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:: 2009 24 September :: 10.23 pm

i'm still here.

where are you?

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:: 2008 23 November :: 9.20 am

tori amos
"fat slut" you said
what luck i said
to be stuck in your happy family
don't you dare, i said
judge me
you go and
stick it in somewhere
i'm sick of hearing it
go stick it in somewhere
i'm sick of hearing it

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:: 2008 22 November :: 11.27 pm

i'm nostalgic

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:: 2008 4 November :: 11.26 pm

i don't think obama will make revolutionary changes or anything, BUT the fact that he won is really exciting to me. michigan approved medicinal marijuana use, massachusetts decriminalized the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana, and colorado and south dakota rejected anti-abortion proposals! this is so encouraging to me. i hope that as older, narrow-minded generations die off and younger, better educated people put their two cents in, the U.S. will become a more just, democratic place to live.

here's to hope.

and obama, you better use your power wisely, bitch!

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:: 2008 25 July :: 7.49 pm

scratch that
i'm working 11-hour days monday-friday

i work 9 hours on saturday

i work 6 hours on sunday

i hate temporary jobs because they always have insane deadlines and long hours. no more temp jobs!

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:: 2008 15 July :: 9.05 pm

so, i guess we're all really busy adults.

how depressing.

i miss you guys.

i'm working 10 hr days.


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:: 2008 29 May :: 11.19 pm

venus was a fly trap
the man you loved devoured
i used to dream about your sister
standing in the shower
but i was never cool
you thought i was a cowboy
i wonder where my gun is
can you spare a bullet, senorita?

i will always be the worst

generation X-wing
that's got to be the death star
i used to dream about the future
i used to dream about a lot of things
but i was never cool
so you can call me loser
yeah, you can call me
anything you want to, senorita

i will always be the worst

help me up with
a pair of wings
a little rope
all those things
she always said i'd find the cure for cancer
i read my horoscope but i just can't pull it off alone

:: 2008 28 May :: 12.04 pm

i can tell you how this ends
i think the high price of gas is GREAT!

people are supposedly driving less and less, which means a decrease in pollution, noise, congestion, and isolation behind metal and plastic encasing.

a latency effect is an increase in social contact and interaction. perhaps more human touch. more exercise. more cooperation.

of course, it could also bring about a lot of crime. a lot of anxiety, depression, frustration.

this is a really interesting situation and time to be alive. it's exciting. things are happening. let's see what the fuck we can come up with to destroy or save ourselves.

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:: 2008 7 May :: 5.38 pm

"You have a serious problem of distorting reality. You could sleep with the entire planet and still feel rejected."

:: 2008 5 May :: 1.12 pm

flux by bloc party
if your right hand is causing you pain
cut it off
cut it off
if your colors have started to run
let them all run, run away from you

there is lightning in this room
above our heads
waiting to strike
i'm a thinker
not a talker
put your faith
your faith in god

we were hoping for some romance
all we found was more despair
we must talk about our problems
we are in a state of flux

i'd kill for an adventure
just you and i
in the curzon bar
dancing until we knew
so all that we've learned disappears

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:: 2008 21 April :: 11.20 pm

i'm just an excuse-making machine

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:: 2008 14 March :: 6.55 pm

hey loved ones:

i've been working 12hrs/day and saturdays and this weekend i am working saturday AND sunday. i was also without internet for the first couple of weeks in this new place.

will update after april 15.

just kidding.

have some things to bitch about.

i know everyone's going through hard shit... i'm sorry. i wish plante & moran wasn't raping me, otherwise i'd be a good friend.

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:: 2008 27 February :: 9.45 pm

god, i want to go out west again soon. a road trip. mmm.

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:: 2008 11 February :: 11.57 pm

i hope everyone is doing well, feeling alive, and can enjoy something worthwhile today.

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:: 2008 6 February :: 11.16 am

tax tip
this may be more news to me than anyone else, but you can claim money paid to the sec. of state for license plates, registration, etc. as deductions.

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