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:: 2004 9 December :: 6.19 pm
:: Mood: weird...yet Hyper
:: Music: Avril Laveign - Take me Away

The little bastards shot Amon!!!!!!!!!!!
Die bastards die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not talking about anime...I'm not
Ah hell...*huggles Amon* yes I am....
*glomps Amon and Robin*
I've come to terms with actually falling in love with anime series..........

IT"S ALL ALEXIS' FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*wonders if anyone will buy that*


I still say Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest peices of trash to ever be played on tv!!

*dragon ball z having been the reason I hated Anime for so long*

I mean come could anyone put so much detail into the drawings for an anime and still have everything look so -utterly- crappy!!


Anyways.........My damn Psychology teacher and everyone else gave me a heart attack today -.-

he was all like.."don't forget, end of quarter projects are due tomorrow" I was like...WHAT?!?!
I thereby start totally dreading my continued life because i knew I'd never have it done in one night..........I tell mom on the way home...she yells at me for not paying attention......I mean come the hell was I supposed to know an end of quarter project was due 5 weeks before it ended?? o.O
Of course...when I get home and get out the paper with due dates, it says the bloody 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*kills Larry*
Making me freak out like that!!!!!

of course...thats still 4 and 1/2 weeks before the quarter ends...but at least it isn't impossible to do...I can come up with a 6 page paper in 2 nights, and I have 4 now......*will have to remember to hit her ever lovable psychology teacher Larry tomorrow* Bad Larry!!!


I'm sick...-again-

lovely throat virus this time........*whacks whichever idiot on the other side of town sneezed this time* I spent 2 days on the couch.yup...that really helped my math situation.......x.x

Then of course...I come to school today and find out my group in Science Forum has our presentations to do that afternoon..........Thank you god for lunch and google!!!!

So yeah....thats the extent of my excitement this week..throat vurises...anime, and several heart attacks!

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:: 2004 26 November :: 1.13 am
:: Mood: surprised
:: Music: Good Charlotte - Predicatable

Google Scares Me
Very..Very.Badly o.O

I did a google image search for one of my nicknames.. Lilyana

I get a bunch of naked women..........

I try another spelling of it...Liliana

*hides from the leg speading naked people*

......^nuff said

On the other hand.........I found this
Thats just plain awesome.and with blue hair too ^^

I was looking for pics of Aes Sedai (from wot) and a picture of Alyson hannigan snuck in....I'm still working on figuring out that one o.O

I also found a drawing of one of the pictures I use for my Lilyana a different pose...I'm still trying to figure out how that got into wot o.o

There are some absolutely gorgous pics when you do a search for Aes Sedai.....*resists the urge to steal them all*

Ahh...I just found out why Alyson Hannigan is in there.....someone thinks she'd be a good Theodrin from wot if someone ever gets off their ass and starts making the movies.

Barbie Dolls for wot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Red Ajah Barbie comes with a thick wool blanket for cold, snuggle-less nights and your choice of thumping stick or willow switch.

Available with Willow Branch: "

*cracks up laughing*

Theres a Red


*wonders how many of the members are women with cheating husbands/boyfriends


I went from google scares drooling over gorgouse pictures...o.o

I've never claimed to be normal

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:: 2004 23 November :: 3.42 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: Nickelback - Leader of Men

My beloved body struck again......nothing new........missed school yesterday...nothing new again.

I spent 2nd hour laying down on a couch......spent my 3rd hour Study Hall sleeping on said couch.....

I love Siri <3

(I mean come on...what math teacher lets a student lay down all through class?? Matter of fact...what math teacher -has- a couch in their class o.O *is not sure if normal schools even have couches in classrooms*)

I spent 5th and lunch at a computer screwing around.......

Have I ever mentioned I only have 1 morning class that isn't in my math teachers relo?? o.O
*loves it*
Algebra II, Study Hall, then I leave for Psychology...then I come back for Advisory (sorta like home room, but with a school government incorperated) Then I spend lunch in there as well.........Siri's relo and I are very well aquainted.

Today was.....quik o.o
(considering everything...I only had what...3 real classes I actually sat through?? XD!)

I love my school

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:: 2004 20 November :: 9.38 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: None

I am so easily amused o.O
I was watching Stargate tonight..........and near the end....the slightly inbalenced old friend of Jack's was like "Is that that thing that made that guy do that thing?" And I just started laughing my head off.........

My dad made some comment about how I'm easily amused...I was like...well duh...where have you been the last 15 years??

I am posting in this thing -way- too much o.O

I am now the Poker Mistress of wotism!
go me! XD
(poker as in I poke people...not the game peoples)

anywho............I'm going to stop before I start babbling...well, I usually babble anyways....but you know what........

I'm just ganna shut up now........

I really think there was something in that tea

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:: 2004 20 November :: 6.35 pm
:: Mood: Slightly Less Hyper
:: Music: It's Been A While - Staind

The "slightly" being literal

I've started drawing again.........drawing what my char wears for Keri was like.."holy crap...I really do suck now"
Note to all you artists or people who have any talent at drawing whatsover..
Don't break your wrist and never go to a doctor about it

After I realised that..I was like.."oh well, It's really not my thing anymore anyways" then I went to wotism...saw some peoples drawings and went "I want to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I've finished one drawing...but it doesn't look if you really want to see it that badly...go to wotism...I'm not going to take the time to show you..

I'm working on a new one though....ish verra when I finish it, I'll prolly post a link to it.. maybe

My wrist hurts....I shouldn't have gone bowling..I knew I shouldn't have when I went...but oh'll be fine in a few days...and I got to go bowling with the ikle ones and aunt I'll just have to live with my wrist for a few days. of course....any one with a brain will be wondering right about now...why exactly I'm typing all this crap and making it hurt more...instead of babying it...but hey...I've never claimed to be sane....and if I'm not sane..well, I probably ignore common sense when I feel like it...

there's my excuse.....

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:: 2004 20 November :: 5.38 pm
:: Mood: hyper
:: Music: Walkin in Memphis - Marc Cohn

*looks into her chai tea suspicously*
I think there was something in there.....


Ahem...anyways.....I told you I wouldn't feel that way always happens....*cough*

I love these guys... I've laughed more times this week around them than in the last 2 months.....especially when we get drunk....or should I say "drunk" >.> (in other's a roleplay...we aren't -really- drunk...ok, well, yeah, some of them are...but hey....>.> )
If anyone who reads this hasn't read the Wheel of Time series.........*gets one of the books and hits you over the head with it*

Read them!!!

READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you have................go to wotism...and come drink oosqui and get drunk with us.


See...I told you...I think there was something in my chai...theres no way I should be this hyper...and giddy....


good lord....I think I'm going to shut up now...

*goes off and tries to find a way to get out of doing her math*

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:: 2004 19 November :: 11.45 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: Josh Groban - Remember when it Rains

*is too damn tired to care anymore*
One of these days............I'm just going to curl up and die, I know it. I envy people who are terminally least they know it's going to end.

There's a way to help me feel better....but I could never take it, MOVE?? I think mom is actually serious about trying it sometime or another.....I know she would be if I asked....but I can't, no matter how much I need it. I don't give a damn if the cold of Alaska makes me hurt's my -home- I could never be anywhere else. The only thing that keeps me getting up every morning is this place, my friends, my school that I would not survive without, I know a lot of my sanity depends on people like Rene and Ricky, who don't even live here, but they would never make up for leaving here. It's warmer down in the states.....but it's disgusting down there. The air is filthy, it's damp and full of smog that makes me feel sick whenever I breathe it. The heat is too wet, it feels like being in a sauna, not the sun.

If Alaska could just have warmer winters......I know it'll never happen, not unless we have global warming...which personally, is a bunch of bs.

If the dumb doctor wasn't already dead...I think I'd kill him -.- He just -had- to crash his damn plane into a lake and kill himself, which caused -my- doctor to have to close her office because they shared it. So now who am I stuck with?? Doctor Montano, the one who's very mention makes my mom look as if she could chew rocks. The one who diagnosed me with plourasy and had me spending weeks in agony because I couldn't breathe and the prescription wasn't doing shit, the moron who can't tell the difference between IBS and an infection. The doctor I wouldn't even go to for a cold! We finally find out whats wrong with me, we finally get a good doctor, and now she's quitting because her damn partner flew into a lake, and I get stuck with a primary care doctor who should never have been let into med school, let alone graduate from it.

I really, really, hate my life.

scratch that....I hate my body....and I guess thats just fine because apparently it hates me too......

But you know what....I don't care.....I just don't. If it wants to hate me...let it, it's just pain....what's a little pain anyways? I mean sure...I can't even get out of bed some days because it hurts too much to move, but who doesn't have their problems?

I used to say I have an excuse for being a bitch, I've -earned- the right to be a bitch. But........I just can't anymore, I've heard "just toughen it up" so many times by now, it's like a broken track that just keeps repeating. But how the hell do you toughen up when you can't even move? Is there like some secret trick someone neglected to tell me about that forces a body to just conveniantly forget that it hurts? I doubt it...but I have another solution......hows about I stay in bed....and just not care? with everyone reminding me about what a whimp I am......I might as well just do the part. Whimps don't care that they're whimps....that's why they're whimps.....I could probably pull it off.......maybe........

Either way......I don't care...not right now...I probably will's who I am....

doesn't stop me from wishing it wasn't.

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:: 2004 10 May :: 4.52 pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: Driven Under - Seether

*wonders why she bothers*
ya's really really is......who in their right mind has a best who doesn't even like her?? it's pretty pathetic when your not even your own best friend's best friend.

And It's even more pathetic when you know it.

And on top of that, it's -really- pathetic when after everything going -still- have them as your best friend. She's the worst fucking friend I have....and I still think of her as my best.....-p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c- doesn't even begin to describe it.

She constantly bitches, treats me like shit when she's on her period (which for some people, it's understandable......but after 2 years of her period and she only gets worse and worse each time and refuses to admit's -not- understandable, it's fucking enraging sometimes.)

Maybe if I treated her like she was only 5, and not really 14 and responsible for herself, she wouldn't bitch so much. But I doubt it.....apparently I'm the bitchy, annoying, sarcastic egotistical one who has no patience, and is the meanest friend she has. All her other friends who are bitchy live out of state and have -issues- so apparently they're allowed to be bitchy without being the one everyone hates.

She's never nice to me, she never does anything thats not her way, and if she's in a bad mood, it's okay.

I snap at her once and get bitched at before she storms off telling me about what a bitch I am......while 2 weeks later she's still bitching at me (and here I'm the egotistical one with no patience....)

one of these days I'm going to realize that it's not -why- do I bother, but why am i -still- bothering.

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:: 2004 29 March :: 9.05 pm
:: Mood: nauseated
:: Music: Evanescence - Where will you go

Grr.....I swear, someone up there hates me.... it was the first day of school again after spring break...And I actually had to go...the horror...XD. Have I mentioned how much I hate Math yet? probably not...well, I DO!!! Sometimes I wonder if I could go back and change the genes I fathers bloody mathmatician genes are soo irritating...... No one should have to be good at something they hate........

And yes, I'm complaining, twice in one day, oh joy.....I'm allowed to be pissy, I have been nauseas for 3 weeks straight now, 24/7, and when your someone who has trianed themselves not to ever throw up again, being nauseas and not being able to throw up can really be a complication....I swear, sometimes I think of stiking a finger down my throat so I can gag and throw up, just to see if it help.........*grumbles*

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:: 2004 29 March :: 6.34 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Evanescence - Imaginary

It's Official......
I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!! *growls* I swear, If next year is as bad as this, I am ganna go mental...*pauses for a moment* well, more mental than normally at least...I never claimed to be sane. I love my school, I really do, but I am sooooooo god damn sick of being sick all the time, and then having to catch up my school work, while still having everyone expect you to be a perfect little honor student who gets all A's and B's, I'd like to see THEM do 20 geometry assignments, 2 5 page papers, 10 social studies assignments, 3 life science labs, and 4 Geometry tests in 2 weeks, THEN they can expect me to do better....gah....*breaks something* for someone who has missed at least 40 days this bloody school year, and about 20 of them just in the last quarter, for not even flunking a single class, personally, I'd say I'm doing pretty well, wouldn't you?? *walks away muttering under her breath*

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