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User:emotherapy (user# 10735)
Name:Stormfo Dleifstob of Mrots
Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States
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Interests:(46) acting, androgyny, angel costumes, angels, Brand New, Coldplay, contest drama, creative writing, cult films, Cursive, dance, dancing, DDR, Disco Bloodbath, Dresden Dolls, filmmaking, Fischerspooner, God, hats, industrial, James St. James, Johnny Depp, Kill Hannah, KillRadio, makeup art, Michael Alig, mimes, mixing, Modest Mouse, Motion City Soundtrack, Party Monster, photography, piano, Pretty Girls Make Graves, remixes, Saw, soundtracks, Straylight Run, synths, Taking Back Sunday, techno, The Blood Brothers, Thursday, video games, What Happened to Lani Garver, Willy Wonka
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