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User:eyecandy411 (user# 23510)
Name:Eye Candy
Information:1. Must be 15+ 2. No rude comments 3. If accepted you must comment at least 1 time every 2-3 weeks. 4. Have fun! 5. Notify a MOD before you quit. 6. NO NUDES 7. must have 3 good face pics and answer the following questions (1)Name: (2)Age: (3)Location: (4)Why do you think you should make it: Common and try out!!!!!
Members:(5) brokenatheart, deleted, killjoy, meegs, scarednight
Watched By:None
Interests:(13) acceptance, beauty, black eyeliner, fishnets, goth, hardcore, individulists, Mirrors, rating, skateboarding, snowboarding, Vain, vanity
Created:>2004-02-10 20:22:07
Last Update:02 26 2004
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