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User:exposetheemo (user# 19856)
Location: ft. myers, Florida, United States
Information:This is, obviously, a lyrics community. Post songs with meaningful lyrics, if you haven't figured it out already.

There are a [couple] rules:

1. be courteous to others & don't diss a song a member posts.

2. don't post entries that have nothing to do with lyrics.

3. include song title and artist in every lyric post.

4. keep on the topic of 'emo'. but you can post other genres - as long as the lyrics are deep & meaningful to you as a person. also, they have to be along the lines of emotional.

5. you may ask for help in a post- i.e. 'which song do these lyrics belong to..' but don't ask other members for journal help or anything like that.

6. please do not post about your website that you want other members to check out. this community is not for that.

7. don't be sorry for a post you make about a song. even if its been posted 5 million times like Konstantine has.

8. share your own writings! ask other members what they think! its all about sharing here.

How To Join: Click "join community" at the top of the page. Go to post an entry as you normally would, instead, under user name select "exposetheemo" in the drop down menu. Post your entry.

Some sources for lyrics..
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