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User:evilmarysues (user# 12241)
Name:people who hate mary sues
Information:Hiya, welcome to evilmarysues. This community is dedicated to original character that make our teeth grind. Also known as......well DUH, Mary Sues. When reporting a sue, fill out this thing. Site: author: title: fandome: sue's name: age: clothing: hair color: eye color: origin: annoying traits: annoying quotes: connection to characters: anything else: And BOOm you got you a sue report ^_^ maintained by flamingrabbits
Members:(3) deleted, deleted, flamingrabbits
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Interests:(13) anime, bad fanfiction, bad fic, books, fangirlese, gary stu, harry potter, lotr, marty stu, mary sue, oc, ooc, TV
Created:>2003-09-06 15:45:50
Last Update:09 06 2003
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