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10-18-2003 01:46am

Mandy..... I know where you live and I know your telephone number! Hahaha! Your my most precious friend! Mwahahahahaha! I lurvles you more that lima beans!


12-22-2004 12:11am

w00t! I'm cool! Listen to the brother and the sister sing the emo. Or as they say 'Screamo'. Heh. Well, thanx for umm.... being my pinchy. i apererererrrererereeciate it.

.. o.O x's and o's to the power of 8!


01-11-2005 09:40am

Hello mandy! I thought I'd drop in and give you a little hello's on your guestbook. You're a good friend, laters.

Much Love, the 8.1th power...or whatever, lol.


06-07-2005 09:20am

I know we haven't really gotten to know eachother as well as I think we should have but, for what it's worth, you are a great friend. I hope you do well in life and you'll be in my prayers

If you need someone to talk to with a problem or something, I'll always have an ear for you; I'll listen.

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