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User:fading-away (user# 8934)
Bio:Hullo... I'm just your average girl; tall, black hair, dark eyes, bleh. Kind of interesting, kind of not; depends what what you're looking for in a person :D ...and I meant that in a purely non-looking-for-relationship type of way. ^_^U
Friends:(2) Arissa, xMiyavixFanx
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Interests:(68) A Perfect Circle, androgyny, angst, anime, Anne Rice, art, bishounen, blood, bondage, Card Captor Sakura, Chevelle, chocolate, Christian Bale, Coldplay, Count Cain, Dido, Dir en Grey, emo glasses, emo guys, Ewan McGregor, fanfiction, fishnets, Gackt, Gundam Wing, homosexuality, j-rock, Janne da Arc, Jem, Johnny Depp, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Jude Law, Kagrra, Kaiser Chiefs, Kaori Yuki, Kare Kano, korean music, literature, Lord of the Rings, Love Hina, Malice Mizer, manga, open-mindedness, perversion, poetry, prose, rain, reading, roleplaying, rping, Saliva, sap, sarcasm, shounen ai, slash, Snow Patrol, Something Corporate, Sting, the Beatles, the Cribs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, vampires, Velvet Goldmine, webcomics, Weezer, Weiss Kreuz, writing, Yami no Matsuei, yaoi
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