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:: 2005 20 August :: 10.07pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Story of the Year


This is the end of highschool and all so Im getting a new journal and there it is so add it to your favorites.

Its been fun...or something


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:: 2005 17 August :: 6.41pm

Karlene Schond
Bouck Hall Box 1656
107 Schenectady Ave
Cobleskill, NY 12043

Please do write....

Ill put my new journal on here when i get to school.

Love you all.




:: 2005 15 August :: 10.03am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: bugs in the backyard

busy bee
So the last I talked about was the Allen , Jay , Karlene trip huh? Well, its been jam packed since then. The block party was crazy. Cops were called twice and everything. Everyone got to the point that they were so trashed that it just wasnt cool anymore so Sean and I went to sleep. Thennn. Work Work Work. Lisa and I had a sleep over which was well needed seeing how we are both leaving and shes one of the ones Ill miss the most. We ate ben and jerrys all night and just talked. It was good. I babysat my neighbor at 5 in the morning on thursday morning. Then I worked 230 til 7 and then I finished packing and left for Binghamton that night. We woke up Friday morning at my uncles house and got on the road to Boston. We drove right by my college. So 6 hours later we make it to our Hilton hotel and go to the Drum Corp. Semi-Finals. I was starving the whole time. They arent much food eaters my Uncle and Aunt. So the next day we go out shopping and I got a lot of clothes. TheN dinner. Then Finals which were soooo muggy it was crazy. To make a long weekend short....we came home Sunday morning and didnt get home til 6pm.

My dad fixed my car up while I was gone. $600 of my own money. But it runs great now and is all ready to travel with me to college.

Now that Im home I have to pack up my clothes and anything from my room I want. I have to go to the bank and get a checking account and debit card. I have to say goodbye to everyone. I have to wash and clean out my car. And check on my loan and make sure its processes.

Once I get to college I decided that Im switching over to Live Journal because thats where all my friends are. I guess Im going from one memory to another.

Well Im 2 days away and I have nothing done so I should go.


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:: 2005 5 August :: 1.14pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: AFI- Morningstar

11 to 8
Last night I went to work and took stupid pictures with Kelly M and Andy and danced around like dorks. It was a good time.

After work Jay, Allen and I got together. We went to Nick Os house for a few minutes and then went out for the night. We walked to Wegmans (on taft), Dennys (in Cicero), Walmart (in Cicero) and some park off Caughdnoy. It was great. Haha what a strange ritual. My horoscope today was :
The pair of shoes you choose this morning will end up making a big difference in the activities you'll participate in this afternoon. Would you rather sit in the shade and have urgent conversations? Wear impractical sandals.
and that is silly because I wore my old holy shoes and my feet absolutely kill now. That means I get to sit down at work tonight and just talk. That would be cool if it were true.

Well we got home arounf 8 and I went to sleep until 12ish. Now I get to work 7 hours at the dip at peak hours so itll packed. Haha it shall be interesting.

Yay! Tomorrow is the Block Party and a whole day of nothing with the beeb. And drunk parents that leave you alone. Ahh sounds wonderful.

Oh yeah .. just incase you were curious... 12days 18 hours and 37 minutes until I am at school. : )


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:: 2005 4 August :: 10.42am
:: Mood: Emotional
:: Music: at the drive in- invalid litte

13 Days 21 Hours 16 Minutes
until I leave for college.

I got my room assignment yesturday. They put me in a triple. That equals 3 of us in one room. Which scares me. But I talked to both of them and I dont think it'll be bad. They are both nice and I think we'll be fine. A triple means a bigger room and more space which is good too. I wish it meant our own bathroom but I dont think I could get that lucky. Well, the three of us are going to try and get together sometime before we leave.

Its going to be a whole new world. I dont think Ill find a new Lauren or a new Lisa. Or a Tasha. No one will be as bruetally fun to make fun of as Lauren. We are always so mean to each other but in such a loving way. I cant run to her crying. I cant rollerblade with her. Nothing. Lisa and I cant make random trips to stupid places. She wont be there to work with or talk about funny Fresnos stories. P-Day with Jenn, Lisa and Lauren is over. No naked snow angels. No refridgerater smoothies. No Fulton Banks and locals. No poisoness lakes. Nothing. Tasha wont be there to bitch with. No beach buddy. Nothing. Then Jay and Allen. Which kills me too. They are honestly the best guys friends ever. No night walks with no purpose. Watching the sunrise at Dunkin Donuts. The Fair. Coke parties and oreos with a bowl of milk. PB& J sandwiches in the Cemetary. Who the hell else is going to do all this stuff with me. Then the Big Dip girls. Im going to miss all of them sooo much. Dancing around the place...singing acting stupid.

Oh man... I hope I find people in school who feel my sense of humor. Haha I'll be an outcast if they dont.

Mmm my daddy. Ill miss him too. No eggs and cheese. No serious talks. But Ill come home and see him.
My mom and her cookies. We fight like crazy but he have our good laughs.

At least beeb is just down the hall. That is amazing.

Well I think tasha might come over for a bit so I have to shower.

13 days 21 hours 1 minute


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:: 2005 1 August :: 11.05am
:: Mood: Scared
:: Music: Emery- Listening to Freddy Mercury

So close to goodbye
As in 17 days until Im gone. Dont get me wrong...its exciting but I remember being in 6th grade praying for this moment and now that its here I wish I was in 6th grade. I guess thats the way it goes. I will go with open arms, I'll be ready for new things.

So I am completely broke and it really blows. Even my horoscope is regconizing it. I know I spelled that wrong. Luckily I work a big schedule this week.

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 11-430
Wednesday- 11-430
Thursday- 6-CL
Saturday- 11-230 then Block Party!
Sunday- 430-CL

...so thats about 32 hours. I wish I was still working at Fresnos. I used to work 12 hour saturdays. It made hours come easy. I dont know.

This summer has been pretty eventful. Old Forge, Wapred Tour, Camping with Seans family a lot, Gay Harborfest, Beach with Tasha. Now this weekend is my Blocks Block Party which will be fun. Then I go to Boston with my mom, aunt and uncle for Junior Drum and Bugle Championships. Then college.

I had a fun summer...different but fun.

I gained 12 pounds. Thats far from cool. Im looking forward to being bored in college so I can work out a lot. Maybe eat their healthy food? I remember when I could control what I ate and I worked out. 109 was so much better. I still didnt feel great but I felt better. I hate weight. Way back in the day. A beautiful woman had meat on them. Men thought skinniness was sickly. Now body fat is frowned upon. I just dont like the feeling of it.

Blah. 17 days. Oh whats to come...

Im going to shower now.




:: 2005 27 July :: 1.49pm
:: Mood: perfect
:: Music: Senses Fail

Such a perfect week
So Ill start at the beginning although the best is last.

Thursday Lisa, Lauren and I left for Old Forge. We got massively lost and Lisa got a ticket for going 80 in a 55. Be sure to make fun of her if you see her. We finally got there and just hung out.
Friday we went on a boat and "fished" which didnt work so well so we did more sunbathing then anything else. We went to Water Safari around 4ish and then went out and ate more greasy food then you could imagine.
Saturday was Water Safari day. That was fun but really crowded. Lauren finally got what was coming to her for making fun of me and the cricket. One landed on her. Then we had birthday cake and pizza.
Sunday we packed and went home after some ordeals.
The nights were the most fun I'd have to say. We fed dears like it was our job. "It motha fuckin apple pie." We played massive games of Phase 10. I jumped around like a pumpkin with boobs when her mom walked in on us. We walked through the McDonalds drive through at midnight for ice cream and ended up with free stuff. Im sure Im missing a lot but thats okay...we had a blast.

So then...we sleep at home sunday night and get up and leave for Buffalo on Monday.

Monday was crazy. Lisa, Lauren, Sarah and I drove to Buffalo. We got there fine, sat in the hotel for a bit and then decided to explore the city. We got sooooo lost. It took us three hours and a trip to Lisas Grandparents house to get back to the hotel. We were lost in the worst part of town and saw a huge fight...no really, HUGE fight. It was crazy/ scary. We got back, walked around the area and ate at TGI Fridays. We went to bed early because Warped Tour was the next day.
Tuesday...day of Warped tour. We got lost on the way there...suprise! We got there around 11:30. Just in time for Hawthorne Heights. Im not a big fan but they put on a good show. Lauren and I went to the front of the stage and Lisa and Sarah went to go see Academy Is. Lauren and I made it to the bericade/ bar. We held on for Saosin, Senses Fail and My Chemical Romance. They were all awesome shows and we were front row dead center the whole time. So we started talking to these Security Guards and they ended up giving us a backstage pass that all the other people had to work to get. This is when it went from awesome to amazing. So we test this pass out. Lauren and I go behind Bishop stage. We were surrounded by band members. We sat underneath The Starting Lines tent which was right next to Thrice. So we go up to Thrice and start talking to them. We asked if they could get us on stage and they said yes. While we waited we saw Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Academy Is, Mest, The Offspring and Senses Fail just walking around. So Lauren and I go up on stage with only 2 other people that werent included by the band and their roadies. We get to stay there for two songs. A huge storm hit so we all got shoved in this storage truck where we sat with so many bands equipment and Thrice was just walking back and forth. Crazy. So after that we met up with Lisa and Sarah and Jay, Allen, Toby, Eric, and Justin. We all went back to our hotel after getting lost once again. We washed up and went out to Chilis for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We went straight to bed and got up this morning and drove home. So awesome.

I have bruises everywhere. My boobs are bruised and they hurt but it was so worth it.

So much fun with everyone.

Now its time for work.


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:: 2005 18 July :: 12.25pm
:: Mood: scared
:: Music: Armor for Sleep- Pointless Forever

AwEsome repeat AwEsome
So like usual, its been awhile.

I have two horrible days in a row. Today I have a dentist appointment all by myself and then tomorrow its to the girly doctor by myself. I hate both places...dont touch me in my mouth and dont touch me down there...not cool.

But... it gets much better.

Thursday Lisa, Lauren and I are going to Old Forge and staying in a cabin just a walk away from Enchanted Forest. We are there til Sunday. We come home...sleep...wake up Monday and go to Buffalo. We're going to a drive in movie...staying in a hotel and then waking up and going to Warped Tour where we will freakin rule. Its going to be an awesome tour. Then we come home...I work for three days and then go to camp with Sean. Seriously...what a great week. Pssht...Im psycht.

Anyways...I have to go to the dentist and have him tell me I have cavities and that my wisdom teeth will have to be pulled. Well, I dont know about that but he is definetly cleaning my teeth...I hate dentists.

for now...




:: 2005 11 July :: 10.17am
:: Mood: nerovous
:: Music: Hot Hot Heat- Talk with me, dance with me

Long time
Hmm I havent written in a long time.

Ill start with my graduation party. I had an ish load of family and people I havent seen in a long time. It was a good time. Jay didnt think he'd be able to stay long but he ended up staying for a long time. So that was cool. Lauren spent the night but I was so tired and stuff we didnt do much.
For seans b-day we went to the casino with his grandma and lost all our money...at least $50 of it. So I decided that I had no incentive to come back there for awhile...why do people go there every weekend? Lame.
Lisa, Bethany, Sean and I had a phase 10 tournament and Lisa came from behind and kicked our asses. I was close though.
Lisa and I went to Fulton the other day searching for the bank. Of course, we did not find it. I guess it was a once in a life time thing. We did blast oldies and horrible music though which was fun. Then we went to Denny's where everyone and their mom was.
I bought sheets and stuff for college yesturday and thats fun.

Yeah thats it...


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:: 2005 19 June :: 1.30am
:: Mood: Not available
:: Music: Not Available

You guessed it
Today has brought many different feelings. Good ones bad ones...annoying ones. I went to Laurens Graduation party and I had a good time. I still feel a bit unloved but I'll deal...maybe it'll be better. Then I went to work and got shat on by the boss again. Im the new scapgoat of the dip...not cool. And after last night and the mysterious message that I recieved with people talking about me...I was a bit upset. I dealt though. Stopped at Seans g-mas and realized it wasnt making me feel better so I went home. Jay then invited me to his house which was good. It was nice to see some people. After awhile there I took Allen home and then myself. Someone around here is listening to horrible music very loudly. I dont find that humorous.

Tomorrow is fathers day. I work the whole day and my dad is sick. Im such a good daughter...heh.

Im rambling and I dont want to.


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:: 2005 11 June :: 3.52pm
:: Music: Boy Hits Car- Unheard

Mmm, I must say I really love this weather. Its hot and the sky is clear. Now if it would just rain so I wouldnt have to stay at work long.

I havent updated in awhile...like always. I have 3 more days left of high school. School was the worst part of my life so that means things can only get better. This summer should be wonderful and college will be different and exciting. Im so excited...a little scared but not sad about leaving.

Today I woke up and spent time with Jay and Allen. We went to the park and the mall. They are my only friends who are still the same. Its cool.

Came home...tried talking to my parents but they didnt give me the time of day. Its like they dont care about me anymroe and they just say whatever will get me out of their hair. They stress over this damn house and say its for me but in reality Im leaving so it isnt very much for me. They hurt my feelings a lot. They harp on me and tell me to do things but they dont take one minute out of their lives to talk to me. Not about anything. I feel like I live alone without bills. Oh well...if thats how they want us to be for the rest of their lives than thats their choice. Im not going to let them bring me down.

Well I have to work in a half hour for about 7 busy hours so Im leaving.


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:: 2005 5 May :: 5.19pm
:: Mood: pessimistic
:: Music: Goo Goo Dolls- Truth is a whisper

You can't blow down a brick wall...
So I havent updated in a few days for a few reasons.
1) Too busy with work and such
2) Nothing interesting to say
3) No one to read anything interesting I do have to say

So this one is for me...I want to vent.

Today a DA prosecutor came to school hoping to get the message through. Drinking and driving isnt worth it and you will not get away from the trouble it will cause you. The message wasnt taken...suprise?

I watch person after person walk away and laugh...I didnt like the presentation...but I respected it. These kids laugh and find it a ridiculous joke but it isnt funny. They say "well I drink but I dont drink and drive." I havent ever met someone who openly admitts to the fact that they do drink and drive but people do. Which means people are lying about it...which means its happening and the message isnt getting through. I know there is nothing that will get it through but it makes me so sad. So sad. The cops ask you two things when it comes to consuming alcohol....they ask two damn things.
1) Dont drink until you're 21
2) When you are 21 and you are drinking, don't drive while you are doing so.

Two things...two easy things. You have your whole entire life ahead of you to get smashed, pass out and not remember anything and if thats what you're into then wait those 4 goddamn years. They ask you to stay where you are. Not because they hate you and dont want you to be able to travel. They dont do it because they are big assholes. They do it because they dont want to mop up your blood or watch you kill other people who dont deserve to die.

Obviously, I have drank and or done things I shouldnt have but I recognize that at least. Im not naive and I dont say "Well its perfectly fine for me to act this way"

Just grow up. I know Im being so corny and everything but I have felt so sick all day because of this.

When I do things such as drive or anything that could endanger my life. I look into those obsticles and do what I can to make sure Im ok. Why doesnt anyone take the time to think about what they are doing. Or who they are hurting. It really doesnt take much to think about things.

Maybe no one cherishes their lives. Maybe they are selfish and think they can just buy a new one if they lose this one. What is so cool about putting yourself in danger, death and mourning that make people want to put themselves, their friends and their families through it?

I wish I knew.

Its a fucking puzzle. This world is missing pieces. How do we solve a puzzle missing pieces?

Why cant someone give a fucking answer to this problem...Im not only talking about DWI's. It is so deeper than that. It goes down, inside every human being's brain. Why is it such a mess?

I just had to get it out.



:: 2005 22 April :: 10.22am
:: Mood: fine
:: Music: Closure- you are my hated

Rollercoaster favorite ride
Let me tell you a ridiculous story about a sad, lonely police officer.

So Tasha and I were driving home at about 1am after watching an extremely strange movie. One of those ones you cant decide if you like it or not because it didnt quite end right. So we are driving...minding our own business when a silly little copper started to drive behind me. Of course I was going the speed limit. So he follows us for about a mile and puts his lights on and follows me to the side of the road. Now I knew I had done nothing wrong but it was still a bit nerve racking. He asked where we were coming from and where we were headed. Then he had asked if I had been drinking and I said no in a very "Dont be a dick" voice. Then he asked if I were tired and proceeded to tell me I crossed the white line 7 times while he was following me. I know that was a fat lie so I said something along the lines of "oh". He ran my liscense and came back. With a quick "Have a good night." he was gone. I hope he felt like an idiot too because he made me feel kind of used. Get off my ass...dick hole. Cops are a funny species. There arent any just average cops. They are either really nice and respectable or they are on a powertrip and forget that they wipe their ass just like everyone else.

So thats my story...Tasha and I had a good laugh. I <3 Tasha.

1 more day.




:: 2005 18 April :: 7.50pm
:: Music: Yellowcard- Underdog

Sun = <3
Today I went to Onieda Shores with Tasha...the beach was covered in grass and there were little people with yellow shirts asking about oils so we decided to leave. We picked up Matt and Armando and went to Sylvin Beach...wind is cold. When that got lame we went to Zebbs and Tasha and I pigged out and the boys watched. I called into work and now I really do feel sick.

I have a headache and I am exhausted. My dad says my eyes are looking puffy insinuating that Im getting sick again so he is urging me to rest...Im so bored.

My mom is trying to paint my room because all of a sudden she thinks she is a interior decorator since she re-did my house. Well I dont want some fancy paint on my walls and I dont want it to look stylish so she is mad. Im leaving for college in a few months why would I care what color my room was?
Some more on my wanna be mom... She wont let me keep my sneakers next to the door. Instead she proceeds to throw them up the stairs into the hallway and then into my room. Last time I checked shoes go at the door. I can just see a guest walking into the house and my mom throwing their shoes up the stairs. She acts like we live in a fancy house where we are too good for shoes. Fuck that...if I want to walk into my house and put my shoes where shoes go (next to the door) then Im going to do it...
And thats my pointless rant.

Today was half good and half bad...like I was having fun but then I had that thing in the back of my head creeping forward...does that make sence?

Thats about it....


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:: 2005 16 April :: 8.42am
:: Mood: ehh ok
:: Music: Jacks Broken Heart- Love and Los everything

mmm spring
Last night I ended up hanging out with Tasha. We pet sat and ate food. Then she had to go home so I went home and talked to Lisa for a bit. I better get a postcard!

So now Im getting ready for a fun-filled day at work. Frez until 2 and Big Dip from 2 until 7. Im going to try and give my 2 weeks at Frez today. Im going to get nervous though. Plus Ill miss a select few. Its still worth it to leave. Mentally and Financially.

I need to do wicked good this marking period so I can graduate. Its going to be a bitch. I'm going to have big projects in PIG, Economics, Childrens Lit, Mature Adult and Photo. I need three of those classes to graduate. Im kind of worried....no more skipping school for a while.

I also need to clean my room. Its nearly impossible to walk in it now. It is really frustrating because I hate it like that but I never have time to clean it. Im always tired by the time I have time. A week off should hopefully help.

Im going to go finish getting ready for worky poo.



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