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:: 2004 22 April :: 10.06 pm

our cat sunshine makes me cry, because when it gets dark he walks around the house meowling. and he rubs against your legs. the poor boy's last family abused him :(.
its not even regular meowling. its just the sadest noise comming out of him.

todayci was talking to chappell. and he was like we are both good enough to be majors. then he said something about being too lazy to try out again or something. i told him i want to be a major senior year, so i could have a senior show.

that made me feel pretty good.

lol he wanted me to walk to grab and go with him. i was too nervous though so i didnt go.

mary said we should hang out outside of school sometime.

and kristie said i looked pretty and tall today.

you should always, always remember the complinet people give you, and forget the insults.

i have told myself that for the longest time, and yet i usually remember the insults.

so i will start sounding really conceided, and writing all of them down, so this way, i can readit over and think, "i do so get complients

wow. we all looked so young and funny in middle school.

WAHHAHSGYUWG CARINA i just saw you 7th grade picture. ADORABLE?!?!? i think so!

ok thats all for me.


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:: 2004 21 April :: 9.29 pm

How long do I last in bed? by DesideroAmor
Real Name
Birthdate (MM/DD/YY)
Favorite Color
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

hell yea


:: 2004 19 April :: 8.08 pm

you make me barf a little.
i did really shitty on my assesments...

but at least im not PROBED! WHAT!

hahaha at least i am not probed, that is allli can say, because missed it by like .3 points.i feel good now.

aaaannnnddddd, all i have to do, is finish my painting. herutjkl.adsf

that will take a year.

god damn, god damn.

today was ok. it was utterly normal.
i mean. it was so normal, it was actually kind of disgusting.

i had to give my kitty two baths yesterday, she had fleas. ew.

my day was wholesome. the only thing that made it un -fifties-ish was that, as always, i ate dinner by myself.



:: 2004 15 April :: 6.37 pm
:: Music: dead mans party

lying to yourself again?

my kitten came home today her name is Nyx. she is biting my arm as i type this. the other cat is sunshine. he is very noisy.

she is so sweet. i love her.

she was spayed today, and now she has an s tatoo.

she is really jumpy, but willing to be loved. on the car rinde hom she sat in my lap and harly moved.


assesments monday.

i am totally FUCKED.

yes in caps my friend. even caps cannot convey how INCREDABILY fucked i happen to be.

going to paint.

with love


:: 2004 14 April :: 6.33 pm


I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

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:: 2004 9 April :: 1.54 pm

how lucky is this: last night i was listening to that nirvana thing on 99x right. and i wanted to her that song where did you sleep last night.

i heard the original, so i wanted to hear the nirvana version.

and i fell asleep. and i woke up for that song!! how lucky. i wanted to listen to the whole thing but i was so tired.

i am in my bathing suit.

reer hott.

i am on a break. we are cleaning our lani for stefie's birthday party this sunday.
maybe ill get a nice tan. i hate tanning lotion, it makes me feel greasy. eww.

omg lol. i was talking to my mem a few minutes ago , and i asked her if she thought i was fat.

and she was like yea, you need to start doing some exercises. LMAO.

i cant believe she said that. i laughed.

but hey, i gotta get into shape. i stopped doing my exercises ever night when i came back from seattle, and now i am sick so. blarg.

its health food for me baby, all the way.


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:: 2004 7 April :: 7.52 pm
:: Music: usher - yeah

je suis a lui
that song by usher gives me an orgasm everytime i hear it.

and i dont much care for rap, but that song gets me every time. i love it.

ill be back in school tomorrow everybody. so you wont have to miss me anymore.

even though i dont even see half of you during the day but o well.

some people truely make me sick.

today i went to the doctor.

and as most if you probably do as well i go to a pediatrition.
the nurse woman asked me if i had any problems doing pee pee.

i wanted to laugh at her. i mean everywhere else people think im in college and my little cousin is my daughter, and here at the doctors off i must look like i am 5 again, because that was the last time i referred to peeing and doing pee pee.

that was priceless.

and i only have an infection in my tonsils. i was glad it wasnt anything worse.

lol how immature am i, maybe the nurse said that because she knew my mental age, i went and got a happy meal from Mickey D's
i wanted the toy. so sue me, those dog keychains are just too cute.

but sadly i got the one i already had.

well im going to go make myself clean for school tomorrow, so i do not look the way i feel.

au revoir.


:: 2004 5 April :: 9.23 pm


this is the song stuck in my head -> im a hustler baby, i just want you to know, it aint who i am, but where im bout to go.

lmaoi, were did THAT come from?

since i wasnt in school today i became: Ana The Couch Potato Wonder.

there was a special on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain on ALL day.

i watched it only because the host was broadcasting from seattle. and im a little interested in that stuff, most of it is old news.

it was the most depessing 4 hours ever. i think it was longer too.

blahblahblah. it makes me sad that we still dig up kurt cobains memory every year.

i know it was a hard blow when he died, but how does anyone expwct it to heal when we just scratch open the wound every year.

yes i know he spoke to everyone. he spoke to me too. but alas he is dead. it is sad, yes, but it was very much his own choice. nothing can be done.

and we can only be told so many times what happened. it just basically the same story every year.

ah well what can you do.

they only showed parts of seattle i didnt see very well :(. the only thing i was really close to, that i knew of, was the space needle.

but i did watch Life or Something Like it, which takes place in seattle, that was exciting.

i watched mona lisa smile today. it was good.

and i watched the nighmare before christmas. which was good.

i should be doing world history homework,

shame on me.

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:: 2004 3 April :: 8.53 pm
:: Mood: slutty
:: Music: a perfect circle.

i woke up this mornign with sand all over me.
and when i brushed my hair, grass came out.

dont ask.

my face is so itchy. owww.

i need some one to talk to.

and yes i know i can talk to you, dont get upset and leave angry comments.

i just cant.

i will be smart and stay silent.

i love how people act like thier your friend to your face. but wont ever talk to you, outside, unless they have to.

i hate the way it feels when you know a part of you just died.

i talked to my mom today. it was good fun. i love her.

zack is 14. can you believe it. i completely forgot he was a teenager.

we are still like 10 and 8 in my mind.

lol. id like to scream what i am thinking at the top of my lungs. then run away so i can hide.

it sucks when you know you cant go to the who should be able to comfort you.

good night


:: 2004 28 March :: 9.01 pm

you know what makes me feel absolutely georgous.
being surrounded by bubbles.
how crazy is that.

it makes me feel mysterious. because of how infantile it is. it seems like it makes people wonder. shes is abouve blowing bubbles like a child, what about blowing bubbles makes her want to do that.

i want to know more about her.

many peple have told me i have eyes that sparkle.

but they didnt say that exactly. someone once said my eyes light up. and some said my eyes shined.
and someone said my eyes made them want to tell me they loved me.

how odd, that people can get an emotion as stong as love just by looking into anothers eyes. a concept which has totally been ruined for me, and i will not pass it on to you, if you are one of those who gets weak at the knees from a good eye lock.

i am sore, karens party was fun. we swang on swings. like children often do.
we walked downtown and got pizza which was crazy daisy. and then we went to this senior chrissy's house and went swimming. and came back and ate spagetti.

oh man this girl had a hamster and one of those balls that they can roll around the house in! I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING I HAVE SEEN IN D A Y S.
if you roll him in it he kinda spins around stuck to the side. and when he wants to stop he stops and rolls up the side and sorta falls. and HE RAN INTO WALLS!!
that little guy rolled all around the house. it was great.

i cut my foot climbing on the cement things under the bridge near the park. it sucks. i superglued it shut and i got that off so now i have a band aid on it.

;D i love you more than ever

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:: 2004 24 March :: 6.51 pm
:: Music: roseanne theme

shes is so enchanting.
when will this end?

why do i have to be an insane teenager.

please please tell me.

something went wrong, i wont lie to you.

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:: 2004 21 March :: 12.01 am
:: Mood: ;]

ill be little miss s, in my mini dress, livin it up to die
today was quite fun. one of my mothers close friends, Donna ( i call her grandma) moved out to brimmerton? i dont know if thats it or if thats exactly how it is spelled.

but it was fun because we were just talking and being around people i know from when i was younger make me happy. she has the most beautiful house. it is georgous. oh man. and my mother says she wants the house that her and floyd are going to build to be laid out somewhat like that. i was in awe because that would kick a momentous amount of ass.

it is so beautiful out here. i swear. we had to take a ferry to where donna lives. and we crossed puget sound. and i got to see mount rainer, which is a treat because seattle is usually cloudy so on normal days you dont see the mountain because of the clouds. and you can tell when you are looking at mt rainer because its so big it looks fake, like someone paibted it on a back drop.

yesterday we went to the UW campus again, and i finally got my passport crap done!!!! so now all that has to be done is the thing has to be sent to me. the only thing that could go wrong now, is what my dad has done to screw himself up come back to me, causing to not get my passport. which i hope doesnt happen, at all. or i will die.

the building that are the UW campus are wonderful. that campus is beautiful. i dont think i will end up going there for college though. i didnt get that twinge when i was standing there looking at it. like oooh i know this is where i will attend college.

i love the way everything is when you experience something for the forst time. you should see me in the car. we have gone down this road like 12 times since i have been here, and im still looking all around when we travel on it.

geeeze. OH MAN!!
last night i rode in a cab for theveryfirsttime!!!!!

can you believe that? the driver was great. he was like oh ive never had a virgin cab rider! not that im sayin youre a virgin, like i said none of that howard stern stuff. he was funny as hell i swear.

and last night we ate that the neatest resturant. it italian, called buca di beppo.
they have pictures and nic-nacs and little thing everywhere. its soo cool.

im gunna go. its past you bedtime anyway


:: 2004 17 March :: 10.36 pm
:: Music: the penis song

today was soo cool.

but lets start with yesterday.
when we went to wyoming, my uncle was sick, so he pased it on to me in my weakened state of traveling.

so i was in the car with my mom yesterday going to broadway. and she goes are you ok honey, and i went mmmmm, and shes like what was that and im like i think im going to barf. so she pulls into some convinence store/gas station and i just open the door and vomit on the pavement. i was really dainty and girly about it too my mom said. i wiped my mouth all nice and then puked some more. it was lovely. i had the phoe noodles the night before. and when they came up it looked like i had tapeworms. yum yum.

so we went to the shops on broadway and i got my brother the cd he wanted for his birthday. and we went and ate a little and i was feeling like shite so we just came home and watched some movies in zacks room.

i feel asleep at like 10 because i had a migrane and took tylolnol pm.

and todayyy
i woke up and showered and we went down to the seattle art muesum.

it was sooo cool and i loved it.

floyd is so cute hes irish so this is his day, he had this green irish shirt on, and in honor of this day we are having a boiled dinner made with guinness. it will be good yum :).

carina thanks for that cd again with the penis song. i just played it for floyd and zack. their reaction was greeeat. i loved it.

seattle is awesome. you people have no idea. seriously.

im gunna go supper is nearly done.

bye bye

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:: 2004 16 March :: 2.24 pm
:: Music: 10 thousand maniacs

oh hell yes.

this is ana reporting LIVE from the one and only seattle washington.

i am locked in my mothers room because her dog is insane for me. i am on my period. thats why.
i feel like shit but i dont care because i am here with my family. which is nice.

im gunna go get ready now.

update more soon.

sign: jesus died for you sinners!
floyd: well everone get out there and sin some more!! make it worthwhile.

sorry for that but it was truely hilarious.


:: 2004 11 March :: 7.59 pm





ok im clam now...calmer anyway.

i have the best parents in the world. i love them

i am so happy. i cant wait to see my mom. and zack and floyd.


i think im going to cry. literally, this is me at my happiest. because i am busy, and the busy-ness has the best purpose.

i love you all, and if i dont update tomorrow or from WA i will see you in school.

c'est moi

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:: 2004 7 March :: 9.49 pm

how can loving someone be so easy
i think this has been one of the most exciting weekends of my life.

which is unbelieveably sad.

ok so heres my weekend.

*went out w. don to charlenes.

*took aunt and unle to air port - they are going to visit thier new grandaughter.
*went to sanibel outlets. got 5 shirts from gap w. gapcard.
*got ears pierced. double hole.
*talked to billy.
*talked to charlene
*lied to don. (i am a BITCH)

sunday (today for the slow ones out there)
*church, enough said.
*got my hair cut. everyone act surprised when you see me tomorrow
*went to ross, got:
-1 skirt
-1 shirt
-1 sweater
-2 pairs of pants
-cute undergarmets
*went to michaels, got:
- 1 tube ultramarine paint. (fineally)
- colored pencils.
*got some taco bell
*watched rebel w/o a cause.

so yea.

5 days - seattle!!!!!!!!!!!
AHTWEj nefg8i9w43rnjkdsfjkHjkkjKJHYUui8oif

i am so excited. ho-ly crap.

you know what is the gayest thing e v e r ??

i got highlites in 8th grade right. and i just cut 3 damn inches off my hair, and there is still some blone at the ends of my hair.

if ana every talks about dying her hair again, slap her for me.

or you can just slap her cause her reaction is funny. your choice.

man i hope this week goes by fast.

ok everyone poll:

my plane leaves at 530 pm this friday, this means i could go to school and ride the bus home and go to the airport with time to spare. oh and you have to be there one and a half hours early to go though the searches and crap.

ok here is the question:

should i or should i not attend school this friday?

no pressure. dont kill yourselves trying to answer.

but...if i dont recieve an answer for you...i will hunt you down. so watch it. you may wake up with one eyebrow instead of two.

just a warning. :)

im off


:: 2004 6 March :: 6.48 pm

oh man you know how gay i am...
my cell phone rang at 5 30 this morning. and it scared me. i thought there was something wrong with it so i just turned the ringer off.

then it rang again and picked it up because i realized it was ringing. and it was....billy.

he was upset becase he saw me with don last night.

i feel like a shithead. forget it i am a shithead.

i lied to don and told him i had a project to do (which is true to an extent) and i was sleeping at some girls house tonight. so i didnt have to go out with him.

i cant believe i did that. charlene said i was gay because it wasnt a believeable lie. so now im just feeling crappy because i think he knows i lied.

well anyway, i lied because i am going with billy tonight. well billy and them anyway.
im nervous. because if we see don, im going to crawl under a rock and dieeee. because dons nice, and he doesnt deserve this.

a plus that we are not dating. so it wont be all bad. i have no obligation to him. or to anyone for that matter.

anyway. i got my ears double pierced today. and i got some clothes for seattle. tomorrow i want to go to ross and see if i can get some jeans and a sweater. because i am gunna need it.

getting a haircut tomorrow or thusrday. im thinking of taking off 3 - 4 in. im scared.

i have to go. byee.

i cant wait!!! seattle in less than a week!

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:: 2004 2 March :: 9.55 pm
:: Mood: :]

you never broke my heart, i broke it myself
i am so content.

its so nice. not to be agitated. as i usually am.

i was so happy earlier. wuthering heights was on. that movie is definately on my top 5 favorite movies list.

not the crap 70's or 90's version or that completely idiotic MTV verison. i swear i could kill the fuckers that put that movie out.

i think is from the 30's, the orginal.

the sad thing is, is it is only half of the book, so they change the movie to accomodate the half that is missing,

but it still has the same impact. amazing.

there is a character named isabella. she is linton's sister. linton is married to cathy. issabella is married to heathcliff.

but heathcliff and cathy love e/o.

and isabella was crying and she was saying how much she loved heathcliff.
she told him that if she just let him she could make him happy. then she said, and this is nearly exact.
"you are my life, cant you let me be just a breath of yours?"

it was so sad.
i could never imagine loving someone like that. never.

i love that movie, and that book.

it made my day. then benny and joon was on. it just made things better.

FCAT. that word is awful enough to explain itself.
i hate it. it should not exist.

but good luck on the rest of it anyway.

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:: 2004 2 March :: 9.18 pm

istolethis. hahaha
i know only like 1 person will comment back on thisbut i thought it was funny, so i wanted it for my journal

Dear Ana,

You are really _____. You should _____. We need to go _____. After that we can _____. Remember that time we _____? That was real _____. Maybe tomorrow we can _____. You are my _____. I _____ you!

Signed your _____,

p.s. _____.

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:: 2004 1 March :: 7.33 pm

i hope you cant breathe without me

is it just me...

or do some people affect me more then i affect them?

there is definately something wrong with that. i hope that it is just me.

11days -> seattle


:: 2004 29 February :: 10.24 pm
last night was odd for me
billy called my cell at about 5 15 in the am.

says "wanna chill?" i do the usual where doing what kinda thing. then he just says get dressed. im comming to your window.

so im dressed and im at my window waiting. he comes and knocks. woo fun.

what was funny was i started climbing out w/o shoes on. and let me tell you, it was freezing out.

oh and billy peed on the thing for my pool. my grandpas going to be wondering about that.

so i have my shoes and im out the window and climbing my fence and in the girl named kay's car.

and we went to the spot. yes THE spot. not that you know about it or anything. but you probably know of a place similar to this one.

this is a place in the woods in lehigh where you go t either get drunk, or get high, or have sex.

dont worry. we did none of this. i promise. why would i lie to you?

ok so anyway. we just sat that and billy and this girl are just fighting about the fact she had to be home three hours earlier and blahblahblah. me and this guy danny were just sitting there. basically.

so the took me home. i need help getting back in my window cause the thing comes up to my chin. and i am not skilled at this at all. so i told billy he needed to help me in.

so were walking back to my window, and billy said something along the line of me giving him a kiss. and im like, nah. and hes like out of all the girls i could have called tonight i called you.

so i replied. you only call me when your drunk.
he was all like nono i call you when im sober. and he helped me in my window. and mentioned tgiving him a kiss again. and im like no. so he closed my window and left.

i laughed at him trying to get back over my fence.

my mom told me don was too old for me. all i said was yes ma'am.

i dont think i want to date him anyway. or anyone for that matter.

i feel used up and dry. like i am already past my prime. even though i havent even entered anything even worthy of being described as "my prime" yet.


:: 2004 27 February :: 10.12 pm

i just cried watching sex and the city.
and no, it wasnt the final episode.

dont laugh, its just me.


:: 2004 26 February :: 10.05 pm

youre so beautiful.

why dont you smile anymore?


:: 2004 26 February :: 9.48 pm

tell me how you feel without words
i have traveled the paths of desire
gathering flowers and carrying fire
raising a grave to the reasons behind me
looking for strength as you
live to remind me
im drawn to you
im caught in you

i am the fly who dreams of the spider
the path to the web becomes
deeper and wider
i dream of the silk that is tangled inside you
and i know i want to be somewhere beside you.
im drawn to you
im caught in you

in your eyes all of the promises
all the lies
will you keep all of the promises
in your eyes

i am crossing the bridges of sorrow
empty with yearning and full of tomorrow
the river is high and the bridges are burning
i know ive been hurt but i keep on returning
im drawn to you
im caught in you

in your eyes all of the promises
all the lies
will you keep all of the promises
in your eyes

i have traveled the paths of desire
following smoke and remembering fire
the night is falling the path is receding
i dont need to see it to know where its leading

in your eyes all of the promises
all the lies
will you keep all of the promises
in your eyes


:: 2004 26 February :: 8.33 pm
:: Music: trapt - echo

i am so tragic. its disgusting.
no school for ana today.

i woke up and just couldnt do it.
dont ask me why. its just so i wouldnt have to see you.

i swear to god that new song by trapt has some sort of coding in that causes the song to become stuck in your head every time you hear it.

great. i think i am actually sick now. karma is a bitch.

and im going to get it for saying that too.



:: 2004 24 February :: 9.41 pm
:: Music: bright eyes

your eyes must do some raining, if youre ever gonna grow.
about 16 more days till seattle!!!
woop woop!

o man i was talking to don tonight,
read this.

Enchanteresse88 [8:52 PM]: well. i hope you can come down
SumDorkyKid [8:52 PM]: oh ya? why's that?
Enchanteresse88 [8:53 PM]: so maybe we can see eachother
SumDorkyKid [8:53 PM]: exactly what i was hoping you'd say
SumDorkyKid [8:55 PM]: well if not this weekend, i'll definately see you next weekend
SumDorkyKid [8:55 PM]: cause i'll be home for sure
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: you'd probably have to sneak out wouldnt you?
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: lol yea
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: kinda shitty
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: yea
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: i dont want you getting in trouble for it now
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: i dont mind, its just shittty for everyone else
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: i wont
Enchanteresse88 [8:59 PM]: the only person home at night is my grandfather, and he wont come in my room if im sleeping
SumDorkyKid [9:00 PM]: if you say so
SumDorkyKid [9:00 PM]: i just dont want you getting in trouble so they like take away the interent and your phone so i wouldnt be able to talk to you
Enchanteresse88 [9:01 PM]: aww
SumDorkyKid [9:01 PM]: hey no need for the mushy stuff here
SumDorkyKid [9:01 PM]: haha
Enchanteresse88 [9:02 PM]: lol youre the one who said it
SumDorkyKid [9:02 PM]: shhh
SumDorkyKid [9:02 PM]: haha

dont you DARE say that isnt cute.


today was way boring. i mean it was just blahh. im thining of staying up way late tonight and just not going to school tomorrow.

might as well, cant dance.

collest word ever -> Anana, it means pineapple, in french.

man i love good moods. you just feel bubbly. and you dont want to stop smiling.

i feel better today. little things tell me people care. i love those things.

i wish i could be closer to some people. because they are awesome.

ceramics was crazy today.
james and i were civil.
thats right ladies and gents. today was THE day hell froze over.
and the latest news report told me some pigs started flying.

hehehe. everyone savor this, it wont last long.

say goodnight,

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:: 2004 19 February :: 8.22 pm
:: Music: MUSIC IS EVOL!

i am peeing myself over this
Your Love Situation by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Soft
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a child, always playing
Your Partner Is...Your best friend
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are their favorite person
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."I love thee wild with desire"
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

oh and i forgot to mention! i heard the penis song today!!! it was amazing!! everything i thought it would be.

many thanks to carina, who bestowed the song unto me.

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:: 2004 19 February :: 6.01 pm

yesterday = NAHS meeting.

it was GREAT omg.

first i was sitting near chappell, and when i am with him i am happy because i act like such a nerd around him.

funny part of attendance

attendance person: james
someone: hes not here
karen: hes probably at chruch
chappell: i hate that kid
me: me too
chappell: he is such a fucktard
me: nice word

oh it was fun!

and then we were discussing how many meets had to be missed in order to be asked to leave the group. it was either 3 in a row or 6 altogether
they were saying how they understand if we have transportation problems but why would they join if they knew they couldnt come?
and a conversation went like this.

anooyinggirl: my mom watched 9 kids during the day, and driving with that many kid from where we live is dangerous.
leslie: why did you join if you knew youd have these problems. cant you make arrangements to get rides.
karen: yea like ride with friends. do you have any friends?

oh man. i nearly peed. leslie gave karen a look for that comment.

haha it was good.

oh man today = my first detention

it was crazy!!!! ahhhahaha
and then when my grandma came and got me we went to the animal shelter to go look at cats, they had to kittens. i was sad over this. they had one orange cat but it was a girl and she wasnt fixed. so we didnt get her. :(.


i love cats. i am sooo unbelieveably allergic to them. it sucks. i am going to get the strongest allergy medication there is. no lie.
that shit has to be inpenatrateable. seriously.

and the poor cat wont be allowed in my room. so i will never have the enjoyment of having the cat come in in the middle of the night and sleep on my face.

maybe if my medcation works well enough i wont have to worry about the cat in my room.

welp i have written wayyy to much.

catch ya later!!


:: 2004 17 February :: 10.16 pm
:: Music: lucille star

release me and let me love again
owah my nite started out really shitty.

i talked to billy, and he said alot of crap about us to charlene and i was really sad.

this is charlene cheering me up.

Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: hey
ImDrCharlene [8:31 PM]: hey its me i just wanted to tell you im sorry that billy is an asshole.I love you so much and trust me its all good. my brother is telling me how hot you are right now (both of them) and how they would love a chance with you. So you no you got something girl you just gotta find some guys that will know it too
Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: lol
Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: thank you
Charlene [8:32 PM]: billy has too many hoes crawling all over him so he doesnt know a good thing when its riding his dick.
Charlene [8:32 PM]: hehe thats alright
Charlene [8:32 PM]: my lil bro thinks its cute
Charlene [8:32 PM]: you guys are the perfect age for each other
Enchanteresse88 [8:32 PM]: what is cute?
Charlene [8:32 PM]: he says hell yea
Charlene [8:32 PM]: he has a thrid ball
Charlene [8:33 PM]: not
Enchanteresse88 [8:33 PM]: oh geeze
Charlene [8:33 PM]: no for real he wants u
Charlene [8:33 PM]: so you kow you fine
Charlene [8:33 PM]: just chill
Charlene [8:33 PM]: good things come to those who wait
Enchanteresse88 [8:33 PM]: i know lol
Charlene [8:33 PM]: and good things always come to those who arent loking
Charlene [8:33 PM]: billy prolly has a small cock anyways
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: lmao
rCharlene [8:34 PM]: so you cant really say he took your virginity
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: thats not very nice
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: i thought you were his friend
Charlene [8:34 PM]: neither is what hes doin to you
Charlene [8:34 PM]: i am
Charlene [8:34 PM]: i love him
Charlene [8:34 PM]: but i love you more

that made me feel a little better because she was trying so had to cheer me up.
i went to go and shower and when i got out my phone was vibrating ( woop!! ;])
and it was don!! this hot kid who was with us this weekend!

he talked to me for awhile and this is our aol convo. i heard him typing so i was like oh im going to suprise u with and IM whats your s/n.

Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: surprise
Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: lol
SumDorkyKid [9:50 PM]: ohhh i'm surprised! =-O
Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: :D i knew you would be
SumDorkyKid [10:01 PM]: you know you can call me anytime you want
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: really?
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: ill keep that in mind ;)
SumDorkyKid [10:02 PM]: you better
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: lol, dont worry, i will
SumDorkyKid [10:05 PM]: alright i'm off to bed
SumDorkyKid [10:05 PM]: g'nite
Enchanteresse88 [10:05 PM]: night night
Enchanteresse88 [10:05 PM]: talk to you later

ahh hes so cute! he goes to college. southwest fl college i think im not sure. he is like 18 or 19 i think ill have to ask him. i feel bad cause i dont know. lol.

ok im gunna go i just thought id share that with you.

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:: 2004 16 February :: 7.48 pm
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ill run away with you
i saw 50 first dates with stef today.

it was cute, very sad though. the ending was bittersweet.

man i have the worst headache. i have had it for hours. it feels like my brain is expanding and contracting.

oh jesus we have school tomorrow. man i wish i didnt have to go anymore.

we have to critique our work in art. i hate that so much, because i cant take critisism lightly.

i hope everyone had a nice valentines day.

mine was alright.

i got paid 10 bucks for watching stef. i feel bad cause im a bitch to her.

my cousin scott and his girlfriend of 8 years broke up a few weeks ago. thats so crazy.

my whole family is relieved because hardly anyone liked her, whcih makes me feel really bad.
scott said they could be friends but she started harassing him so he just broke it off completely. how mad.


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