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the end is the beginning is the end

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:: 2007 27 May :: 2.36 am

a taste of what's to come...

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:: 2007 22 May :: 1.26 am

i think i cut my hands open more often than the average person should.

not that i consider myself an average person.

:: 2007 19 May :: 11.55 am

a note on jerry falwell

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:: 2007 17 May :: 12.43 am


life is hard.

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:: 2007 12 May :: 11.37 pm

rent "lord of war" right now.

see ya.

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:: 2007 11 May :: 9.17 pm


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:: 2007 5 May :: 8.37 am

not surprising

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:: 2007 4 May :: 3.23 pm

time to call your congress member!

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:: 2007 2 May :: 6.30 pm

ron paul for 2008?
most of the 2008 presidential candidates have profiles on, so i was checking them out to see what their supposed intentions are and how they stand on some issues.

many of them didn't even have info. on their stances, but i did find someone who seemed to be logical, realistic, and committed to what the actual laws of this country are. he's a republican, but i agree with almost everything he claims to believe in. he seems to be the most common sense-type and the least infotainment-type who has to use hype to dog on other candidates instead of simply talking about himself and what matters for the country.

read what his stance is on issues here.

he mentions things that are really important, like privacy issues (patriot act, national ID cards, etc.), that other candidates don't.

i'd love for a woman to be president, simply for the symbolic victory it would represent, but if hilary is going to perpetuate the same crap of talk-to-appease-but-continue-corruption-and-militarization-of-the-country then it's not even worth it.

obama looked pretty good, but then he started talking about injecting faith into politics and the country... and i said see ya -- separation of state and religion no matter what.

john edwards also looks good for now, but i'd like to know more about where he stands on issues of privacy and civil rights for minorities and stuff.

any of you guys have any info on the candidates?

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:: 2007 27 April :: 7.28 pm

done, i'm done i'm done i'm DONE!!! muwhahahahaha SEE YA UNDERGRAD!

*grimace* hello grad school...

whatever, as long as i get a couple years off before i go insane all over again. here's to re-charging!

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:: 2007 21 April :: 5.52 pm

you go, girl!
"... one can only imagine the reaction of many Palestinians when an American president who has invaded two Muslim countries, whose budget calls for half a trillion dollars in military spending, and who defends torture and the detention of prisoners without trial, tells them to renounce violence and recognize the legitimacy of a country that is illegally occupying their land."

- Rachelle Marshall, from The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, April 2006.

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:: 2007 15 April :: 12.04 pm

assholes are cheap today
cheaper than yesterday
small ones are half a crown
sitting up or lying down

- tori amos

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:: 2007 14 April :: 12.03 am

yesterday when i got home from school, my mom told me that the detroit police had just called because they'd recovered my car.

apparently they found it by accident... some cops were just driving around on their routine and happened to see a car that looked "out of place" for the particular area they were in, and it seemed suspicious. they followed the car, the thief didn't signal when he turned, so the cops were about to pull him over and checked the plates and - bam! - stolen vehicle. they pulled him over and arrested two guys: a 20 year old and a 22 year old. not WSU students.

they took my car to the detroit police impound lot, so my dad and i had to go down there to pick it up. that was an adventure in itself (reminiscent of trying to pick up brandy at the amtrak station across from white castle at 3:00am in detroit).

my car was pretty much okay. the steering column was busted (it was "tilt-wheeled" it, not hot-wired) and the driver's side door lock was broken. everything that had been neatly organized in the glovebox was strewn about on the floor of the car, but i'm pretty sure they left all of those things in tact. they stole the spare tire and wheel, my WSU parking permit, my sunglasses (and case), all of the change i had, my tire pressure gauge, and... some hand sanitizer.

they left a grocery bag in the backseat that contained toilet paper.

anyway, thank god(s) that i have my car back! and thanks to all you cats who sent good thoughts and wishes.

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:: 2007 11 April :: 9.31 pm

there's only one woman i would marry without a second thought.

Read more..

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:: 2007 10 April :: 9.03 pm

i hope all of you to watch this and leave me a comment saying you did and that your life is a little bit better for being more informed about the reality of the world.

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