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User:cshawks2003 (user# 2296)
Name:Allen Sokol
Location: Cedar Springs, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:csredhawks2003 [add buddy]
Yahoo! IM:taternuggets [add user]
Bio:Hey guys ;) I'm a typical person so ya wanna chat hit me up ;) send me an aim message or somethin and we can talk...always lookin to meet new friends :)...espeically ones who like to go hang out and DANCE!!! Wohoo!!!! Laters ppls
Friends:(4) cshawks2003, daleearnhardtjrishot, justplainolemica, midget18
Friend Of:(3) cshawks2003, daleearnhardtjrishot, justplainolemica
Interests:(8) chillin, clothes, computers, dancing, friends, gay, shopping, stepmania (DDR)
Created:2002-12-14 22:21:49
Last Update:01 16 2008
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