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:: 2008 16 January :: 1.49 pm
:: Mood: bored

Do people still log in here?
Wow this site has been up for years now.

I totally randomly had a dream about it the other night so I decided to chekc it out and see if it was still online. I know a lot of kids from Cedar used to visit here so I wonder if they still do...

Well I guess I'd update here if I knew people would read it...maybe I will from now on :)

So if you actually read this leave a comment I'd like to know....

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:: 2005 9 September :: 9.59 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Cher 2005 Almighty Megamix

Well its officially been forever...I got my wisdom teeth today and have been catching up on misc. stuff here online.

If you want to see a journal that I update more, visit my website at

TTY All Laters!!!

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:: 2004 13 September :: 8.20 pm
:: Mood: moody
:: Music: Arrasando ~~~ Thalia

Its been a long time since I've updated...but I dont' have much going on besides work and school. It's kinda weird goin to gvsu Monday, Wednesday and Friday but working tues thurs and saturday. Right now I am at discussions...wohoo **sarcastic**...I am so bored...I was supposed to talk to a friend but he is busy with other stuff grr...I like my other friend jon who is here with us but I wanna talk to my friend mike and I am not getting a chance too....GRRRRRRR I am just kinda moody....oh well...I guess thats about it for now I am just so bored...thats why I'm updating this lol...something I never do...oh well I guess thats it...cya all laters

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:: 2004 11 August :: 10.03 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: I Just Wanna Fucking Dance - JSTO

I have yet to understand why people treat me like shit. For some reason some people...who will remain anonymous...have suddenly started to bitch about how my life is so great blah blah...jsut because I have my school paid for with scholarships....well guess what hun....I EARNED IT. And if anyone thinks my life is anywhere near perfect think again...anyone who reads this has NO FUCKING CLUE what I have to go through right now. No I don't want sympathy either...but guess what? I have major problems right now in my life...and when people give me those comments in my pisses me off. Who in the hell has the right to say that stuff about me...yeah so what if I am gay...I never said I was...but if I was what does that have to do with anyone and who gave YOU the right to tell everyone. Oh well thats ok...for all of you that I still consider friends...and who still treat me with respect...thank you...and to my new friends...who I have a lot of now...thank you for all of the great times. I can not wait to have more. I am really moving along in my life and whoever doesn't wanna take the time to accept me for who I am can take a flying leap cuz I don't care. Ok I've got what I need to say out.

Laters guys :)

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:: 2004 20 June :: 3.33 pm
:: Mood: horny
:: Music: Dive in The Pool~~~Barry Harris

It's been a while
Well, its been a while since I've updated this thing...I've been really busy. I am now working full time at Discount Tire much It is nice to make more money...I need to buy a new car and I need some new clothes...I always need new clothes lol. Anyway, I ended up breaking up with the person I was dating for 5 months, which is really sad. Right now I am single, and since we've broken up I've only been with one other person...kinda sad since its only been 3 days lol. I went to the bar the last 3 nights and I am so dead today....not any sleep sucks. I did get some phone numbers the last 3 nights tho...from some hot people :) Other than that, I have had people spread rumors about me being obsessed with one of my friends. They are sayin I am calling and wanting to f**k every day. we've had sex a few times but I don't call every day. Whatever...typical drama in my life. So right now I am single and maybe looking for someone...I don't know right now...I would love to have a good time with someone though...if it leads to ;)

For now....thats about it...I'll talk to all of ya laters.

Bye bye bye...
Allen (Sparkles, Taternuggets, Princess, Nella) and all other names ppl call me

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:: 2004 4 May :: 1.27 pm
:: Mood: flaming ;)
:: Music: A quien le importa~~Thalia

Too much typing
Hey guys...I haven't written in a while...but what the hell...might as well start again...especially now that I donated my 2 bucks to keep my account active lol.

A lot has been going on. I recently finished my first year of college...yay! I am working at Discount Tire Co. on Plainfield...(let me know if you need new tires/wheels :) ).

I just got a scholarship for $5,000 a year that is renewable every year :) I am soooo happy about that. It will shure make a dent in my college tuition bill.

There has been a lot of drama in my life since my last...and first entry...I can't really talk too much about it right now because it will give away some secrets I have been hiding to many ppl...especially Cedar people...I have a new special person in my life right now :) I'll talk more about that later....if anyone cares lol. I have had one of my friends loose his best friend in a car accident...he is really depressed now...and I found out that he has hiv too which sucks. I have been doin a lot of clubbin lately and have met soooo many new people. It is really cool. Yes there were a couple occasions where I kinda got freaky with some of them, but thats another story...

I guess that's about it now. I am tryin to merge all my yahoo address book, msn address book and address book on my phone into palm desktop to sync w/ my palm....since I can't just copy and paste it is a lot of typing *sigh*...oh well time to go...I got a friend I need to talk to right now...

Cya all lata :)

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:: 2003 3 January :: 1.12 am
:: Mood: tired

First Entry
Hey Everyone!!!!

This is my first entry. I don't even know if anyone will read this. I am just really bored right now. I think I will go to bed now......only 3 days till we return to school. NOOOOOOOO!!

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