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:: 2005 15 January :: 8.21pm
:: Music: Glay- Two Bell Silence

I simply felt the need to rave a bit about my beautiful elegant gothic lolita J-Rocking baby, Mana. His clothing is beautiful, so is his make up, and don't even get my started on his guitar abilities. <3 He's like, an awesome manager and owns at the synthesizer. Malice Mizer and Mois Dix Mois, two awesome bands. <3 I swear, he just keeps getting better. Given, Malice Mizer had more personality than Mois Dix Mois, but that doesn't keep me from loving them as well. Someone told me he was ugly, I bit their head off for hours on end. If someone said that in real life I would've tackled them and it would have beena battle royale. xD

I'm an aggressive fan-boy.

Anyway, just thought I'd say that.

I hate sports, gods.
All of them should just...die.
X.X They turn your brain into a mass of quivering, useless flesh that only knows one word "GO!!!!!11oneone".


It completely lacks any sort of elegance as well, which is a warning sign that it must be a complete waste of time.

-Adores Eloquent Mannerisms-

Yeah, so...Today has been really..so-so-. My friend is feeling more sick than usual, and I'm worried out of my mind for him. I love him /su/ much, but don't tell him that. >>

-Le blushu-


-Runs out of room wearing a bannana costum-

-Snort- <333 I love that anime /so/ much. ^^ I have no one to talk to right now, so I suppose I'll just keep rambling on.

Oscar Wilde is the hottness, I love his books and plays. I don't know if I ever mentioned that before. -Blink- If you haven't read anything by him, I reccomend 'The Picture of Dorian Grey'. <3 Dorian is t3h sex, and it's funny in that 18th century satirical way. n.n It's like, drama/romance/horror/comedy. O.o My favorite book by him though.

Bleh, bored bored BORED! ._,

I need something to dooo...-Dances-

Well, I should find something productive to do. ^^


All The /LOVE/ in the world for you, doll

weep for me


:: 2005 15 January :: 5.29am
:: Music: Dir en Grey- Filth

Guess whose back~
Quick update before I run off to bed. @_@

Mm, until recently I was in a wonderful relationship, just got dumped two days ago. -__-; Another relationship gone, yay.

I'm currently obsessing over online journals again, so expect more updates. ^_^

I've had a pretty good day, all things considered. xD Spent like, hours outside with my neighbor pointing out constellations. ^^ Then argued for the rest of the time, I love him to pieces. If it wasn't for the age difference I would so molest him.

I'm still a gay as a daisy in May loser, I'm a total nerd...don't let my charm decieve you. -Beams- ^__^ My apartment is covered in anime and J-rock posters, I have a Go Board, fifty billion anime plushies, anime DVDs video games, Every DDR game ever relased with three different pads. Whoot whoot~ <3

Changed up the journal a bit, I thought it was time for a change.


Oh my god, I'm so stupid. -Gigglesnort-

I lalalove you all, comment if you think I'm sexy. <3

Will have a better post tomorrow!

I mean it this time.

weep for me


:: 2005 13 January :: 11.48pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: Miyavi-Shindemo Boogie Woogie


Don't have much time to talk, just letting everyone know I'm still alive. ^^ Expect an update tomorrow.

Much Love,

weep for me


:: 2005 13 January :: 11.48pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: Miyavi-Shindemo Boogie Woogie


Don't have much time to talk, just letting everyone know I'm still alive. ^^ Expect an update tomorrow.

Much Love,

weep for me


:: 2004 24 June :: 10.21pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Pierrot- NeoGrotesque/ Pierrot- A Pill

La la le le...
'Ello, my dearies~

Your beloved Adrian here, letting you know that nobody has suceeded in killing me yet. ^_^; I'm too fast for that.

I haven't updated for a while, I have not. ._.' I have no excuse either. I haven't even been buseh, I just forgot. -Begs for forgiveness-

So, heres an update on my life~

Recently read book: Interview with The Vampire- again, and The Vampire Armand. ^-^ Both were lovely~

Relationship Status: Depressingly single~ Big surprise ne?

Hair~~: Purple and pink still. ^^

Current Video Game: Beyond Good and Evil, which I just bought today. I lurve it!

Now that you know that, I'm going to prattle on and on...

Oh, you know you love it.



Interesting, no?

You know, I was sick for two bloody weeks. e.e' Blame the children. They carry diseases. v.v They want Adrian-sama dead, they do. With their pet spiders and overly affectionate-ness. Scary, very scary.

In other news, I have bought myself some bright purple six inch platform shoes. Yay me~ -Gigglesnort- Hm...other stuff...let's see. I was cosplaying as Toshiya earlier this week. Not for any reason other than to piss off old people though. -Beams-

Well, your beloved Adrian shall take his leave of you now. So you no longer have to listen to me talk in third person.

Love, Peace, and Platform Shoes,

-Adrian <3

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