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:: 2010 22 March :: 9.19pm

signed up for a toy making workshop today- should be a laugh.
its to co-incide with the opening of the art installation that i submitted my toys for so it'll be a nice excuse to have a nose round and see for myself!

tomorrow i will try and get a place for this:

Be resourceful and creative this spring!Make a summer dress or blouse from a man's old shirt or PJ's......
Learn or improve

Wednesday evenings 6 – 8pm, starting April 21st

5 week course @ £50.00
To reserve your place, contact....
milkwoodgallery, Tel: 029 20473373
Bring along a man's old shirt or PJ's, fabric scissors, enthusiasm & sewing machine (optional).

i am now trying to convince my housemate to donate a shirt.
not overly successfully.

i also got a new job- so possibly now no dreadlocks- i got a job at the mercure lodge in cardiff- the uniform is like an old fashioned air hostess- skirt, suit jacket, blose with cufflinks, neck scaff-tie thing..mental.
and i will be a duty manager.
hahaha..my hotel now..:D

i went vintage shopping on saturday and i got a 60s dress that looks like a table cloth and a 20s purse.
i also got another 50s dress pattern (genuine this time) and some 70s crazy blue paisly material to make my shift style dress from..wish me like- this will be a proper challenge!

its the easter holidays as of next wee so i need to make my brownies examples- as follows:
*mexican gods eye
*friendship circle
*5 petal flower hairclips (oh yeah, i can so teach 8 year olds to sew..this may be ambitious)
* magazine jewelry
*junk giraffes

AND i need to construct a wide game chart for collecting things..this all calls for some really big paper, and some shopping.

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:: 2010 17 March :: 10.50pm

hmm..i resolved to be more creative; or risk madness so;

on monday daytime i handed in some home made toys- my sock puppet example and my "ugly doll" i made in milgis- to helen friks exhibition in chapter:

we made giraffes for the 1 million giraffes website on monday night:

these are my attempts- it is worth bearing i mind that i said "creative" not "artistic". we also made more bath bombs..
this is the recipie incase anyone was curious:


i have spent thisevening eating cake with sprinkles on it and monging out in various pubs and houses- so, happy st pat's day i guess!! woo!! bring on the gin and cake with sprinkles!!
AND i got permission to dreadlock my hair from work! so get in!!

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:: 2010 15 February :: 1.05pm

~disconnected i am unattached- unmade bed makes me feel like a failure~

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:: 2009 7 September :: 8.56pm

SqUaShEd FiNgErs

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:: 2004 25 January :: 11.37am


what game is that?
-womble on the computer defragmenting.

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