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:: 2007 10 October :: 10.10 pm
:: Music: a really pretty chinese song. 8D

This is the only place I can rant. D: ! I'm sorry but I just need to rant my ass off right now.

SO LIKE Bryan was a total asshole again today. The teacher was trying to help us and she was telling us how we can get scholarships by taking the PSATs. And if you were a previous PSAT taker then you would already know this but whatev. So she was telling us this and then Bryan says " No shit, sherlock. " and I was like wtf. That was so uncalled for. And then he says as if he was bragging, " now she hates me. . " NO SHIT SHERLOCK. If you haven't noticed. He's trying too hard. He's wants to be funny but he just comes off as an asshole.

Oh. And no, he's not cute. . at all. He might be tall but not my type. ): If I didn't even know him I wouldn't be attracted to him. Cause he likes the type of girls who are dependent. And I'm not like that.

WHAT ELSE. I have a B in Pre-Cal. Which is unacceptable. ): I keep on getting B's on the tests.

I think Mr.B is getting cuter everyday. * U* ! But I'm too shy. And he seems to be by himself everyday. Pooor boy. D:

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:: 2007 6 October :: 8.25 pm
:: Music: chromeo_fancy footwork

So like I have to blog in 3 minutes cause Avatar is going to come on.

Bryan is so annoying. Cause he thinks he's funny but he isn't. He tries to make all these bad jokes and he laughs at himself. It's just lame. He's trying to be someone he isn't. AND He thinks it's funny to make fun of someone else. ?! It isn't funny, it's mean. I bet if I made fun of what he wore or what he says, he would be mad and annoyed with me. So why is he doing it ?

Painting is going smoothly. . I guess. It's a landscape so the mountains are faraway but then she made me do a waterfall and it looks weird now. I'm debating whether to change it later or not. ): Cause it doesn't look like the way I want it too. It just looks weird. UGGGGH.

And Mr. Blue ( the painting guy in my class. Now known as Mr. Blue cause he wears dark colors ) gets sick often. . I guess it's because of the weather changes. But it's kind of sad. He doesn't have any friends at school. I should be his friend. ;)

I need a dress for my piano recital. I really don't want to play in front of people. It's weird and and I'm so scared of messing up and stuff. ):

and I got my new shoes. they are so cute. 8DD !

UMM. What else. My dA finally reached 1k of visitors. * u*

I guess that's it. . OH AND I HATE MY PHYSICS TEACHER.

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:: 2007 3 July :: 6.55 pm

NE ?!
omg. i was featured in an article on dA. Qu Q -happppppppy tears-

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