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:: 2008 27 January :: 2.38pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: Inside Out - Yellow Card

So, I'm loving my college classes this semester.

Statistics - Okay, not too hard.
Calculus - Teacher spends a lot of time explaining with examples and lets us out early when he can.
Literary Imagination - I love creative writing and this is the class for it! Perfect~
Great Books that shaped the Western World - It's alright, the ideas discussed in this class are very interesting.
College Writing Seminar - The topic I chose for this seminar was "Liars, Cheats, and Frauds". I love this class!

I'm writing up a draft that's due on Tuesday for the Writing Seminar class. We have to research/discuss a public incident of deceit in a personal narrative format. I chose to write about the MySpace-Pedo-Sex scandals. I'm kind of excited because well, you know. I've had both real life and e-relationships, so the whole spin people took to criticize online relationships interest me and affected me too. This paper is going to be fun to finish. :)


:: 2007 28 November :: 4.50pm

For my birthday yesterday, I just skipped Osteology and went to go shopping with my mom and ate at a really nice Chinese restaurant. The only materialistic items I wanted at the time was a book (which I am almost done with) and a big, cream colored puffy jacket that makes me look retarded, but it's practically a miniature home that is very cozy inside.

Eighteen doesn't feel that life-changing.
I feel the same as I had when I was sixteen.

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:: 2007 14 November :: 10.36pm

I'm done here.
Read more..


:: 2007 10 October :: 7.31pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Nothing Left// Machine Head

AND ANYONE ELSE (whos has their own character of course!)
(you can print it out then scan it afterwards 8D)


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:: 2007 10 October :: 10.10pm
:: Music: a really pretty chinese song. 8D

This is the only place I can rant. D: ! I'm sorry but I just need to rant my ass off right now.

SO LIKE Bryan was a total asshole again today. The teacher was trying to help us and she was telling us how we can get scholarships by taking the PSATs. And if you were a previous PSAT taker then you would already know this but whatev. So she was telling us this and then Bryan says " No shit, sherlock. " and I was like wtf. That was so uncalled for. And then he says as if he was bragging, " now she hates me. . " NO SHIT SHERLOCK. If you haven't noticed. He's trying too hard. He's wants to be funny but he just comes off as an asshole.

Oh. And no, he's not cute. . at all. He might be tall but not my type. ): If I didn't even know him I wouldn't be attracted to him. Cause he likes the type of girls who are dependent. And I'm not like that.

WHAT ELSE. I have a B in Pre-Cal. Which is unacceptable. ): I keep on getting B's on the tests.

I think Mr.B is getting cuter everyday. * U* ! But I'm too shy. And he seems to be by himself everyday. Pooor boy. D:

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