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Eyes are the size of the moon...

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:: 2008 2 May :: 1.33 pm
:: Mood: baked
:: Music: Danity Kane: Damaged

Last night before I left Tawas, I pulled into this harbor-parking lot and packed a bowl to smoke on the way. I got so blitzed and I had the radio going as loud as it could and it was raining and I only drove 45 mph.
I swear to God those rain drops were bouncing to the beat of my music and when I'd nod my head they would slow down and speed up. It was amazing. Amazing.

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:: 2008 29 April :: 6.05 pm
:: Mood: high
:: Music: Rhianna: Take a Bow

You are my sweetest downfall.

These drugs are constantly consuming at my paychecks. They are eating me away from the inside out. When I take them, all I want is more. I am spiraling away.

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