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:: 2003 10 October :: 8.33pm
:: Mood: curious

Ive got another question fo all of you...which is worse...?

Losing a friend of 3 years, breakin up wit ur boyfriend of 3 years, or feeling that you have lost everything...{not dat you really have jus you feel like it}

Latah everyone,

Love always,

Thank you for participating in Jillys survey Today! WOo HOo! :o) lol

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:: 2003 10 October :: 8.21pm
:: Mood: confused

Brittany jus got online but shes leavin soon cuz her best friend Emily is coming ova...and dont ask me why...but my eyes r startin to water and i jus wanna cry... :'(

Dont ask cuz i dont even know...

P.s. Brittany if u read dis, den have fun wit ur best friend...tty 2marro maybe...

Love always,

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:: 2003 10 October :: 7.04pm

Self-Esteem Index

your score = 30

What does your score mean?
This likely comes as no surprise to you, but you have relatively low self-esteem. Your answers on the test showed a lot of doubt about your own abilities, lack of self-love and some attitudes and beliefs that are contributing to your confidence problem. Essentially, you've got yourself trapped in a vicious circle; if you believe that you cannot do something, your belief causes you to think and behave in a way that leads to your eventual failure. Chances are that you are quite frustrated with this situation and would like to change. Self-esteem, after all, is key to happiness and success. If you don't believe in yourself, how will you find the courage to pursue the career you desire, form healthy relationships or find your place in the world? The good news is that you can work on building your sense of worth…and you can start right now, today. There is a wide range of resources available out there on the subject, or you might even want to contact a therapist if you're not sure you can tackle it on your own. You'll certainly be glad you made the effort.

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:: 2003 10 October :: 7.00pm

Emotional IQ

Your score = 79

What does your score mean?
There's some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that your Emotional IQ is relatively low. In a practical sense, this means that you are not reaching your full potential. Low EIQ has a negative impact on all aspects of life such as relationships, your emotional health and level of motivation. As a result of your behavior, others may view you as being critical, inexpressive, inhibited, detached, cold, or even condescending. Your difficulties relating to others and dealing successfully with your own emotions may have a negative impact on your health; people with lower EIQs are prone to anxiety, depression, excessive guilt, aggressiveness, low self-concept, and stress-related problems. Chances are that you also have difficulty bouncing back from life's problems. Now for the good news: by learning and practicing new skills and more effective ways of dealing with people, you can significantly improve your EIQ. The benefits will be numerous, including stronger relationships, a more successful career and better health. Most of all, you will be an all-around happier person.

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:: 2003 10 October :: 6.54pm
:: Mood: depressed

Depression Index

Your score = 77

What does your score mean?
It's common for people to feel a sense of hopelessness for a time when undergoing certain traumatic but rather common life events, such as significant personal or economic losses. However, this feeling seems to be fairly persistent in your case and a serious condition may be developing. Your feelings most likely interfere with your job performance and/or limit your social activities putting a damper on experiences that have great potential. It is important that you take active steps to decrease the frequency and intensity of these emotions so that they don't dictate the way you carry out your life.

Look over the list of symptoms provided below. If your symptoms are connected with a negative incident in your life, then you might overcome them naturally if you give it some time. However, if there has been no such incident, there may be cause for alarm. Depression is treatable and the success rate is very high. You may feel now that every day is a struggle, but it can get better. After some time, with proper treatment, facing another day will become easier and gradually, you will find joy again. Talk to a physician.

Some of the more common symptoms of depression are:

Changes in sleep habits such as insomnia, early morning awakening, or sleeping too much.
Changes in eating habits such as loss of appetite or weight gain.
Decreased energy, feeling of fatigue.
Restlessness and irritability.
Difficulty in concentration, remembering, and making decisions.
Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, guilt or worthlessness.
Persistent sad, anxious, or empty feelings.
Loss of interest in pleasurable activities, such as involvement with loved ones or hobbies.
Thoughts of death or suicide.

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:: 2003 10 October :: 6.53pm
:: Mood: anxious

Anxiety Index

Your score = 68

What does your score mean?
According to your score on the Anxiety Test, you are quite anxious - more so than most people around you. Your anxiety seems to have become problematic in your day-to-day life. It could be holding you back from doing necessary things, putting a damper on experiences that have the potential to be wonderful, or causing some problems in your relationships. The good news, though, is that you can change. Step one on the road to recovery is realizing that suffering from anxiety is not your fault. And know that you are not alone - a large percentage of people suffer from various degrees of anxiety. Consider talking to a professional who can help you get over your anxious feelings.

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:: 2003 10 October :: 6.49pm
:: Mood: angry

Anger Index

Your score = 53

What does your score mean?
Your overall anger level is normal. You get angry in certain situations but don't blow up at every possible occasion. You seem to have found a balance between accepting the occasional flash of temper and not letting yourself get worked up over nothing. You realize that sometimes it's just not worth the headache, and that the feeling will pass if you don't focus on it. This is a healthy, normal approach - suppressing anger can be precarious, but so can letting yourself get swept away by the powerful emotion.

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:: 2003 10 October :: 6.30pm

Three things that scare me:
2:Losing everything
3:Never amounting to anything...
Three people who make me laugh:
2:Becky Dawn
Three Things I love:
2:Other friends
3:Basketball, poetry, writting, alotta other things!
Three Things I hate:
2:My family
3:Trying hard to get something, and not ever actually getting it.
Three things I don't understand:
Three things on my desk:
1:Dr. Pepper {hehe}
2:A bunch of pix of friends
3:Some homework
Three things I'm doing right now:
1:Taking this survery
2:Talking online with some friends
3:Doing some homework...fo once...
Three things I want to do before I die:
1:Go sky diving
2:Buy a monkey!
3:accomplish my every dream...like dat will happen...
Three things I can do:
1:Give advice...
2:Write poetry n stuff..
3:I dunno...?
Three ways to describe my personality:
3:Easy going...
Three things I can't do:
1:Understand anything...
2:Play basketball..
3:Every-Y-Thing!! :o( {as britt would put it} lol

Three Things brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2003 10 October :: 5.41pm
:: Mood: confused

Whats worse...

Being in love with someone who hates you, having someone love you who you hate, or being in love with someone and you hate being in love with em...

Take your choice n get bak to me!

Love always,


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:: 2003 10 October :: 8.04am

things r looking up for me *knocks on wood*
Jill called me eraly this morning and made my whole day :o) thank you jilly i love your guts!


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