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:: 2004 6 September :: 10.42 am

i may not be updating this much, but when i do, it'll be friends only, because of some asshole who has nothing better to do but to piss people off......i have an lj now, if ya want it, ask meh

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:: 2004 29 August :: 12.02 pm
:: Mood: comme ci comme ca
:: Music: Walking on clouds- Tiesto

hello again journal, how are you?
well its sunday....and i have NOTHING to do at all....i may go to target today, or somethin...

ok yesterday i asked my mommy to take meh to a pet store to buy a rat....but she wont let me! >.< rats are awesome pets....but nooo she thinks they're dirty....but they're clean, and ya can train em like doggies ^_^;;;;; but nuuuu mommeh wont let meh get one....

i went to old navy yesterday and got an awesome carrier bag ^.^ it holds all meh guard stuffage plus just about everything else i've wanted to drag everywhere and its totally awesome!...and its not a purse! for those who say it is -.-;;;;

i was with frans like alllll week last week, it was awesome ^______^ i loveth him soo much, i didnt want him to leave on thursday, i was holdin back tears >.<

todays his b-day ^_^ hehe....happy b-day ^___^ if your readin this, hehe

school's been...interesting lately...ok, first, i'll start off with the guard-ness details....ok i go and tell my guard captain about me and my bf...and after school she goes and says rather loudly "sooo joe hows your bf?" and like the whole guard heard it and thats when i learned its impossible to keep anythign from guard members, lol.....which now i dont care who knows....but hey, its all good....

than on friday, i go to school, and i accidently forgot my math i get into class and i say i dont have my homework...and she gave me a detention!!!!!!!! that meanie! >.<

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