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User:crazydimbohead (user# 18556)
Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States
AOL IM:boogiebrains420 [add buddy]
Yahoo! IM:good_charlotte_fan_foreve_266 [add user]
Bio:hello!!!!!!!!!!!!.. i am heather.. and i am a verry confusable person.. lol i am a really kewl kewl person [when i want to be.. lol] okay i will finish this when i get the time because i am being distracted.. im not really wanting to do this right now.. i will later.. so yeah.. bye.. lol
Friends:(2) -the-freak-, emotherapy
Friend Of:(1) emotherapy
Interests:(3) and uhhh.... stuff.... i cant think, BOYS, MUSIC
Created:2003-12-04 19:15:38
Last Update:06 10 2005
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