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User:elektragamblin (user# 11039)
Location: Alaska
AOL IM:ElektraGamblin [add buddy]
Bio:*creeps through and starts looking at people* Why are you reading this?? damn stalkers!! Ahem... Anyways....theres really not that much to know.... I'm a basket case.... I'm extremely hyper... and uhh........I'm a Huskimo And thats all you need to know! *sneaks back out*
Friends:(2) chibikeriana, loupgarou
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Interests:(44) Annoying people, anything celtic, breathing, candles, computers, Crossfade, designing clothes (that I'll never have the time to make), drawing portrait style, Everquest, FanFiction, fire, FUZZIES, Harry Potter, HUSKIES, Inuyasha, Kame, Kat-Tun, Lord of the Rings, Making up stories in my head (but never writing down), Metal, Mirage of Blaze, pocky, Poking people (I am the official Poking Mistress of WOTISM! hehe), Proboards, reading, Rock, RPG's, Saiyuki Reload, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sanzo, sapphires, Seether, SILVEH, Smile Empty Soul, Stargate, staring off into space, surfing google, Tackle Hugging, Talking with friends online, teardrops, Wheel of Time, Witch Hunter Robin, Wolfs Rain, wrist to elbow arm jewelry
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