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User:epicyclebanana (user# 2004)
Location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Bio:MEEEEE!! @UNH Box 223 300 Orange Ave West Haven, CT 06516
Friends:(4) ORFwasHERE, plainmornings, squishylover, UsAndThem
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Interests:(51) aggressive skating, alternative, Athenaeum, bananas, bass, boxing, cello, chorus?, composing, crowd surfing, Dance Dance Revolution, DDR, drums, ePiCyCLe, Eula, Filipino rap, guitar, Incubus, insanity, KoRn, Kung Fu, linkin park, martial arts, metal, monkeys, mosh pits, music, New Jersey devils, nineteeneightyfour, nirvana, partying, piano, poetry, punk, raving, reading, Robbing Opie, rock, scooby doo, sex, singing, skateboarding, skating, sleep, sumo wrestling, techno, the IB-Sharps, the simpsons, viola, violin, writing
Created:2002-11-17 14:36:30
Last Update:05 08 2004
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