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:: 2003 2 November :: 11.12 am
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: Come As You Are + Rape Me by Nirvana

>>; Chocolate Muffins
My friend was feeling kinda down, so a bunch of us stayed at her house overnight. I came home and immediately went back to sleep Z_Z
So we goofed off and ate pizza and raped 'Core while listening to Nirvana's Rape Me (:D) before trudging into the living room to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and gape at the secksi-ness of Jack Skellington. He is abnormally hot for a clay figure with no.. uh.. flesh. o_o Yush. Secksi man there.

So now I'm sitting here in homemade arm-warmers and white-blue-grey pants because it's so damn cold, with flowers on my feet that were drawn in sharpie. -wiggles the smileys on her toes- Ah, what a sight for sore eyes. I'd make ya'll go blind. =)

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:: 2003 24 October :: 9.41 am
:: Mood: horny
:: Music: Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-a-lot

My God... -purr-
I just came back from the corny Halloween dance my school throws every year and I am very high/horny. Bunch of my friends and I danced our asses off (hehehe) and butt circled a bunch of our guy friends. ^^; Out of like five guys, only two were really into it; I think we permanently scarred them or something... ehe. Lots of sweat, laughing, screaming, and plenty of dancing(!) for two happy hours. Mahhh...

*He* was there. *HE* was there! Eeeeeheeeheee, he was there! And he was dancing! And oh.. how he dances, how he dances. Just seeing him dance was enough to make me want to grope him, but when he started to break dance and *random sound effect* his sweater/shirt flew up and revealed skin + boxers... mrarw. -rape rape- Mahh.... -cuddle cuddle- And for once I think I didn't look like a dumbass. o_o I hope.

Mmm... off to daydream about him with lots of sweat and chocolate. -rape rape-

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:: 2003 17 October :: 11.48 am
:: Mood: fucked over
:: Music: 'Take Control,' Weezer

What has the world come to?
Suddenly my life is filled with a whole lotta drama. Right now I'm not quite sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it sure as hell is confusing.

I got back from the school's yearly trip (separate for each grade, of course), and it all started when I logged on to AIM. Good heavens.
Two friends have gotten a bit farther sexually together - unexpected couple, to say the least - and will probably continue to do so. I quote, "friends with benefits." Not a bad thing, since both of them are happy, but its sudden and rather startling. In any case, if either of them get hurt in this I don't know what I'd do. Bah.
Two other friends are into another friend of us all (we're a big happy group of friends, really!); and he has to be the most enigmatic, confusing male I have ever encountered. What the hell goes on in his brain I honestly have no inkling. Now these two infatuated friends are rather pissed, depressed, moody, and/or apathetic randomly. I feel sympathetic, annoyed, understanding. Stupid boy -mutter mutter- lol.

The point of this stupid, nonsensical blog is: when did life get so full of drama? We've grown up so quickly all of a sudden. Yet some of us seem to remain exactly the same. And what am I in the middle of all this? Who am I? What the fuck am I doing there? My confusion knows no bounds.

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:: 2003 22 August :: 4.44 am
:: Mood: pleased
:: Music: Baby I Like You Like That, by Se7en

Wow... its nearly time for school. Summer has passed rather quickly; its already mid-August, and I've wasted most of the summer at home, on the computer, etc. I should get an award for being so pathetic... or a sticker on my forehead proclaiming in loud, bold words "I HAVE NO LIFE!!" Mm, sure attract a lot of attention, that's for sure, lol.

My hair smells like sun-kissed raspberries. =).

Or at least that's what my shampoo says. Smells nice, in any case. When I pull my hair down from the bun its currently in, waves of fragrant raspberry-ness fill the air. Hehehehehehe....

Anyway, changed the layout to a sweet Autumn one. ^^ Its pretty huh? But I don't know how to make the blog table transparent, so this'll have to do. Hope you like it!

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:: 2003 19 July :: 2.13 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Imaginary, by Evanescence

In My Field of Paper Flowers...

Hm. This is probably the... fifth online journal thing I've gotten, not counting the livejournal I (hopefully) am getting. Damn undecisiveness... I should just stick with one. Eh, ah well.

So, first real entry. Not much to say, haha. I fixed up the "layout" and everything; finally found a decent icon. Realized that our freedom is limited as to how our journals look, but that's okay. I need to work on my color matching skills anyway ::snort::

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