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[ behindmysmile ]

:: 2004 10 January :: 3.32 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: *Through the wire* by kanye west!

Yet another community yesh i know.. i said in my im going to make up the Rules or Guidelines for this journal..or more like a theme so that it isnt just a journal for all of us..cuz obviously we all have journals already, so yeah that would get old and boring..neways here they are::

This journal community is going to be for either letting out your feelings about someone, or for telling someone what you think about them *Without the other person gettin all upset and everything*
First off, there is no trying to make someone feel bad..but if you have something to say about someone..then just say it. But jus dont try to make someone feel bad..
Second thing, the person that you write about, can be anyone, your mom, someone that you like, one of your best friends, someone that you hate, someone that has helped you that day or any day, you can write about ANYONE!!
Third and final thing, In this journal community, you can write ANYTHING, it doesnt matter if the person will read this or not, if you have something to say about someone, write it, dont be afraid of wat they will think or wat anyone will think, express every lil thought about the person in this community, *If youve got something to say, say it, out loud, n proud* hehe..

Well that is it for now, please gonna go write an entry for someone in

Love..Jilly!! =)

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[ dazedandconfuzed ]

:: 2004 9 January :: 9.42 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: Megan

This will last..jus you watch!!
Yesh another journal community..but ya know wat..this time..its not going to suck..and its actually going to be used this time..seriously..all of you *my lil buddys* will write in here..or else lol jk but yeah im giong to keep this one going this time..neway..latah!!

Love..Jilly!! =)

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