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[ sparkythefool ]

:: 2003 29 December :: 2.11 pm
:: Mood: confused

Remember a while back when I made that post about that idiot girl Courtney? Well, my friend (her name's Amanda) who I was trying to protect from Courtney keeps IMing me out of nowhere and cussing me out. I don't know what the heck I did to her, if anything, so why is she doing this? I personally thought that we were fine and were semi-friends again, you know? Apparently not. I'm SwashbucklerN and she's grasskicker2300..

grasskicker2300: fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SwashbucklerN: Uh..what?
grasskicker2300: u heard me FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SwashbucklerN: What the heck, what are you talking about?
grasskicker2300: You fucking heard me.............
grasskicker2300: BITCH
SwashbucklerN: Okay, I heard you.
SwashbucklerN: But, why?
grasskicker2300: Cause you are one
SwashbucklerN: Why do you say that?
grasskicker2300 signed off at 5:31:06 PM.

I like how she just signed off on me. Stupid immature moron. And then, earlier today..

grasskicker2300: fuck off bitch
Auto response from SwashbucklerN: When I go forwards, you go backwards, and somewhere we will meet..
grasskicker2300: your a bitch and everyone knows it
grasskicker2300: and if you ever touch be agian i will have 50 frickin people on your ass

I also like how her vocabulary seems to consist of about ten words, all spelled wrong of course. If anyone wants to IM her and harrass her, feel free. I don't know what I did to deserve this treatment, but I don't really care anymore..like I said, she's immature, stupid, and moronic. I don't think I want to even be acquaintances with someone like her. People today are so stupid.

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[ sparkythefool ]

:: 2003 28 December :: 1.05 am
:: Mood: confused

Remember a while back when I made that 1 Scream | How do you feel?

[ sparkythefool ]

:: 2003 18 December :: 11.04 am
:: Music: "Dust in the Wind (acoustic)" +Kansas+

A haiku:

Someone who knows you
Knows where to start with questions
Why hire unknown shrink?

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[ sparkythefool ]

:: 2003 10 December :: 5.53 pm
:: Mood: crappy

I got stung by a bee on the back of my neck today during lunch. It hurt like hell and it swelled up too. Then I had to go take a super hard math test. Stupid algebra two/trig. Stupid bee. Freaking heck.

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[ Shinigami ]

:: 2003 9 December :: 6.25 am

Love is awesome, but we need more than love in the world. Like trust, hope, fear, courage, strength, and compassion. We must have these before we can have love.

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