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:: 2006 19 November :: 10.30 am
:: Music: SE7EN_Again

I did a bunch of community service this week. e_____e; About 6 hours. I just need about 9 more before the semester ends. (:

So yesterday I went to downtown San Jose to help with Christmas in the Park. It was ' fun '. They served us donuts and coffee. As if we aren't growing up to fast they serve us coffee. You can tell people didn't know how drink because they just 5 bags of sugar in consectutivly. I had milk. :9

Then I went to piano lessons, which I might add was the worst one ever because I didn't have anytime to practice this week. ): I need to start focusing because I need to take level 5 this coming march. scary. really scary.

So then we go to my grandma's house like every saturday. we stay for awhile and then my mom decides to go to valley fair and i'm kind of hesistant because the fact that i am scared that my grades aren't good enough and yeahyeahyeah. so she takes me anyways. so i was happy. the whole point was to go get jeans. did i get any jeans ? no. i got 4 long sleeves and one gorgeous gap hoodie. :D i need JEANS. holy shit do i need jeans. but jeans are so expensive. ): i haven't bought jeans in a while. like as in maybe 1 - 2 years.

i must say, it was a happy saturday. me and my mom are on the best note ever. & thanksgiving is coming up. yeah 4 day weekend. we aren't going anywhere.

HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS. . going anywhere for thanksgiving.


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:: 2006 10 November :: 11.24 am
:: Music: Younha_Omoide deki nai

So let`s just recap the following week.

- My beautiful glasses are gone and now I am depressed.
- My glasses got ran over by a car. ):
- & Now I might get some other one at Costco.
- But I don`t one from Costco. I want my old pair.
- But I don`t want to be spoiled brat and get the old pair cause they are expensive.
- But I really really like those glasses.
- I don`t know what to do. D:
- I`m scared to tell mother a lot of things because I`m always scared she`ll yell at me.
- My mom got mad at me because I had another email address that she didn`t know about. & she got mad because she thought I was talking to boys or something and sharing ' intimate secrets ' or something. -___________-;
- I have never had a boyfriend before.
- She says she can`t trust me but like I have never ever snuck out with a boy, or done anything with a boy.
- I don`t know why she would think that about me.
- I have done nothing in the past to bring her to that conclusion.
- Yeah I have told big lies before when I was younger, but those were mostly about my grades. > n>;
- French field trip was so fun. I laaaaaaaaaaubed it.
- Except a certain someone was there. EWEWEWEWEW.
- I hate how you can`t do anything about the fact that someone you don`t want to like you, TO ACTUALLY LIKE YOU. ):
- ummm. yeah.

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:: 2006 1 November :: 3.54 pm


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