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:: 2004 13 November :: 10.53 am

New Journal...

Thanks :-)
<3 Emmy

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:: 2004 27 September :: 3.25 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: UB40 - Red Red Wine :)

Kelly has invaded.
Kelly is on Emily's sn sn sn Kelly is on
Emily's sn dom dom dom


I'm awesome.

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:: 2004 26 September :: 9.43 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: eminem...

so yesterday was interesting...gui came over with ben..then left...then came over with Ryan, they were here for a lil while..i think that me and ryan are good now, which makes me very happy..
once they left.. my mom came home, then we went out...

OMG we went to stop and shop and i got to see Valerie,her sister and brother, Cassie,Meggy and Kelsey...ahh i was SOOOO happy..i hadn't seen val or cassie since like fuckin....freshman year ahh omg i missed them SOOOO MUCHH ahh i love you girlz!!!

i was talking to Gui last nite for a lil bit, about a lot of stuff thats happening right now...hes in a messed up position right now,and imma try to help him..cuz Gui's one of my best friends, lol i love you gui!

well i think i am going to go now...
leave a comment if u'd like..

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:: 2004 25 September :: 11.56 am
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: eminem shit....

gui and ben randomly came to my house this mornin haha gui called and woke me up and told me they were coming..i was like umm okay lol so we all chilled here for a lil bit..then they left cuz gui had to go to the gym and meet ryan i think...

last nite i chilled with we went to the mall..she got her new cell phone, cuz hers fell in water lol..we saw manda there and som other pplzz...

wow just got in ANOTHER huge fight with my mom..she told me once again that her mistake was having kids, meaning me cuz she loves peter and mark...but not me as she says....yea i fucking hate her too

every1 has been making me frustrated lately..then once i snap i say things i dont sorry if i said ne shit to any of u ppl lately that was

umm ryan if ur reading this, which u mite be, um i hope u kno that i didnt text her saying anything to her, i would never do sorry if u think that i did, but u must really not know me all too well...i really dont want you to be pissed at me, cuz i figured we could still always be good friends, but if u dont want to be...then w\e...i hope its not like that sorry for whatever i did to you..

well i think im gunna go now :-\
i wanna go out tonite..anyone wanna chill?
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:: 2004 23 September :: 9.58 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: nothing :-(

i dont care anymore..

but i do...
ughh if ne of u remember how i was in like...febuary and march and april..and how like wierd i was (u kno wat i mean)

..its happening again..

katie i cant help it anymore...i want to sumthing that i kno i shouldnt do..i think u mite kno wat im talking about :-\

why..why whyy....omg i cant even put things into words head is just ugh- so many things goin thru it..emotions...HATE...saddness..mad...ugh :-(

guis helpin me thru it tho, lol hes so coooool lol i love you gui, im ALWAYS here for you!

people really need to NOT talk shit anymore..seriously wtf..i love how sumhow EVERYONE in fuckin natick high knows wat the fuck is happening in my life..AND IM NOT FUCKING FRIENDS WITH THEM...hmm wonder how the fuck they know...i have a guess...ughh yea that stupid...AHH NVM I WONT SAY IT

ughh u kno wat im fuckin sick of sooo much shit :-( nothing is good anymore! everything is fucked up! once i get happy, sumthing happens, and ruins everything :-\ all the time mann i really dont like it...

im going to talk to gui now lol and helena...
-emily :-\

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:: 2004 22 September :: 7.28 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: welcome to my life...

la la la
just made my mom buy me a ring :-) haha she says i HAVE to get a job now...thats um not cool

today in school was pretty gay..haha i stayed after with heidi for a lil bit then i talked to katie on the fone for an hour...haha THEN serge called and i told him to come with fil haha so they came...and we sat around for a lil bit...then serge drove us all home :-) hes just so nice like that haha

aww i like having serge and katie being happy :-) haha its like old times serge katie and fil..just all chillin' lol good times...good times.. Heidi was sooo pissed at like..madd ppl but mainly like maybe 3...haha sum freshman chick and um 2 other people..that wont be mentioned i told her not to be mad or anything but she OF COURSE wont listen to me, she was gunna start shit but i was like um no dont ever do that lol

i wish today was tomaro could be friday and then it would be the weekend...and i can finally relax..
ugh i have so much homework tonite..and i havent done shit cuz i was at school for fuckin..forever

well im out....

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:: 2004 21 September :: 3.02 pm
:: Mood: scared

qteekate88: i will have serge drive me over to that school and i will kick him in the nuts :-) and then ill be like oh im sorry did that hurt maybe u shouldnt fuck with peoples heads

^^ haha thats only a lil bit katie...:-) the rest had to be edited...for EXPLICIT CONTENT hahaha

i laughed hysterically at that so i had to put it in here..

kelsey dunne hahaha i love you!!!!

ughh tummy hurts STILL...

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:: 2004 20 September :: 3.40 pm
:: Mood: crying...
:: Music: all my life...(yes if u kno me u kno why)

what the fuck
lemme just say that i love Kelsey haha and Katie and Helena, and of course Heidi..and Kelly for making me smile :-) lol

im in the worst mood rite now seriously...
its so fucked up, helena says i should talk about it....HA! wen do i ever tell people wat im thinking...or feeling???

i think i need to pay a visit to good ol' Natick High... ;-)

AWWW omg katie im sooo happy for you!!! lol
serge if ur reading this, lol ur the best u made me cry, cuz i was soo happy for katie haha, it was tears of joy tho, at the time lol i love you katie!!

::cramps all day long today:: ughh i hate being a girl haha

so much like stressed rite now, lol and scared :-\ and like....sooo many emotions running around in my lil head...its not good at all, wen i get like this, things could get bad haha

well w\e im out...
leave me sumthin to make me happy :-\

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:: 2004 19 September :: 3.31 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: nothing...

ugh..still dont feel too good, but i definately feel better then i did the other day...

i dont want school tomaro..i hate classes, i should prolly be doing all my homework, but yea im wickedd tired rite now and bored,

peter called last nite, it was kinda random, he just wanted to talk, lol it was nice tho to kno that hes happy, lol

yea nothin to write about...

im gunna go try and do homework...
<3 ryan

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:: 2004 18 September :: 10.19 am
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: california dreamin...

ugh..dont feel good
so yesterday i stayed after to watch the cheerleaders..haha yea that was oh so much lol

then went to helenas, chilled there for a lil...then Gui,Lloyd and Ryan came...and we drove to Lloyds..and Gui left...we were there for a lil bit..then we got into a car, about the size of Gui's old one lol...and we went to the mall...

i got to see kelly there!! haha and other ppl too, but kellys worth i say Lauren, and Alyssa too i miss them!!

umm..then we were walking to Starbucks, and my mom wanted to drive us home then, and she was at the mall, and um we definately we had to walk back lol, i felt bad

yea so today i donno wats supposed to be chillin with Gui, Sarah and Ryan..but i donno when...and its um definately pouring out.. stomach feels a lil better FINALLY but wen i got home last nite it hurt again..but not my eyes are kinda puffy...and i kinda have a headache....damn im fallin apart

well imma go...
leave love

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:: 2004 16 September :: 3.48 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: pieces of me- ashlee simpson

doobie doobie dooo
i hate her...a lot

ehh i got another fucking stomach ache last was horrible lol it still hurts now too :-[ my mom says that every time i get one i have to like mark it on a see if theres a pattern or sumthin...? i donno all i kno is that i hate them and i wish that acid-reflux or w\e would die lol

im goin out with Ryan :-)

tomaro im stayin after school..then to Helenas..then chillin with Ryan and Jeremy...then saturday im chillin with Gui,Sarah, and fun :-)

ehh i hafta go eat sumthin my mom says...

i <3 KRK hahaha

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:: 2004 14 September :: 2.58 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: you had me..joss stone

la la la la
wow shops Heidi does my hair everyday...we call it Cosmo in Graphics

but yeaaa neways....

wow sooo much fuckin drama its fuckin scary...

ahh I HATE HER SO MUCH!!! (yea u know who the fuck im talkin about!)

hmm so last nite i talked to Ryan about "us" was a much needed conversation :-)

tomaro i have an assembly on class

wow all i can think about now is how FUCKED UP people in natick are...damnn so much fuckin shit rite now

whatever...certain ppl need to keep their fuckin mouths SHUT and some ppl really need to NOT talk to me EVER cuz yea i hate you....

im out

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:: 2004 12 September :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: watchin charlies angels..

so the party wasnt that bad. . .
i got to see my baby cousin Gabriel!! i was soo happy my cousin Danielle and I played with him the whole nite, hes soo adorable, i took pictures of him lol

every1 loved the collage that i made :-)
it was a lot longer then wat i thought it was gunna be tho lol ppl didnt leave until like...11:30

i had a SIP of my moms smirnoff twisted..and maybe a FEW MORE SIPS of some other stuff... JUST SIPS! haha i swear!

i woke up and my tummy kinda hurt.. :-[

hmm today i just sat around cuz i was REALLY tired, then i took a wicked long shower cuz i pretty much fell asleep lol

marks a bum and has been in the basement the whole day, and says that i cant watch tv down there, wens hes there..umm no thats not gunna work out kidd

ehh im gunna go finish watchin charlies angels...

shop tomaro ...ehh boring

much love lol

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:: 2004 11 September :: 5.30 pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: tupac..

ahh this fucking family party shit is gunna drive me fucking crazy!! my dad is in the WORST mood ever, which is bad cuz then tonite hes not gunna enjoy anything...baa wtf and hes ignoring my mom, again...ahh she did so much for this fucking party, for him...hes gunna see so many ppl that he hasnt seen in forever...becuz she figured she would do sumthin nice for him and hes fucking being an asshole!! omg and i fucking cleaned the house this week for this thing and-- BAA im so pissed rite dad is such a fucking ass...

and my mom today asked me in the car..
"If your father and I seperated who would you live with, me or him?"
i was like UMMM....?!?!?!but yea prolly my mom...but if i never got arrested then i would say my dad...cuiz b4 that he would let me do anything and we never we yell at eachother every fucking day and i hate him most of the time....baa rite now i really dont care if they get divorced..i hope they fucking do..ahh im sooo mad

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:: 2004 11 September :: 9.32 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: oldies..

its so early
last nite Ryan, Gui and Ben came over....we TRIED to watch the girl next door..but yea i hate my tv and i donno how to use all the plugs, so we spent forever trying to do that, then we just called katie to have her help us haha but we still didnt really watch it lol

they had to leave early cuz gui was gunna chill with sarah at her house...
haha then after they left katie called me to tell me that she saw WALLY at the football game..hahaha omg i havent seen him since like....the last basketball game! haha or was it that nite at the mall...?? haha i donno but yea i definately need to see him, cuz um Wally is haha nvm...

hmm so today i have to go to the Dentist, then The Orthodontist...ughh then either i have to stay here and clean my room lol, or i can go to natick days...haha but i gotta clean cuz yea the cousins are comin tonite and they always go into my room, so yea...but i wanna go to natick days to see ppl....then around 6 is wen the big italian family will be coming haha...only like half of my family is coming tho cuz sum ppl are away...but i just hope that my cousin Steven is comin cuz i havent seen him in forever, and i miss him

hmm...soo sooo tired rite now my mom fuckin woke me up at like 9...FOR NO REASON baa wtf!

well imma go do sumthin, but i donno wat
leave love

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:: 2004 9 September :: 2.52 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: welcome back..

hmm classes this week are alright...a lot different from last year, i got no classes with helena...but i have english with manda so thats goood got 2 classes with vinnie and with mike and with heidi and jackie and ellen...yea but umm i hate having to do work lol im SOO lazy omg its crazzyyyyy

lol i talked to anthony today in the hall (yes amanda ur ex) lol he was standin in the hall wen i was in spanish and he was laughing at me haha watta dork...

umm so today...we thought it was a fire drill..but yea it wasnt haha cuz we walked out and we were like umm where are the trucks and fireman? so then we found out sum stupid defective smoke detector went off so yea we were outside madd long...all the lunches got messed up lol i had like 20 mins of 6th period,but a really long 5th period..very confusing day

and yea the bus driver today like completely rode by my bus stop haha so me and steve were like umm steve yelled at him to stop :-) haha thanks stephen! lol yea so i only had to walk like 1 minute :-) hehe

tomaros friday....i donno if i can go out tho :-\ baa i wanna!! theres a NHS Football game, but ehh i am NOT watchin that shyt in the rain lol so maybe ill go out with sum pplz...but i donno my mom said i mite not be able to cuz we have that whole family thing on saturday....erg GAY

well im out...
Gangsta E (as kelly would say)
yea cuz im SO black rite....? haha um no

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:: 2004 6 September :: 3.23 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: hey mama...

so last nite Katie came over and got to FINALLY see all my camp pictures! lol then Ryan and Alix came later on..they only stayed for a lil bit tho. . .

today i went shoppin with mi madre :-) ahh one of my favorite things :-)

Happy 19th Birthday Mark!!!

sooo...tomaro i start classes..i only wanna go cuz i wanna see whos in my classes, and to see certain people ;-)

well im im prolly gunna go bug mark cuz its his bday and i need to annoy him like.. 10 times more :-) im the greatest sister


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:: 2004 5 September :: 2.19 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: worlds greatest :-)

la la la
so yesterday i went out to lunch with Nikki and her family, for her last day in NaTiCk lol then i went back to her house and chilled there until like 10 or wifey has left now :-( she left this mornin at like 5..
haha yes and for all u people that didnt read her comment for the entry b4 this one hahahaha...shes havin MaH bAbIeZ!! mwahahaha....
wow nikki good times, good times!

yupp so today i donno wat im doin. . . .

tomaro is Marks 19th Birthday!! lol i got him a card, cuz im so nice like that!

no school tomaro :-) shweeet!

well im iz-out! haha wow good times....
leave love!

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:: 2004 4 September :: 10.47 am
:: Mood: groggy
:: Music: nothin..

my stomach hurts :-[
im so tired. . .

well yesterday i went to Ryans and chilled there with Derek and him. . .
ryan ur lil sister is the cutest thing ever!! lol

ughh so today i prolly have to clean around the house and get ready for the party next week for my dad, its supposed to be a surprise so we have to clean up the house wen hes not here :-\ and of course ill prolly have to be my moms bitch for the next week, yea thats pretty fuckin gay....

haha im watchin BoonDock Saints :-) hmm...good times, good times ;-)

wow my stomach hurts i hate my stomach haha it hurts every fuckin day

hmm yes i have a new icon now :-) haha
MADE BY KELLY!! lol yes it says bubbles!! lol Nikki made that name up for mein Florida then every1 in shop started callin me that haha..thank you kelly for the icon! :-) luv yaa

well im gunna go lay down and maybe my stomach will stop hurting....

leave love...

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:: 2004 2 September :: 7.29 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: eminem..

no school tomaro :-) wahooo
maybe i will be able to see people :o)

yea so shop this week was wicked classes on tuesday...

my stomach hurts again :-[

ughh having no IMs makes me sooo mad...and my dads gunna be home tonite so i cant even talk to anyone!!! tonite i not gunna be a pussy lol and im gunna ask him to make it so i can have them back on EmmyD89.... :-\ lol thats the one thing we DONT do in my family...we dont ask dad to reverse sumthing he did for a good reason, but even my mom thinks its about time lol...i dont think im grounded anymore tho, but i donno i dont wanna ask and then get in a big ass argument cuz i asked a fuckin question...

well im gunna go be bored and lonely...
leave love...

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:: 2004 31 August :: 3.17 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: eminem....

first day of school. . . .

it was alright the shop hallway is SOO hott and so is the shop omgg im gunna die!!

i got to see every1 today tho!!! ahh i was wicked excited lol
but this whole...getting up early...

haha...these are my classes..even tho the only ppl reading this go to nhs..

CP Biology- Ms Krantz (wahooo!!!)
CP Spanish- Ms Vegeant
CP Geometry- Mr McNulty]
CP English- Ms. Slep
CP History- Mr Sannicandro

yupp thats it lol

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:: 2004 30 August :: 9.14 am
:: Mood: tired

why am i up soo early?!?
haha last nite Sherrin and Cassie came over around 7...haha me and cass made fun of my mom for lil bit then we went into my room and they looked at all my pictures, again lol. then we talked...then went downstairs hahaha cassie asked for peanuts lol and hahahaha sherrin was like..hey cass can u grab me a cube...hahaha i really dont kno why i found it so fuckin funny but i did haha then we went downstairs and i just continued to laugh wenever sherrin said said something haha...
ur condensation is falling on ur leg!!
haha cassie got to sit in my cool chair haha you should feel very honored..
yea so we watched the vmas...made fun of ppl there lol got mad at some of the winners cuz yea umm Jay-Z should have won like, every fuckin

hmm i have school crazy is that?!?
the summer is OVER for me :-( not the greatest summer :-\ but i have to say August was the best month, with camp and everything and seeing people from school again,goin on yea i miss florida and maine tho...i regret June 5th tho...cuz if i was somewhere else that nite, everything would be better, i would be able to go out this summer, and see Kelsey and Meg, but yea i fucked up..real bad...and i ain't doin that shit again!!

well im out...

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:: 2004 29 August :: 6.39 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: nothin..

wahooo lol i get to see cassie and sherrin tonite!!!

haha we are gunna watch the VMA's...gunna see the sexii guys lol

and i get to show them the pix from camp hahaha
STALKER! O:-) hmm ben jones

haha yea richard and lamis u two are so gay i hope u fuckin die

well im out....

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:: 2004 28 August :: 9.56 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: eminem...

-i got my haircut this morning, its looks alright...
-got sum stuff for my hair
-ana called me!!!! haha wen i was in that car waiting for my mommy :-) i was wicked happy about that!! lol i miss you my looserr!!
-helped peter out,made him food for sum reason..?
-me and peter got in a fight against my dad and mom...saying how mark needs to STOP bringing his bitch here...we are SOO sick of her!
-wen shoppin for a lil bit
-now home...

wow this night is boring....seeing that i cant go in my own fucking basement...cuz "tessa's here" BAA GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE FOR ONCE!!!!!

tomaro i mite have sherrin and cassie over!!! lol i miss my two babiez!! they HAVE to see the pictures from camp! hahaha
BEN!!! hahahaha

well im gunna go be bored...
baa wtf this is gay, i cant watch tv in MY house cuz sum lil bitch is here?!? WTF!

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:: 2004 28 August :: 8.32 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: christina....

wow its soo early..
im up wickeed early today cuz i gotta go get my haircut....ugh so fricken early

well last nite wasnt a complete bust lol....i got in a fight with my mom...which led her to take the fone and go out....Gui called the fone..and she called me to tell me that he called...then the next thing i kno Gui's car is in my driveway with Ryan, Ben, and Jeremy i talked to them outside for a while...thenwe went into my backyard (yea kinda random) and talked there...then they left..

i have to find a picture of Peter so i can show Ryan who he is lol...and i have to remind myself to show ryan the pictures of him that i have lol

well i gtg...

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:: 2004 27 August :: 11.15 am
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: angels...

hahahaha wow i definately laugh sooooo hard wen i see this picture.... :-)

you have to go here to see it....

hahahaha just guess what that star is! ;-)

wow i love camp

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:: 2004 26 August :: 10.11 am
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: my place...

ughh.. my tummy hurts :-(

i havent written in here in awhile...
not much has happend anyways..

tomaro Helena is comin over tho!! lol and shes gunna sleep over...then saturday shes gunna come with us to get my haircut :-)
i havent seen her at all this summer

peter is home today :-\ hes done with work...ugh this is gunna be so much fun..

mark comes home tomaro from Maine....

school starts in 5 days!! lol its insane-ness!!!

imma go lie down :-[
leave love...

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:: 2004 23 August :: 1.58 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: my mix...

haha finally i got my fucking journal to work!!! haha manda fixed it!!! it looks sooooo much better now!!!

today has been a good day!! lol

-Woke up and i did what my mom told me to do
-I helped mark out
-Mark left for Maine with Tessa
-Peter left for work
-Might be able to chill with Nikki tonite
-Might get to see all my girliez tomaro
-I talked to Helena...we settled a lot of things, and we are willing to make everything work now :-) we are friends again!
-Manda fixed my journal!!! i love her

tell me if u like it...

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:: 2004 21 August :: 1.26 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: story of a girl...

i hate my parents...
last nite was fun lol me alix and ryan drove around for a lil bit...then we decided to go see katie lol i hadnt seen her in soo long lol i was very happy to see her...we like stood in her driveway forever lol then went to dunkin donuts and sat there and drank katies coffee haha..then we went to the boat ramp and dug pond.and my fagget dad called and said i had to go home and then he was being an asshole all nite and today he is too ahh its so fucking gay..

today my mom said that we were gunna go to Waltham to visit ppl but NOOO she has to be a fuckin bitch and say that she doesnt want to i have to sit here all fucking day and do nothing...cuz i cant go online, cuz my dad has the day fucking convienent! ahh tonite i better be able to go out with katie tonite..cuz i wanna, not sure wat we are gunna do...but yea lol i have to get out of here...

my mom said she wants to get me my own cell fone..but yea that prolly wont happen...she always says she'll do sumthin but it wont happen...ughh wtf

everything is getting me soo frustrated lately every little thing is pissing me off!


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:: 2004 20 August :: 7.22 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: christina...

im home :-)
im finally home from the cape :-D
it was kinda boring..except the whole meg being that was goooood...and shopping was good too lol wen is it not..?

hmm...well my dads an asshole....
he thinks i shouldnt be going out...and he said that one of my skirts that i bought looks like sumthing an 8 year old would wear..umm fag

but i dont care wat he says going out in a few with Alix and Ryan :-)
yess im excited for that...i havent seen alix all summer!! lol and ryan i saw last week..but i wanna see him again ;-) and i do hehe lol

hmmm tomaro my mom wants me to go down to Waltham and Watertown with i guess i will....but i have to see my baby dork!! (katie lol) i havent seen her in soooo long!!!! i miss you!!!!!

i f-ing luv kt r!! haha good times at camp!

well im out...byez
leave love...

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