight, my house! Celebrating my birth-week! There will me plenty of booze to share just pitch in a couple bucks. We'll also have hot dogs on the grill and probably some chips and stuff. We will probably be by the fire for a while so bring a chair or something I guess. All are welcomed unless you're questioning whether I like you or not, then you should probably ask someone. lol. =) So dont be dumb, come hang out!! And we have plenty of room in the house for drunks to sleep too. =) Call the cell for directions. 6168353680! Starts around 7:30-8pm so come over damnit!!!

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:: 2009 10 June :: 12.57 pm
:: Mood: bummed & Broke...

I need a new computer...=(

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:: 2009 26 March :: 12.40 am
:: Mood: StOcKeD!!!

These weekends just keep getting better and better!
Well Thursday I will be working for the day and the same during the day on friday but I'm not too upset about that because I never work and I need money motha fucka! lol. (I've been hanging out with Jessica too much...) Then Friday night my neice Kylie is going to spend the night with us and that's always a trip. Then Saturday AJ is changing oil on cars, then I'm going to Mindy's to give her her present, and I'll probably stay to party! I'm excited about that one! Then, FINALLY (!), Sunday night we're going to the Far From Finished, Flatfoot 56, and 10 Second March concert!!! Yay! Two other bands are going to be there but we've never heard of them so whatever...But the tickets were only 9 bucks a piece and 3 really kickass bands will be there! I'm super excited! I cant wait. So pretty much my weekend will consist manly of getting drunk and rocking out...! =)

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:: 2009 23 January :: 11.48 pm
:: Mood: grateful
:: Music: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

My life right now = Could not get any better



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:: 2009 12 January :: 3.37 pm
:: Mood: grateful

Brody Peter-Audley Dahlke was born January 8th 2009.
8 lbs 6 oz 21.5 inches long.
He is perfect in every way.
And I'm not just saying this because he's my baby, but he is probably the most gorgeous baby in the world. Seriously, he could be a baby model or something.
I love him.
=) <3

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:: 2008 11 December :: 9.46 pm
:: Mood: Fuck it...

I'm done!
I dont see how something can go from being about David and Mindy and turn into me showing my 'true colors' and apparently being the biggest bitch in the world and losing friends. I just have one thing to say to those of you that this concerns...
Fuck you.
If I'm such a bad fucking person for not putting my nose where it doesn't belong then you can go to hell. Dont talk to me anymore and dont act like your some sort of force to be wrecken with or something because you're not.
I dont need this kind of bullshit in my life.
I'm better than this, I'm better than you, and I'm happy with my life and dont need to worry about what other people or saying because in my case, shit isn't true and never will be true.
I'm happy with or without such idiots in my life...

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:: 2008 31 October :: 1.45 pm

Thank goodness for the weekend...!

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:: 2008 26 August :: 8.35 pm

It's a boy!!!

I'll put pictures up as soon as I figure this junk out...!


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:: 2008 9 July :: 12.58 pm

49 words

Speed test

I'm doing my resume today and then I'm going to put some apps. in online. Something to do atleast right? I'm bored...I haven't left this apartment in like 3 days!!! good thing Jessica and I are hanging out after she gets out of work. Hopefully we find something awesome to do! =)

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:: 2008 17 June :: 9.38 am


Happy Birthday to me...!


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