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:: 2003 10 October :: 8.04 am

things r looking up for me *knocks on wood*
Jill called me eraly this morning and made my whole day :o) thank you jilly i love your guts!


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:: 2003 8 October :: 11.42 pm

i either jus completly ruinened everything.
or completly made everything okay.
i was gonna just break up with kevin.
i was jus gonna freakin do it.
i has everything i was gonna say i even had emily on the phone pumping me up ..and i just froze and shes jus like omg u baby hes dumped u what 3 times and all this stuff that should have made me DO IT and jus like hate him forever ni couldnt, and it got me thinkin does that make me a huge wuss? or just does that mean i really love him?? i have no idea but what i do know if i need to study for history. and spanish. o god. and im so confused god damn..i love him and i hate him and god dang i sound stupid. But then t heres Joe. n there Tyler. and theres the fact that i jus made it so i can't break up with him for a raelly long time without going down in history as the worlds lowest selfish bitch. i couldnt jus done it completly guilt free. But he has to know everything bout me. And we had to have that whole thing saying im not going to..

ahhhh fuck.

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:: 2003 7 October :: 10.50 pm

So today was okay. Confusing, but okay. Kevins not who i thought he was. Neither is Jill, or Emily. Courtney isn't either. I seem to have too high of hopes cuz everyone is letting me down.

I jus <3 Tyler..hes so much funn. He can always make me laugh..i love that.

thas all i got to say

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:: 2003 6 October :: 11.17 pm
:: Mood: stupid

dum people
i dont know whats going on with anyone.

kevin is being really stupid. i dont know what his problem is. he doesnt even act like my freaking boyfriend. he acts like hes some little kid with a crush on me. i dont get it. other times it feels like were in a long term relationship. me, kevin, and emily. jesus they talk more then we do, and he has to talk through her to get to me. and i know she still likes him, its just stupid.

emily is acting stupid too.. well i covered some of that ^ there but also jesum shes going after all the wrong guys, not only kev but james too..him and marissa have been going out for a while and i cant believe shes doing this gawd dang..

but oother then that everything is pretty good..sept that jill is like madd/ sadd/ or something at me..what else is new

i love yew ryan u totally brightened up my day


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:: 2003 6 October :: 9.09 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: Brand New

monday.. was okay i guess. I miss courtney. Really Really alott. Im thinking of letting some more people read this thing..i donno far its jus Jilly readin it and some people i met through woohu..cuz Jill is really the only person i trust as of now. I don't want to go to school tomarrow. We didnt have school today thought :) Yippie. I didn't do that and emily went to subway. So i got to say "its okay...I HAD SUBWAY!" all day We Saw Alex. Love that kidd. I really hope that tomarrow goes good. I cannot handle another bad week, or another bad day for that matter. You can always tell if its gonna be a bad week from the first day..wait not always, almost always..there we go. Kevin got switched into my history so lame lately i have nothing to say..i'll leave you alone.
<33 brittany

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:: 2003 4 October :: 11.31 am

trying to figure out how to put pic a tures in this thing..
im dumb as shit so if any one has any tips..shout


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:: 2003 3 October :: 8.05 am

`Stephanie got into a fight today. its all ANYONE could talk about. She beat brittany detricks ass GO STEPH!!! Hehe..i havnt talked to her yet.. :o( but i really hope she doznt get XSPELLED!! cuz i dont think i kan live without that gurly at school even tho i dont see her till parent pik up @ tha very end of the day..but still she jus makes my day everyday..she kan mke me laugh no matter WAT!! i kan have tha worst day n steph kan make it all better in like 5 she better not leave me

`Emily is comin over toda. Then Saturday i might go to her game, then head over to Cassandras house. Than, sunday Kevin gets back and hes gonna try to come over..and Emily is spendin the night again too. Then Monday we dont have school so me and kevin are gonna do something else...Fun.

`Well i better go to school i go. :o/ its friday tho!! friday=the shit

i <33 yew kev!! 1


love alwayz *
| -`BriTt |

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:: 2003 1 October :: 8.22 am

< / 3

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:: 2003 28 September :: 10.02 pm

i dont know what to say anymore.
i usually write in this thing AT LEAST once a day.
its not that i havnt had time.
or tha ti have nothing to say..
its like i dont know how to form sentances anymore
put my thoughts into words.

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:: 2003 28 September :: 1.17 pm

i donno..

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