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:: 2005 28 September :: 3.36 pm

What a shitty day.

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:: 2005 25 September :: 6.48 pm

*yawn* Ugh! Im so tired.

So, I have been in an ok mood lately. Besides the fact that no one reads this...but hey...thats not a problem as of right now.

Bri spent the night again last night. (4th weekend in a row) and we had the best time ever. We went out and bought $15 worth of candy. (Two Boxes of Sour Patch Kids (my favorite) two boxes of Gushers, A 1lb bag of Twizzlers, a bag of Kit Kats, A bag of Sour Skittles, a bag of Starbursts, a box of Nerds, and a bag of Reisens) WOW!! We were SOOOO hyper last night. It was a blast. All we needed was a pound of weed and a bottle of Vodka!! Haha.....that was a joke. But we might as well have been drinking and on drugs with the way we were acting. Damn.

She will be coming next weekend too. Shes staying Friday through Sunday so she can go to Red Flannel with me and watch my PowderPuff game and then go to dinner with my family. Wahoo. What fun.

I think thats it.

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:: 2005 23 September :: 1.28 pm

.....Im in a good mood today! :)

Someone call me. Im bored


:: 2005 21 September :: 2.28 pm

Nobody ever says anything to me anymore! Your all bastards!! haha.

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:: 2005 19 September :: 5.32 pm

Wooh. I Had PowderPuff practice today. It was rough on me because I am frikin sick. But I had a good time anyway. I think I am going to have alot of fun. It jsut sucks really bad because I am really sick, and we have practice everyday, and i really really want to play so...i have to go. Yuck!
Well, if i dont see people there that i want to see there i am going to be mad.


:: 2005 18 September :: 2.54 pm

Ahh damn. Im getting sick. This really sucks!!


:: 2005 14 September :: 2.26 pm

Umm....Yea....Any of my guy friends who have a should totally be Cheerleaders for the PowderPuff Game!! I dont care if your a Junior or a a cheerleader anyway. Im super excited about doing PowderPuff this year. I gotta turn in my stuff and then get to practicin!! Wahoo!!
Ummmmm......Hmmm....Wow, I can never seem to think of anything to write.
SO i guess I wont. Ha.

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:: 2005 13 September :: 2.00 pm

Omi Goodness!!
I went tanning today, and I was out of my regular tanning lotion, so i bought some new stuff called Emerald Bay. And it was a level 7 hot tanning lotion. Oh! my! gosh! It felt like someone poured super hot sauce all over me and then threw me in an oven!! It stung SOO bad. I came out and I was all red. But the lady says it goes away in about 45 minutes....which it already is gone away alot. So I bought a level 5 which shouldnt be so bad. SO yay for me feeling like a hot pepper!! haha.
Im excited to hang out in the back of Dylans truck. That should be fun. I know it sounds stupid "ohh just a buncha dumb kids sitting in a truck like losers" But it seems like fun to just hang out with a group a kids for a little while after school. And it is my last year after all, and i would really like to spend time with the people i made friends with throughout highschool before i leave. *sigh* thats so sad.
Umm.....I think thats it for now. Bye Bye


:: 2005 11 September :: 6.16 pm

Today sucks. Its just boring. Kind of sad....bad Im not sure why. Prolly just because of my period. Yuck.

Well, Im tired, but I felt like updating anyway. So yea, thats about all i have to say.


:: 2005 10 September :: 9.43 pm

Woohu! What a night.

Bri came and spent the night. Which is awesome. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre and got the crap scared out of us. Umm....

Yea, its the middle of the night, and someone knocks on the door. So i go check it out and there are two cops out there. Turns out, Shelby Rider called the cops on Papa Putt for having his Mustang out on the road! What a little squirrly fuck!!

Haha! what a night.

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:: 2005 10 September :: 11.03 am

I just got back from Taryn's house. Me and Andrea spent the night there. And now I am at home and Bri is here and she is gonna spend the night.
But the sweetest thing happened this morning. I got home, and Mama Putt was like, "Erica, come to the kitchen quick" so I ran to the kitchen and Mama Putt handed me an envelope addressed to me, with no return address. I opened it, and it was a card with a kitty on the front and it said "Sure do love you....." on the front, then on the inside it said "....100 purr-cent" and In handwriting it said "Just a little hello from someone who loves you dearly....(miss you too) Love, Mom"

AWWWW!!!! It was the sweetest frikin thing!! My mommy loves me and that makes me happy.



:: 2005 8 September :: 4.16 pm

So this weekend I am going to either Taryns or Andreas, But either way, Taryn, Andrea, and I are having a girl night. This is the plan:

We are gonna spend the beggining of the day telling our sob stories, then have fun at night. YAY!

Then sometime this weekend I am either going to Bri's, or she is coming here. So YAY for that too!!

Umm....Friday tomorrow. Woohu!! Cant wait till the weekend!

I need to go shopping. I should get some money and call somebody and go shopping.

Love ya'll. Bye

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:: 2005 7 September :: 4.13 pm

Wooh! So here I am....back from the store. Yay!! I got paper, folders (pink and green), a pack of highlighters (blue yellow orange pink) a white out pen, a pack of pens ( dark blue, black, yellow, purple, light blue, green, red, pink) Hairbands, bobby pins, eyelash curler, and Fruit Stripes Gum. Yahooo!!! yea... Im thinking about doing PowderPuff football this year. I dunno though. Im leaning more towards 'yes' as of right now. Woohu!
I think thats it.
k, love ya!! bye.

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:: 2005 7 September :: 12.48 pm

Wooh. Im happy to be home.

So whats up with you assholes not commenting to me anymore?? Hhuh?? Haha, jk, your not assholes.

So yea, today went really good. It was the first day that i got to go to ALL of my classes. Im gonna switch my 1st hour painting class to Spanish I with Mrs.Warwick. So yea...thats that.

Umm...i gotta go tanning. If there arent any comments by the time i get back....ohhh boy, Ima be mad!! haha.

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:: 2005 6 September :: 4.43 pm

Oh my gosh!! Ive got a sunburn on my ass!! Ouch!! I went tanning today and now my ass hurts. So great. And it just so happens that i have to go to school all day tomorrow....and SIT. So woohu haha!!

SO yea, I went tanning a little after school today. Got done at about 4:30pm....then Tony and I went to the park and hung out with David and Mindy. And Tony and David and I JUST got back and it is....7:46pm. So yea, we were all at the park for.....about 3 hours and some odd minutes just talking about stuff.

And thats how my day went. So yea.... do i have any classes with anybody?? I know who i have class with in 5th-7th but 1st-4th im not sure cuz i wasnt there. SO yea...check my schedule on the other entry and let me know!

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