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:: 2005 29 May :: 12.06 pm

So many things have happened. *sigh*.....

just 2 seconds ago i wanted to talk about it's all a blur. maybe because i'm sick

well....hmm...prom was wonderful. i couldn't have had a better time. i felt more beautiful than i ever have before. like a princess. tyler called himself my prince. it really was a fairy tale night and i was happy.

on the other hand, if prom sucked, i wouldn't be in the perdiciment i am in now. it's so hard to have such an night and promise only friendship. it was so natural, the week before, that magical night. and now i'm here....wanting to rewind and go back to get that kiss i never got, and dance the last dance i never got. i wish so bad i could just tell him how i feel. but no, i must be a lady, and wait.

as for everything that has been going on with people from the band bashing me, i reallly don't care now what anyone thinks. the thing is, music will always be a love of my life. but not my first, and not my only. i'm going to CMU next year to study spanish and be a's going to be great and i'm going to be happy. i'm making my life what i want it to be. if that upsets some people, then sorry, and too bad. there...and i've said my peace.

graduation was thursday. it's so surreal to me how it is all overwith already. now it's open houses to go to and planning my own. in 3 short months, i'll be 18 and off to central. my advice to everyone is to live everyday to the fullest. high school goes by sooooooo fast. don't ever wish it away. enjoy every teacher, every friend, every dance, football game, laugh and tear. because someday, it'll all be a memory. make it a good memory. i'll miss all of you. please keep in touch.

my open house is on Saturday, June 18, 2005
from 6 pm - sometime the next morning.
come for a barn dance, bon fire and lots of food and memories.
see you there!

much love........

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:: 2005 26 April :: 8.42 pm
:: Mood: happy

so things for prom are working out just like everyone said they would :) i'm going with tyler bauer and i couldn't be happier. we're on our way to having all our plans made and that makes me really happy. anyways....i just wanted to thank anyone who helped me when i was know who you are and i love you all! :) can't wait to see you at PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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:: 2005 7 April :: 11.55 pm

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2005



C.D.'S ARE $5




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:: 2005 7 April :: 4.31 pm
:: Mood: tired

well, day 2 at the grindstone. woot....tomorrow i work from 9-3. then i stopped into the ice cream store today to drop off my app. and i guess we're opening on saturday instead of next friday! soooo, instead of having a somewhat peaceful weekend, i work saturday 11-3:30 at ice cream, then 3:30-8:30 at steins. sunday 12-5, monday 11-4:30, and wednesday 5-10. ahhhhhhhh.........i'm excited though, i can smell the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)

in other news, ryan called yesterday. we talked for over an hour and i didn't excatly ask him about prom. stupid me. i asked him if he was busy that weekend and he said he was booked until graduation. *sigh*...after talking to him i want to go with him more now than ever. i knew that it would be too much like a fairy tale and somewhat too good to be true if he could come. i just wish it would work out between us once. just one time. it's so hard too,...........ughaglkajglashdgakjdlfkaj. that's that. i have to be real, and i'm realizing that.

anyways, so i'm finally growing up i think. i'm starting to get ancy and wanting to get out of crap hole cedar springs. i'm excited to work 2 jobs now and maybe 3 if i do the farm this summer. if i can keep up. it just seems that i don't really care about high school things anymore. it just all seems stupid. i want to move on with my life. that's a first though...i'm not afraid anymore i don't think. and i know i'll make it.

well, i should get cleaning....if anyone wants to hang out when i'm NOT working, let me know.... :)

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:: 2005 1 April :: 7.27 pm
:: Mood: happy

i feel so good right now. i'm actually going to go hang out with people i like. and that i don't have to pretend and be fake around. and i went to tina's today and hung out with kale, sarah, and was like old times with stuffing ourselves with pizza and cheese bread..mmmmmmmmm yeah. and we used tina's tanning bed...yay!!!!! so i'm going to matt's tonight to play poker and have some genuine fun and good times. that makes me happy....break is going to be awesome. yup..:)

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:: 2005 30 March :: 10.58 pm
:: Mood: contemplative

hmmm....things are coming to an end. and some things already came to one. it's sad to think about, but exciting to look forward to new friends, living arrangements, and teachers. not to mention a lot of hot guys! woo...anyways, i've been thinking. weird...i know...but don't fear, for it's good news. i'll tell you...just things, not necessarily all bad or good...that have crossed my mind.

1. i haven't updated in forever....and i've had this journal since my freshman year...humph....that's kind of neat-o
2. it just crashed thunder and lightening...and i liked it
3. i'm over the fact that dan laatz lied to me only so he could ruin our friendship so he could be with someone else (this is good...)(that i'm over it anyways)
4. i don't have a prom date....this is bad...only because i feel like a complete loser....i have a beautiful pink dress...that makes me feel like cinderella, with the glass slippers and all...but no prince....i'm trying to figure out what my problem is....
5. graduation doesn't seem real....or in reach at all whatsoever
6. i wasn't as cool as andrea groner when i was a freshman
7. i'm fake?
8. i'm scared of change

anyways, it feels good to get stuff kind of written out. feel free to leave me love...and remember...i love you :)

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:: 2005 13 January :: 9.55 pm
:: Mood: discontent

so this is a public appoligy to james golden and anyone who was offended by the comments left to his journal. apparently, my journal was hacked into or someone knows my password and left those comments on your journal, james. i don't know who it was, and i really don't care. i'd like to say i'm sorry for whoever did that because they totally suck. i would never want to say anything to hurt your feelings. just as you said, you have never done anything to me so why would i do such a thing? i actually didn't even know that this was going on until liz artecki told me in 5th hour that i should check it out. i was almost to tears when i read what someone had wrote under my name. anyways, i wish this never happened. i'm just glad i caught it in time to do something about it. again, i'm so sorry this happened and i'm going to get my password changed so hopefully this will never happen again.

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:: 2005 10 January :: 2.14 pm
:: Mood: bouncy

at school
so mr. robuck never showed up today for class. i don't blame him though. i didn't show up either. but i always skip the middle school. ha! oh well. now i'm just sitting around chatting with jacque and writing. WOO!! i got a part in the musical! i'm so happy. i'm the mother. i have a name this time...haha... Mrs. Lottie Child. how cute. she's a bitch though. my character lives and new york and i'm rich too. sounds fun huh? i had such an awesome weekend. sara (my cousin) and her friend jen came over and so did jenna. we had a dance party at 4 am and didn't go to bed til 5:30. that's the latest i've stayed up in a long time. it was such a BLAST!! WOO! PARTY! so i have musical practice this week and i get to babysit for mr. carr on wednesday. i love his kids to death. they are the BEST!!!!!!! and sooooooooooooo cute!! anyways....things are going great!!! lots of love! :)

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:: 2004 15 December :: 10.01 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: bless the broken road-rascal flatts

wow....good things at school are happening. i love that i don't care what people think. it's such a hoot. hahaha....the play was awesome....i'm so glad i did it and made so many amazing friends!! you guys rock my socks off :) it's been a long i'm going to CMU for sure now...i got accepted and scholarships and all that jazz. woot! well, i never post anymore...sorry...heh...but have a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. LOVE YOU GUYS! bye bye ybe ybe byebyeyeybeyebybe

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:: 2004 10 September :: 9.39 am
:: Mood: sleepy

wow...i'm so tired...i'm sitting here in econ and exhausted from last night!! vanessa, mary and i all went to west ottawa for the girls basketball game and didn't get home until after 11. i've been going to bed early too. ugh...oh was fun and i called jason and talked to him for a while. anyways...evan and i are fine. we talked and he's just been super busy. i totally understand. woo...being in love is great. :)

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:: 2004 1 September :: 11.50 pm
:: Mood: sleepy


oh geez..since everyone else is doing it!!
here's my schedule kiddo's....

ja economics-busen
british literature-millard
spanish 3-crowley-worwick..whatever
creative writing-eilola (dropping 1st day for psyc. with mr. h)
independant study-robuck

woot...easy senior year :) :) :)

but...that's what you get if you take all the crappy stuff in the first 3 years! so take crappy required classes guys...get them out of the way so you can have fun your senior year!! woo!!!!!!

we took some senior pics yesterday at rockford dam and today at grand haven by the beach. oh i hope they turn out good. and fredrick meijer gardens sometime later this week. but wow....getting your picture taken is fun. i felt like a model!! haha...and people were looking at me...probably thinking i was a model...jk...but i thought that! hahaha...anyways, it was a goodtime had by all.

still not sure on evan's for sat - mon...he's a busy kid...and i hate that he has school this week. that's so dumb. kearsley...oh well.

night night :)

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:: 2004 31 August :: 9.02 pm
:: Mood: cute :)

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:: 2004 28 August :: 11.57 pm
:: Mood: silly

okay, for your reading pleasure, and to humor myself and you, i will now present you with funny things from saturday night instant messenger conversations:

danibean05: you know hottie justin from drum major camp?
sugarmouse0587: i guessss
danibean05: he broke up with his girlfrined yesterday
danibean05: let me be strong as i know he wants me and i want him
sugarmouse0587: ha hah
sugarmouse0587: EVAN BAILY
danibean05: bailey
danibean05: i think
danibean05: haha
sugarmouse0587: HE TUCKS HIS SHIRTS IN
sugarmouse0587: OLD CARS
sugarmouse0587: BLOND
sugarmouse0587: EHEM NO!!!!!
danibean05: hahahaha
danibean05: gosh i loveyou
danibean05: you are a bad speller
sugarmouse0587: YOU"RE GAY
sugarmouse0587: you only noticed because i'm using large fonts
sugarmouse0587: gay face
danibean05: i know
danibean05: hahaha
danibean05: tucks what shirt in?
danibean05: not all of them?
sugarmouse0587: all of them
sugarmouse0587: trust me
danibean05: NO
sugarmouse0587: dOTIT

danibean05: you know what...i love techno music!
FenderNFoamies11: like the dance beat or the synthesizer's sounds?
danibean05: the dance's so much fun
danibean05: my friend and i downloaded techno pink panther and lion king
FenderNFoamies11: you don't like hip-hop?
FenderNFoamies11: lol
FenderNFoamies11: that's funny
danibean05: yeah...hip hop is fun too
danibean05: at prom and all that ...but in my car...yeah...techno all the way
FenderNFoamies11: lol
danibean05: i am such a dork though!!
danibean05: haha
FenderNFoamies11: it's ok
FenderNFoamies11: embrace the stupidity
FenderNFoamies11: lol
danibean05: ahhhhh justin!!
danibean05: there isn't any stupidity to embrace!!!
FenderNFoamies11: your calling yourself you dork, therefore thinking what you doing is stupid
FenderNFoamies11: so embrace it
danibean05: embracing the stupidity
danibean05: if gummies were free, i would consume them at an alarming rate
FenderNFoamies11: ok?
danibean05: and, if my toes were any cuter, they would appear in a magizine
FenderNFoamies11: that was random
danibean05: yeah, but it's a true fact
danibean05: and you need to know these things so we can embrace the stupidity together
FenderNFoamies11: lol
FenderNFoamies11: ok
danibean05: it's fun, try it
FenderNFoamies11: like what?
danibean05: okay, justin, all you have to do is state one random fact
danibean05: just one
danibean05: only one
FenderNFoamies11: ok
FenderNFoamies11: (thinking)
FenderNFoamies11: here's a bit of advice if you ever need to ransom a small child for money
FenderNFoamies11: fat kids are harder to kidnap
FenderNFoamies11: lol
danibean05: wow
danibean05: that says nothing about you !
FenderNFoamies11: other than i think logically
danibean05: i disagree
FenderNFoamies11: lol
danibean05: i don't think you do
FenderNFoamies11: ok
FenderNFoamies11: i disagree to you disagreement
danibean05: you are a silly person, and silly people don't think logically!

Brotha J says:
yep me and shae
Dani Lynn says:
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
it was alot of fun
Brotha J says:
then we got kicked out of our seats.. that really ticked us off
Dani Lynn says:
oh my gosh
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
well the guy said we had lawn seats ok.. but me and shae were like uhh no.. so we sat wherever we wanted
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
and we wanted to sit as close to teh players as we could
Brotha J says:
so we could yell at them like we did last time
Dani Lynn says:
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
but go figure.. some loser old guy came down and was like.. where are your tickets.. were like sorry we threw them away.. then hes like no one thows away their tickets.. I dont believe that for one second.. so he kicked us out.. goes to show.. it was someone elses seats we were sitting in
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
it was funny too
Brotha J says:
Brotha J says:
then i won a ticket to a whitecaps game(free)
Dani Lynn says:
no one throws away their tickets!
Dani Lynn says:
Brotha J says:
thats what he said.. and he was like 70 yrs old
Dani Lynn says:
Dani Lynn says:
that's so funny

Herm says:
well you should try and go
Dani Lynn says:
well, okay ross huber
Dani Lynn says:
mabye i will
Herm says:
Herm says:
thats what i thought
Herm says:
Herm says:
the last song this year was really fast and had a lot of runs in it and we had this one clarinet which kept on squeaking, it was so annoying
Dani Lynn says:
Dani Lynn says:
clarinets suck!
Herm says:
i know
Herm says:
they are so overrated
Herm says:
cept beans
Dani Lynn says:
Dani Lynn says:
i know

well, that's it...that's the fun
bye gumpy chambers! (for you beans)

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:: 2004 26 August :: 12.59 am
:: Mood: confused

okay, bad....i miss you and it's been what, 3 days!! and now you tell me that you'll be in the area, but you only want to stop over for an hour. which i'm so pissed because i could drive and see you all damn day. my mom is letting me drive!!!!! this is not an opportunity you turn down boyfriend!! ugh....just get your shit together! in good news....i love you and you were super sweet tonight. at least we both know what a cut lip feels like...ouchies. haha...night :)

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:: 2004 23 August :: 10.29 pm
:: Mood: happy

ooooo la la...i'm in love with my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tee hee hee~!!!!!!!!!

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