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User:dramabrat (user# 21838)
Location: Suisun City, California, United States
Bio:im 14 yrs old, african american girl, 9th grader, rodriguez high school, thesibian (theatre person), cheerleader, love rock music and all other music, im a christian (a serious christian), joan of arcadia, saved by the bell, and buffy the vampire slayer, cabbage patch kids, care bears, rainbow brite, u.s. history, algebra 1, and choir, i like all colors, fav books are tears of a tiger, forged by fire, darkness before dawn, romiette and julio, and of course the bible, i dont have a best friend, because all my friends are my best nickname is MAMA! i have a boyfriend named christopher. some day i would like to be president!
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Interests:(45) MADEA, algebra, astronomy, bible, black history, broadway plays, Buffy the vampire slayer, cabbage patch babies, camp, care bears, cheerleading, CHRISTIAN BOYS, christian music, civil rights, computer, counseling, degrassi, fear, food, football, gospel, hip hop dance, history, Hot Topic, JESUS CHRIST, joan of arcadia,pimp my ride, kickball, LAUGHTER, mixes, movies,rap, musicals, Olympic games, pumpkin, r&b, rainbow brite, reading the bible at night, rock, saved by the bell, shopping, singing, softball, techno, tennis, traveling, watching t.v.
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