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Ever wonder why the stars shine so bright on that one perfect night?

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:: 2004 3 August :: 11.01 pm

I saw my 3rd shooting star tonight three stars in three nights it's amazing and it makes me so happy to have been able to see them... it sounds retarded but it make little things like that make me so happy. Have you ever thought and wondered if what your doing in life is the right choices or if maybe you would have done this rather than that you would be so much happier... i think i'm going to do what makes me happy rather than whats completely the correct thing to do... and heres a list of things im going to start with...

1. Dating a guy who i like and makes me happy rather than one who my friends and family want me to date.

2. Spend time with people i really enjoy being with and not the ones im stuck with.

3. Find a job I enjoy doing... not one i hate going to.

4. Wake up really early not sleep in so late...

5. Get my diploma on time.

6. Graduate from a public school.

7. Dress in clothes i like... not clothes someone else likes

8. spend money without feeling like i shouldn't have.

9. Indulge in something ANYTHING

10. Sit and listen to music doing nothing but listening...

ill add more later... this list should keep getting longer

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:: 2004 2 August :: 12.38 am

I just saw a shooting star that might just be the first one ever that i have seen. I just got home from Petey's and i was hanging out with Jeremiah... and Brandon and Petey and Eric... it was so much fun you have no idea i have the best times when i'm hanging out with the male gender!!!... Jacki I need to ask you a question so please please please call me!!!

Anyways... I'm happy the end

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:: 2004 1 August :: 11.21 pm

Doug's daughter moved out today well technically she got kicked out which is dandy with me it didn't make me so excited being afraid to leave my stuff out scared someone might take it... she writes a lot of things bout her dad saying she hates him and that our whole family should die... He's an awesome guy and thats my family she's talking about oh well tho what can you do right?


:: 2004 1 August :: 1.08 am

Today went good all in all and i realized that the people that i work with are like famiy to me so i just can't quit on them because then i would miss them too much... ya know what im saying... Kyle is going to burn me a cd with basically all Green day on it... because that is like my favorite all time band... I love that kid so much because he is so nice to me... me and my mom went shopping today and she remember me saying that i really like this song while we were in the store and i was surprised i never realized she listened that well. i enjoyed today all all yes i did... but last night i didn't enjoy all so well me and Trisha decided to go to the dam in rockford and we found an edge we could climb out onto the dam... ya know the part where the water flows so of course i went first... and i slipped because there was algae crap on there and then i cought myself before i fell in the water but then my hands slipped and i fell into the dam :( tear lol... kind of funny though


:: 2004 30 July :: 12.07 am

Went out again tonight i sometime just need to get away from here... well my dad makes me come home at midnight... cuz of my curfew for my liscence so most times i just stay over or whatever but tonight i brought my sister and she realized just how fun "going out" is for me and my friends i think maybe ill bring her with me more often... tomorrow i am going to the club... and sat. going to skate estate for like an hour... and then from there somewhere... lol wherever i shall be lead... maybe i'll bring my sister sat. cuz she isn't old enough for fri. some guys were checking her out today... and i stood in front of her and she busted out laughing gosh you would have to have been there!!!... my insurance bill is in ugh... i hate bills hate hate hate hate hate!!!

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