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Hello Kids...

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:: 2004 4 February :: 2.50 pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: face to face

hi kids...
well another day has passed, some more sprained ankles...ha ya..I sprained my ankle last night playing indoor soccer, it kindof made me laugh. well yes...hmm last night i was in immence pain and i really didnt want to go to school last night and i still didnt this morning but you know those cool parents...ah it was ok. we had an early release, so that was good. Ok tell me one thing Dashboard Confessional fans....since when on the page where (on the web sight) they show thier CD's does it not have a mark a brand a mission a scar (however that goes) and they DO have drowning (which was Chirs' fist recording?!?!? ya i looked at it today and i was like what the garshey! did you know this? I never knew "drounding" relaly even existed, and you cant buy it...ah any who is good. calmingly good. ive been thinking (ha thats a begining to a song horay) alot lately about nothing really but just tihnking of my life...and i realized poo on me just be happy Jess...ya so im happy. I hope you are having a good day...if not go to ha its preatty good. its quite highfrikenlariouse! anywho. I hope you kids have a fufilling day. have fun be safe and wear your helmet.

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:: 2004 3 February :: 5.13 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: howie day

you know....
so ive decided...TN is...ah i dont konw. its ok but you konw im kindof scared beacsue its like..ah i dont know its like im one of the heads of the school, so in years to come how will like treat me.(sorry i would really not like to disclose my dont think about this too much.) I am in a Destination Imagination meeting and i just am have a good time talking aobut my life with thse kids...these kids that i like. If your school doesnt have Destination Imagination....Im sorry. its amazing. well ive gotten little responces or e-mails and i would really liek to get to know the kids on this little deal here... i have an immence desire to meet chuckarecomfy...ah i dont know. i am scared of trus. alot acutaly. the whole thing with Jon (previouse likage partner...and previouse best friend.....) i got so scared of trusting poeple and then Matt beofre that ( even more previouse likage parter...) they hurt me alot...and so did my moving experiences....they make you trust difdferent people really quickly become friends with them, and then be torn away from them...and then then it acspects oyu to just trust again. Ive been here for almost 5 konw....its too much...and i realized that i will enver stop tihnking aobtut sorry to bother you with this. for those of you who have read the perks of being a wallflower....ah i just want to be like charliee and have those friends...and just be like that...i just want to be....infinite....ah yes infinite. just t stand in the back ofr the truck and let the wind blow my problems and life away.....have a good day...have fun and wear your seat belt please.

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:: 2004 2 February :: 7.32 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: five for fighting

life in a bucket...
So life in a bucket...hmm quite interesting I would say...some "things" happened (not nughty, my friends arent whores...) between patty and corty...good things I guess. Im happy for them I relaly am, and i guess Im just a little in the slightest bit jelouse but you know how life goes. it all moves on...skrew it all. this weekend wasnt that exciting... I went to Saras house...(younger friend) and I jsut i dont know....I was acspecting more than what was going to happen so nothing happened...and i just felt...not depressed but just helpless..ah theres the word...hooray for it. I dont know then yesterday i just heard some things that made me cry from my best friend cars about her life (OH) and i just want to be there to helo her with it...but you know I realized the other day Im supose to be down here...I dotn know why though and i hope god lets me know soon, or know not die but die mentaly.and I just hpew...ok..well kids Im going to piano practice..Im excited like a mother chuckfriend! hooray for it all. thanks for life kids. hooray, chucks-arecomfy, I still would tlike to meet you...

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:: 2004 1 February :: 7.03 pm
:: Mood: calmly/numb
:: Music: howie day

ah life... has been wonderousely crazy and annoying and depressing, and sad and such...I...ah today has been ok...Ive been calm and not feeling much at all....but its a good tihng, where as in contrary being numb, is like hoorible and hoorible...anywho. Corty and Patty have been at nothing bad but like oyuknow i love oyu blablabla but i dont know...I just tihnk that....ah skrew it all. Howie day is relaxing me...listen to him...any music that i sudjest go to media player...amazing thing let me tel you. well kids the day is almost over and I hope yours has been moves on..and howie day lives....hooray for it all...skrew it all.

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:: 2004 27 January :: 2.21 pm
:: Mood: numb
:: Music: dashboard confessional

skrew it all
Hello, I am new at this kind of thing...for all of you stalking me, heres a little info, I have tarted fingers...I adore chuck taylors (aka converse, all stars, weird shoes...) and Jones soda...and I dislike where i live...I will get used to it though. I have moved just recently quite a bit and its hard. I am feeling numb today beacsue I realized the other day that I will tihnk about moving everyday for the rest of my lfie. there will never be a day that i wont think about the memories, and the pain that the boys put me through while there and the laughter, and when I decided to skrew it all, when i met my friends that saved me from death...all of these things...and Im depressed and angered by these things. but again Ill get over it. Im just looking for a chuck friend. I find that one can tell a person by thier shoes...yes..think about it, those stupid burkenstock clogs, those usualy come to be....(not sterio typing just giving my opion, I loath sterio typing) ah i dont konw stuck up shall we say..not that they always are they just come across that way...chucks, depends you know if they are wearing all black with a little chuck action then you will find they tend to be more closed to the world aroudn them...anywho if you see what i mean...well any way i just want a chuck friend guy or girl, but the guy has to be a real guy, perhaps in a band...perhaps. anywho. hello all chuck friends out there let me know how your life is going. I care for you...thanks for lfie-me

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